Wants to Die

Wants to Die

Wants to Die!!

Sunny by mistake enter into the world of Marvel, only death can let him be forced to withdraw.

  But the pothole system does not allow Sunny to die for no reason, only to allow Sunny to sacrifice as heroically for justice!

  So in the world of Marvel, there is an extra hero born who always try to find a villain who can kill him!

“Loki, you are too weak!”

“Abomination, kill me if you can!”

“Thanos, I am here to die !”

“Don’t scream if you can’t kill me!!

(Every character here are imaginary, this has nothing to do with the real world. So don’t get excited)

(Here ‘Foreigner’ means: Anyone who is not by birth resident of the USA in Marvel World. This has nothing to do with the real USA. They are also peace-loving guys. And evil does not base on any country. Just like a terrorist does not belong to any religion)

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