Wants to Die ch 18

Chapter 18: Autopsy report

After discussing the media interview, Hank turned to other people: “Can you let us talk about it alone?”

Police officers and nurse Christine quickly turned away from the ward and left the space to Hank.

The last Sam who went out took the door, leaving only Hank and Sunny in the room.

Sunny knew that Hank had important things to say and whispered: “You found new clues?”

“No.” Hank frowned: “so the situation is not right.”

“Is there a clue on the truck driver?” Sunny asked incredulously.

“The driver died on the spot and there was a lot of alcohol residue in the body. The route that the truck was driving was also the daily routine of the logistics company. Except for the accident, the route was not deviated from the route. The driving path before the truck was not faulty.” Hank Said: “That is, It seems that the truck crashed into the ambulance was an accident, not someone deliberately arranged.”

“But you and I know that this is not an accident.” Sunny said quietly.

“I only certified the evidence.” Hank played a bureaucratic position.

“What about this logistics company? Which companies do he have with? What is the cargo on the truck? Where does it come from today, and where is it going?” Sunny refused to give up and insisted.

“The logistics company involves with too many companies. Today, it is to transport a batch of industrial materials to an electronics factory in Queens. As for this logistics company, it is also very clean. There is no bad record in its establishment within three years.” Hank frowned.

“Who owned the logistics company?” Sunny asked. “Who is operating this company?”

“It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Osborne Group.” Hank has identified the relationship behind the logistics company.

“Osborne Group? Norman Osborne?” Sunny suddenly felt bright, this is simply the standard answer!

“Please, don’t you think this has anything to do with the Osborne Group?” Hank does not seem to doubt Norman Osborne and his business empire. “The Osborne Group is the entire New York electricity supplier. When did they start to pay attention to the homeless dustman?”

“Hank, you just said that you only believe in the evidence.”

“Cough.” Hank was blocked by Sunny. “I don’t deny that the Osborne Group has certain suspicions.”

“This is the correct word.” Sunny nodded.

“But it’s no good to start with a truck. This traffic accident has been characterized as a simple drunk driving. If you want to dig deeper into the case, we have to start with the two dustmen.” Hank reminded.

“Of course, what happened to the two dustman?” Sunny asked.

“Dead.” Hank said helplessly. “No matter who is behind the scenes, he has achieved his goal – by killing them.”

“I don’t think so.” Sunny shook his head. “The black hand behind the scenes is ready to set fire to them. This shows that he not only have to kill people but also wants to destroys the dead bodies. Now the two dustmen are just dead, but their bodies are still not destroyed. They are in our hands, the body is the most effective breakthrough in this case.”

Hank applauded to Sunny: “You are very smart, rest assured, I sent the two people to the autopsy for the first time, and we will get the results tomorrow.”

“Well, I am waiting for your news.”


Because of the fracture in the arm and chest, Sunny can only lie in the hospital honestly, Christine cares for him, from time to time to check the situation in his ward.

This year, the mobile phone has not evolved to be as smart as the future. Sunny in the ward can only pass the time to watch TV. In the news of the replay, Sunny saw the report of traffic accidents and was himself identified as “NYPD police officer”. The news media has touted it a bit.

The next news reports on Tony Stark, the famous playboy in New York.

This guy has just signed a three-year arms sales contract with the US military.

By watching the mouth of the newsreporter just like hypnosis, Sunny gradually entered a dream, and the environment of the ward made Sunny sleep asleep, until the next morning was awakened by the busy doctors and nurses in the corridor.

Hank came in the afternoon. He became the biggest expectation of Sunny’s day. Hank, who came here today, not only brought Sunny some daily necessities, but also brought autopsy reports of two dustmen.

Closing the door, Hank looked mysteriously at the bedside.

Sunny couldn’t wait to ask: “Hank, what did you find during the autopsy?”

“Of course.” Hank whispered. “The two bodies are simply weird…”

“Tell me.” Sunny was hooked up with interest. “What’s strange?”

“The overly neat body and the needles on the arms were discovered before, I won’t say much, I said we didn’t find out…” Hank whispered. “The needles on the arms of these two dustmen are all It’s new, it seems to be traces of injections in recent days, but no drug retention is detected in them, as if they were just saline.”

“How is it possible?” Sunny shook his head. “No one will inject so much saline into himself.”

“Of course, but the forensic doctor can’t detect the traces of the drug.” Hank said: “But this is not the strangest, and there is even more strange – the body of these two dustmen is very good. They can’t check for any disease on their body.”

“Does the two brothers have a great body?” Sunny made a joke. “Is it difficult to form a group fitness routine?”

“That’s not going to be sick.” Hank shook his head. “The dustman’s living conditions are tough, and sometime can’t even afford the meal, and it’s easy to get caught a diesease, and it’s easy to get infected. How can dustman not have a disease?”

“This is not to mention that it is a dustman, even if it is a young and beautiful young man, it is difficult to achieve complete health.” Sunny nodded.

“And what’s even more amazing is that the bodies of these two dustman are still very young. Judging from their muscles and bones, the two people are no more than 25 years old, but the community has two people’s records that their real age is over 40 years old.” Hank said quietly.

“Returning from the old age?” If he would not hurt, Sunny would stand up on the spot. “The two have just experienced a rejuvenation!”

Hank grinned and threw a blockbuster: “In addition, after I went back, I investigated the recent fire accident in New York and found that the dustman died in a fire. The situation in the Queens was particularly hot in the past. Three dustman, a similar situation happened two weeks ago in the Hell’s Kitchen…”

The clues are becoming clearer, and both Sunny and Hank are well aware.

“The kidnapping of the dustmen, the pinholes on the arm and the abnormality of the physical condition, the arson killing and destroying the corpse… This conspiracy has basically surfaced.” Hank whispered.

“So if there is no accident, this is the secret human test going on in Osborne group in the dark?” Sunny boldly speculated.

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