Wants to Die ch 16

Chapter 16: Driving speed

Sunny accurately parked the Ford Taurus at the scene of the accident. The NYPD dispatcher on the radio station was reporting the real-time position of the truck. Sunny looked out from the car and could see the galloping monster truck on the road.

“The front is the transportation hub of the Southern District. Don’t let this animal pass!” Hank looked dull and looked at the ambulance that was overturned on the road. “Damn, it seems that the two dustman were dead….”

Several police officers in the car got off the car, but Sunny still took the driver’s seat. Hank just took the co-pilot, and Sunny leaned over and closed the door.

“Sunny?” Hank looked awkward. “What are you doing?”

Sunny, who was sitting in the car, smiled at Hank: “I have requisitioned your car. I have to stop the big truck.”

“How do you stop?” Hank’s eyes are rounded. “Rely on this Taurus?”

Sunny did not answer, and the one-footed throttle went straight out like an arrow!

“Shit!” Hank is stunned. This boy obviously wants to play the road chasing car. He can only chase heavy trucks with a Ford Taurus. This is tantamount to hitting the stone with eggs.

Pulling out Motorola Radio, Hank’s violent command said: “Sunny, stop! Police officers in Queens have begun to deploy roadblocks, you don’t have to die!”

Sunny has his own thoughts: “The front is the transportation hub. It is too late to temporarily deploy roadblocks. Hank, I can’t let public safety be threatened!”

Ignore Hank’s blockade, Sunny’s car speed is getting faster and faster, Taurus is currently has a better performance in the NYPD police car, and the handling is excellent.

With more than two private cars in a row, Sunny has locked the truck in sight. From the printing on the truck body, the truck seems to belong to a humble logistics company in New York.

The sirens screamed, and the Ford Taurus on the highway was like a blue and white arrow, and the truck driver apparently saw the police car behind him. This guy started to stir up all the madness.

There are more and more vehicles on the road ahead, and another five kilometers is the entrance to the vehicle. Once the truck is there, it will definitely cause a terrible serial accident.

Sunny stepped on the throttle and stuck to the narrow emergency lane. The vehicles driving in front of him evaded and gave Sunny a fast track to chase the truck.

The passengers in the car were excited to squat on the window to pay attention to this fierce chase. The NYPD solitary police car chasing the heavy trucks is rare in New York City.

After nearly 30 seconds of chasing, Sunny’s Ford Taurus finally got close to the heavy-duty truck. Heavy-duty trucks frequently changed lanes in an attempt to stop Sunny, but its huge and bloated body limites its moveability.

Sunny saw the timing, firstly approached from the right side, and then slowed down from the tail of the truck to the left side and suddenly accelerated to overtake.

Big trucks dare not make such frequent shifting, and can only watch Sunny catch up from the side.

Not far from the front is the entrance to the confluence, the police in Queens apparently have not had time to block the road, Sunny looked up and glanced at the rolling traffic that was not aware of the danger ahead, and slammed the steering wheel toward the front of the truck!

Heroic righteousness, right time!

“Give me a stop! Big guy, the journey ends here!”

The petite body of the Ford Taurus draws an arc in front of the truck, and then the latter squats on the buttocks. The strong impact makes the Taurus instantly unbalanced, flying like a clock pointer.

The car was turned upside down, and the airbag quickly popped up. Sunny only heard that Hank was madly calling his name on the radio, and completely lost consciousness in the next second.

“Is it finally time to… go back?”

This is the last thought that flashed in Sunny’s mind.

The heavy goods vehicle lost control after the rear-end hit.

The hook hooked through the guardrail on the roadside and hit the load-bearing abutment of the viaduct not far away. The violent collision caused the front of the truck to be like a can that had been stepped on, and the truck driver died without any suspense.

The entrance to the confluence of 300 meters is still the traffic, and new vehicles are constantly entering the main road. Most pedestrians have not noticed the thrilling pursuit that just happened on the road behind them. They just want to go home early and have family reunion.

Three minutes later, the police rushed to the blockade and a thrilling road crisis was completely resolved. In addition to the ambulance on 88th Street, the heavy-duty truck was successfully subdued before the second accident.

The Ford Taurus, who single-handedly chased the van, was the deserved hero of the rescue.


I don’t know how long it took, Sunny finally recovered consciousness.

He felt like he was just sleeping and fainting, and his body muscles were already sleeping.

When his eyes open, Sunny can’t wait to see the familiar bedroom. After the last crazy death, it is always possible to return to reality.

However, when he looked around, the sense of despair suddenly came.

This is a typical American ward, not the bedroom where he crossed in the past. A familiar figure slumbers on his bed and is accompanying him to the party.

“Rely, Am I still not dead?”

Sunny collapsed, and he was so angry that he did not die and woke up in an instant. Pooja said: “Sunny, are you awake? You finally woke up!”

“How long have I slept?” Sunny tried to move his body and found that his chest and arms were injured to varying degrees, but the injury was not serious, which was related to his physical attributes of up to 1.6.


The property panel in Sunny’s mind told him that he was up one level during the time he was in a coma, and his physical attributes were no longer 1.6, but 1.8.


Constitution: 1.8

Strength: 1.3

Agile: 1.5

Spirit: 1.3


Physique attributes determine his ability to fight and heal. 1.8 physique means that he can withstand the 1.8 times of physical injuries that ordinary adult men can withstand, in addition to the system’s instinct to avoid has helped him design the safest path when he is about to die, so after such a terrible accident he only have few minor fracture, plus a moderate concussion.

“This system is too abnormal? Accident from Hard big trucks and I still survive in the ead? Who design this system, the host experience is not good at all…” Sunny secretly spit in the heart.

Pooja gave the answer to his previous question: “You have been in a coma for more than an hour.”

“Only more than an hour?” Sunny suddenly got black lines. “I thought I was dizzy for three days and three nights!”

“Do you think I will stay with you in the hospital for three days and three nights?” Pooja rolled his eyes. “I am not so busy! Also, if you don’t know how to protect yourself, I will… I will… …”

Even after saying “I will”, Pooja didn’t know what to say next. After all, Sunny stopped a catastrophic car accident with his own power. Hank told her if the truck was rushing at the speed and cross the entrance, at least it will cause dozens of cars to collide, which means that dozens of families will be fragmented.

Sunny saved dozens of families at the expense of his personal safety. How could Pooja blame him?

It’s just that Pooja knows that Sunny is doing the right thing, but she still doesn’t want Sunny to do this. She understands that this is the selfishness of her heart, but she can’t help herself.

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