Wants to Die ch 20

Chapter 20: Mutual line people

One is a lone police officer who is eager to die but not supported by his colleagues. One is a speculative reporter who is scrambling to find explosive news. The meeting between Sunny and Eddie Brock is like fire meet with the explosive, and it is easy to blast everything.

“I plan to start with the frequent occurrences of the two cases in Brooklyn and Queens, and ask the local dustman or beggars to inquire about the news.” Eddie immediately set about planning.

“Yes, the two dustman who lost their lives in the accident. Can you give me a copy of the autopsy report?”

“I am afraid I can’t do this.” Sunny shook his head helplessly. “The files of this case have been sealed before I discharged from the hospital. Forcibly transferring them will cause colleagues to doubt.”

“That I have to rely on myself.” Eddie spread his hands.

Sunny: “Don’t be nervous, I will help you investigate this after I leave the hospital. After all, it is my duty to stop the evil human body experiment of the Osborne Group.”

“Oh? Osborne Group is a big power in New York, you are not afraid of getting into trouble?” Eddie asked with a smile.

“For justice, I am not afraid to sacrifice.” Sunny said remarkably: “This is a police duty.”

“Hey!” Eddie was awe-inspiring, and whispered in his heart: The policeman is a bit just too serious and cool!

[Admiration from Eddie Brock +2]

Sunny smiled softly: “So from now on, the two of us will work with each other? If there is any news about this matter, let us communicate in time.”

“No problem.” Eddie nodded, then sneaked out of the ward without being noticed.


After lying in the ward for two days, Sunny left the hospital after going through the discharge procedure.

With his current 1.9 times of physical fitness of ordinary people, several fractures on his body are restored immediately. If he stays longer, he will sooner or later be got detected.

The little nurse, Christine, was reluctant. On the day of his discharge, she also sent a bouquet of rehabilitation flowers. He was able to receive flowers from the nurse as a patient. Sunny was the first person in the hospital.

After leaving the hospital, Sunny won the hero’s triumphant welcome. NYPD also especially award Sunny with the medal of honor representing the heroic and fearless spirit and the golden star. Sunny inevitably harvested a huge amount of worship value, but fortunately, this wave of worship value did not cause further upgrades.

Taking into account of his injury, Hank did not let him immediately go on work, but allowed him to continue to rest at home for a while. However, Sunny can’t help himself. He hides at home during the day and pretends to be injured. He goes out to investigate the dustman incident at night.

Through the deep nights of New York, Sunny traveled through the streets of Brooklyn to the business circle that had been ravaged by the robbers. The Beggar Ole, who was once rescued by Sunny, is still here. He is standing in a burning Grilled fire by the iron bucket.

“Ole! Ole!”

Sunny whispered his name, and Ole, who heard his name after a long time.

Looking back, he immediately recognized Sunny – this area has less Asian, and it is even rarer to dare to go around at night.

“Oh! My savior!” Ole is a guy who knows how to report. He is excited to come to Sunny and introduce him to the surrounding Beggar partners. “Let’s see, this is the savior. The savior I mentioned, who saved me before, otherwise I have been thrown into the Hudson River to feed the fish!”

Sunny head has lots of black lines: I am not a rare animal, why everyone watching me!

His companions immediately came together with Ole and expressed their curiosity to Sunny.

“I heard that you are proficient in fighting?”

“I heard that you and Ole teamed up to fight a dozen of black dress people?”

“I heard that the black dress people have a knife and a gun, and they are fierce?”

“I heard that you are moving so fast as light to avoid bullets?”

Sunny stared at the group of Beggars. Where are these rumors coming? Eighty percent is Ole’s own nonsense in front of his friends, and he has done a lot of artistic processing on the experience of that night.

“Listen, my friends, I am here to investigate the group of black dress people who try to kidnap you.” Sunny said: “Have you seen them during this time?”

“Do you want to catch them?” Ole said with an omniscient look. “I have already guessed their identity. They must be people in the official department. We suspect that we affect the city and the law and order, so they want to kill us.”

“Yes!” Another Beggar next to him said with anger: “In their eyes, we are not even as good as a street mouse!”

“Damn, but we are also citizens, we are also the masters of this land!” a white woman shouted indignantly.

“Oh… I am not, I am sneaking over.” A Latino guy said.

“It’s not that simple.” Sunny quickly stopped their speeches and said, “The background of the people who kidnapped you is very complicated, and they will not be willing to give up. In order to avoid more tramps being killed, we must catch them.”

“Is it not a normal department? It is impossible.” Ole’s insistence that the black man is the official department.

Sunny shook his head and said: “No, they are not from the government department, I promise you. Even if they are really the official department, I will bring them to justice.”

“Bring them to justice?” Ole asked: “Brother, you are like a judge.”

Sunny showed his own documents: “I am not a judge, but I am a policeman. Any wrongdoing on my site will be severely punished by law! Whether it is personal behavior, corporate behavior or official behavior!”

“What? You are… police?”

A few tramps were shocked. A guy quickly threw the cigarette on his feet and stepped on it. The little brother who had smuggled himself was given a donkey on the spot: “Police officer, I am joking, please don’t send me back!”

Sunny is not interested in these trivial things, he just wants to touch Norman Osborne.

“Don’t be so nervous. I am here to solve the case of kidnapping the tramps. If You saw them, you all will report it to me immediately. Do you understand?”

“Understand!” The tramps replied in a row, and the police officers who were willing to stand for the tramps in the past few years were rare.

“Well, answer me now. Have you seen the black trucks or black dress men who had kidnapped Ole last time? Or, do you have any tramp friends suddenly disappear?” Sunny asked quietly.

Ole’s eyeball turned and whispered: “The black dress men have never seen it again, but the fat Hart on the east side of 108 Street has disappeared for a long time…”

“Yes, I haven’t seen Fat Hart for a long time. We used to have a partnership robbery…” A burly wanderer added, but half said that he quickly closed his mouth.

“Go to Fat Hart and look at it, maybe there will be some clues.” Stolen brother can’t wait to run.

Sunny nodded lightly, then took out his cell phone and edited a text message for Eddie Brock.

It is time to send him to play.

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