Wants to Die ch 19

Chapter 19: Reporter friend

Sunny’s inference coincides with Hank’s, and the experienced Hank also feels that this is the case. Although they still have no decisive evidence pointing to the Osborne group, the clues of several cases are enough to piece together one. A clear outline of the context.

Sunny on the bed is a little excited, and Norman Osborne is a challengeable opponent.

Unlike the small fish in the Brooklyn area, Norman Osborne is a real villain character. If there is a chance to expose him then chances to die will increase, the probability of success will be very high.

“So when did we start investigating the Osborne Group?” Sunny asked.

“Investigating the Osborne Group?” Hank laughed: “Sunny, you are drunk, we will never investigate the Osborne Group.”

“Why? They are obviously suspected of conducting illegal human experiments, which is a felony!” Sunny said quietly. “You should not want this evil gang to go unpunished?”

“But all this is just our speculation, there is no key evidence.” Hank helplessly spread the hand, “The fire case is gone, the fire did not cause any casualties and property damage, and the government will not waste the police to investigate. The traffic accident has been closed, the driver is drunk, it is a personal act, this line is equivalent to being cut off… In this case, what reason do we find the trouble to Osborne Group?”

“But the bodies of the two dustmen are evidence.” Sunny argued: “Isn’t the body of their rejuvenation not enough evidence?”

“It’s just that the physical state is younger than the actual age. This situation can happen in anyone. Besides, they are just two dustmen. The government will never touch the Osborne group for the two dustmen. You should know how much tax the Osborne Group pays to New York every year?” Hank whispered.

“Paying more taxes can’t erase the fact that they have done crime.” Sunny said seriously.

Hank patted Sunny’s shoulder: “My buddy, this is the end of the matter. We are just small police officers. It is enough to maintain the stability of the community.”

Sunny did not argue with Hank again. He knew that Hank did not have the power to directly investigate the Osborne Group, but he would not give up this opportunity to die. He had to redefine a plan.


During the period of retreat in the hospital, Sunny methodically designed a new round of death plan. As long as he could dig out the unknown secrets of Norman Osborne, he would be killed by this guy.

But the days of his retreat while recovering were not as leisurely as he expected, but in fact, he was so worried every day.

In just one week, seven or eight journalists had mixed into the ward to try to interview the “hero police officer.” They had publicly entered the name of the visit in the past few times. Later, after being stopped by the nurses, they began to disguise themselves. Or as a small nurse who is sexy and beautiful or a doctor with a thick face, in order to avoid interviews, Sunny must always be vigilant.

After insisting on seven days, Sunny was upgraded under the fermentation of this incident.

The background properties climbed again.


Constitution: 1.8 – 1.9

Strength: 1.3 – 1.5

Agility: 1.5 – 1.5

Spirit: 1.3 – 1.5

Upgrade rewards: Learn simple gun skills.


Looking at the physical attributes of improving again, Sunny wants to cry without tears. According to the current constitution, he may recover in two days, and this recovery speed will definitely cause hospital suspicion, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he had to get out of the hospital.

A doctor wearing a white coat pushed the door and came in.

“No. 14 bed, how is the state today?”

“Not bad.” Sunny nodded and spoke at the same time to see that the doctor was a counterfeit.

An unsuitable white coat, an unnecessary stethoscope that forcibly embodies his doctor’s identity, an empty file held in his hand, and a miniature camera hidden behind the file—obviously, This is another reporter trying to interview himself.

Without waiting for him to speak, Sunny coughed: “Listen, reporter friend, I refuse to accept all interviews. If you insist on reporting to me, I will pursue you with legal responsibility.”

“Oh…” The fake doctor was shocked and quickly raised his hands to express his surrender. “The hero of the New York people, don’t be so excited. I am not the tabloid reporter who misrepresents the facts and earns the gimmick. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Eddie Brock and I am from the Global Daily.”

“Eddie Brock…” Sunny nodded lightly. He almost didn’t recognize the big reporter dressed up. “Eddie, I don’t care which newspaper you come from, I have my own principles, I refuse to accept all interviews, understand?”

“Police officer, don’t be so rigid, what you are doing is not something unspeakable, you have saved dozens of families that are about to be destroyed!” Eddie advised, “Give me a chance to report about you, you will become a hero.”

“I am not interested in becoming a hero.” Sunny shook his head and said: “I just want to be an ordinary policeman. Eddie, if you give up reporting me, I can tell you a more worthwhile report.”

“Is it?” Eddie immediately became interested to it. As a veteran reporter, he knew that NYPD had the most accurate first-hand news in New York. Many of the predecessors of the newspaper maintained a very close relationship with the police officers in NYPD. Because of this, they can get a source of intelligence.

“I don’t have to lie to you, but Eddie, if you want to get news from me, you have to do what I said.” Sunny said quietly.

“No problem, police officer.” Eddie slammed: “In any case, your news has been ruined by the major media. Even if I report it, I just follow the trend. I can’t get anything, so I’m not sure about this sale pay.”

“That’s good.” Sunny nodded gently, then lowered his voice. “This time New York’s dustmen were often kidnapped for no reason, and then inexplicably died in an accidental fire…”

Sunny told him and Hank’s investigation and reasoning to Eddie Brock, who was shocked when he heard it.

If all these inferences can be confirmed, then this will be a piece of sensational news in the New York, and even sensational explosion news across the United States!

“OMG, this news is too damn big!” Eddie excitedly flushed his face: “Are you sure the Osborne Group is behind the scenes?”

“I am certainly not sure, this is just an inference. I don’t have any evidence.” Sunny immediately clarified the relationship: “Eddie, I am only responsible for providing information and finding evidence is your job.”

“NYPD doesn’t want to investigate the case?” Eddie whispered.

“There is not enough evidence to make a case.” Sunny spread his hand. “Again, even if this type of case decides to investigate, it will definitely be taken over by the FBI.”

“It is really exciting!” Eddie said excitedly, whispering, “I am going to famous now…”

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