Wants to Die ch 17

Chapter 17: Low-key Hero.

“Sorry, I make you worried.” Sunny saw the worries on her face.

“What is the use of an apology? If you encounter this situation, you will not rush to it? Your own life is so worthless in your eyes?” She ask with depression.

Sunny has no choice but to laugh. His life is of course worthless, because Sunny originally did not belong to this world. Only death can make him return to his original world. Unfortunately, she will never know this.

“This is my job, hey, I am ready to sacrifice to protect public safety. Since I joined NYPD, I have to be responsible for my identity.” Sunny said.

“I know that you are a good policeman with a sense of justice, but you have to know that your life is equally important. I can’t stop you from performing your duties, but you have to take care of yourself as well.”

“Okay, I know.” Sunny nodded with a smile, and then said, “It’s not early, you go home soon, hey, let Hank send you, Brooklyn is not safe at night.”

“There is no need to trouble Hank.” Pooja refused Sunny’s suggestion and turned and walked outside the door. When she left the ward, a nurse came in.

The nurse is very familiar. Sunny stared at her face and immediately recognized that she was the little nurse who was rescued by him at the “death junction” a few nights ago.

“Your girlfriend? My big hero.” The little nurse smiled and asked, her name on her badge was “Christine.”

“She is not my girlfriend.” Sunny said with a mockery.

“But she cares about you very much, she is a good girl.” Little nurse Christine said with a smile, came over and gently helped Sunny adjust the posture on the bed. “You are also a good guy, save my life first, and save the all the foreigners in the Southern District and now even saved dozens of families today…”

“This is just my job.” Sunny whispered.

Christine smiled and immediately called the doctor: “Doctor, the bed number 14, woke up.”

Soon a young doctor wearing a white coat came in from the door, and Sunny was familiar with his big face—he is Steven Strange.

“Unconscious for one hour and forty-two minutes, it is a medium-length coma.” Strange speaks very fast, listening to him is like listening to a video that is 1.5 times faster.

He walked straight to the bed, quickly and skillfully observed his eyes, and did several standard tests.

“No problem, it seems that this car accident has not caused too much damage to your head.” Dr. Strange’s tone said plainly, if another doctor is treating Sunny, he will definitely be shocked by the physique of Sunny.

“What about the fracture in the patient’s chest and arms?” Christine asked nervously. “How is the situation?”

Dr. Strange immediately put on an impatient expression: “Listen, nurse, I am only responsible for this guy’s head, I have no interest in other parts of his body, you will let an other doctor who specializes in this to check up?”

After that, Strange turned and left the ward.

After he walked away, the little nurse Christine rolled his eyes.

“The pretentious guy is really a nuisance!”

Sunny laughed: “It looks like you don’t like him.”

“Nobody likes him in the hospital! He is a high-caliber student at Columbia University. He is a proud person. He is just a rookie doctor who just started to work. God knows who gave him such strong confidence.” Christine spared no effort to spit Strange: “You are really unlucky, actually you are run into this doctor.”

Sunny: “I don’t care.”

Christine took a deep breath before she took the pressure from Strange.

At this moment, she suddenly looked at Sunny’s arm in a curious manner and whispered: “Hey? Did you hurt the last time you saved me? I remember that your arm was broken, why didn’t you have any traces? Why are you still driving today?”

After a 3 days of injury, the fracture cannot be cured so quickly.

Sunny quickly lied: “Last? Last time I didn’t have a fracture, you got it wrong.”

“Impossible, I will never be wrong, please, I am a professional nurse.” Christine said firmly.

“You just got it wrong.” Sunny bitten firmly. “The night was too dark that night, and you were just shocked. It is also possible to look away from the eyes in a mentally paralyzed situation.”

“But I obviously remember that your arms have been deformed. How can you not have a fracture?” Christine didn’t eat this one, and asked again.

Sunny was asked by her to have a cold sweat, but at this time Hank brought people in.

“You wake up, Brooklyn hero.” Hank said with a smile, “How is the state?”

“The state is very good.” Sunny smiled brightly. “I feel like I can stop another truck.”

“Your boy is really good, and today you made a great contribution.” Roger said with a smile. “This incident caused a sensation throughout New York. The image of NYPD has never been as tall as it is today.”

“The lonely police officer forced the dead truck…” Sam praised: “I have already prepared the title of tomorrow’s news.”

Sunny got panick and modestly said: “Don’t be say so exaggerated, I just did something normal.”

Hank patted him on the shoulder where he was not injured: “You don’t have to be humble, you are a well-deserved to be a hero. The department will give you a commendation meeting. In the past two days, there will be media from all parties to the ward to interview…”

“Interview?” Sunny have a headache, His most fear is about the interview.

The last “Hero” exposure incident has allowed him to rise two levels in a short period of time. The impact of this incident is obviously much larger than the previous incident. Once interviewed, it is estimated that he will be within one day, can rise two more levels.

“Hank, I don’t want to be interviewed.”

“Why?” Hank’s face trying to say ‘have you became fool.’

“You saved a major traffic accident on the first day of your job. This is an achievement that can be written into history! Once this matter is exposed, Your future career will be bright! What’s more, this matter is very important for improving the image of NYPD. It is just a matter of one. Why don’t you want to be interviewed?”

“I said, I just did something inside. There is nothing to be tell everyone.” Sunny is firm.

“I never feel that I am a hero. I am just a small police officer. Hank, please, push the media interview, or let the sheriff go to represent me on the interview. I just want to be a policeman, not a star under the flash.”

After listening to this, everyone on the scene has awe-inspiring look.

[Admiration from Hank +2]

[Admiration from Roger +3]

[Admiration from Sam +5]

[Admiration from Christine +5]


Sunny silently accepted.

It is always more cost-effective to harvest the admiration of these people than to receive the admiration of all New Yorkers after the interview.

Hank took a deep breath and then nodded lightly.

“Well, I respect your choice, Sunny, you are the best policeman I have ever seen.”

“Thank you for your approval, Hank.” Sunny said sincerely.

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