Wants to Die ch 15

Chapter 15: A strange fire.

Sunny got very happy, and he chose to go to the place where the fire was fierce. However, the system instinctively set the risk to avoid it, so that he could avoid several dangerous situations flexibly and bypass the most smoked area.

As a result, Sunny easily rescued the first trapped person and opened up an excellent life-saving passage by relying on the instinct of the system. Other colleagues were shocked on the spot! This kid is almost comparable to an experienced fireman!


[Admiration from Hank +2]

[Admiration from Roger +1]

[Admiration from Sam +3]


Sunny see the value of admiration are adding up, and he hurriedly shouted: “What are you pondering? Hurry and save people!”

“Right right!” Sam hurriedly followed Sunny to the fire again, and there was a dying tramp.

This time with Sam escorting, Sunny’s difficulty in attempting to die is even greater. Sam is in front of the road, and Sunny is behind the tramp. The two don’t take much time to save the second trapped person.

So Sunny’s new round of death attempt ended in failure again, but he also earned a lot of admiration from his colleagues.

It seems that after a continuous upgrade, the normal level of fire can no longer take his life.

Sunny is depressed, and he only blamed Hank for discovering that the fire was too timely.

Soon the firemen rushed to the scene and extinguished the fire, and the two Dustmen in the fire were in stable condition and were sent to the hospital in time.

However, before the dustman was sent away, Sunny cautiously checked the situation on them. It is worth noting that the two men were very suspicious.

Watching the ambulance leave, Hank came to Sunny’s side.

“Good job, boy, you are born to be a police officer.”

Sunny smiles, his heart MMP – all blame this pothole superhero system, actually can help the host instinct to dodge! How difficult is it to sacrifice?

Without waiting for Sunny to speak, Hank suddenly asked: “What do you think of this fire?”

Sunny immediately realized that this was a question that the partner gave himself.

The experienced Hank has apparently noticed something wrong. This guy just wants to see if he has such a keen observation.

“This fire is not natural.” Sunny immediately replied.

Hank’s face showed a happy smile: “How?”

“First of all, this building is indeed a gathering place for Dustman, and they will be warmed up at night, but the location of the fire is not in the place where the dustmen gathers, but in the southwest side of the building – there is no one here, how will it suddenly catch fire?”

Hank listened quietly and nodded from time to time.

“Secondly, the abandoned building is covered with reinforced concrete. Apart from this, there is nothing left. Before this, there was no record of debris. It was such a large-scale fire that without no flammable material at all. It was really Unbelievable…”

Hank smiled: “Do you think it is artificial arson?”

“It must be artificial arson.” Sunny nodded. “There is residual gasoline smell at the scene of the fire. The smell of gasoline on the two Dustman is also quite obvious. No dustmen will sprinkle gasoline when heating. It’s even more unreasonable to spill gasoline on yourself.”

“So some people want to get rid of these two Dustman, causing them to look like they are getting warm.” Hank said: “But who will kill two Dustman? Why do within so many Dustman only kill them?”

“The answer should be on the dustman.” Sunny said in an orderly manner: “I have just checked the two Dustman carefully, and the differences in them are everywhere.”

Hank’s eyes lit up and the performance of this new partner clearly exceeded his expectations.

Sunny continued: “First of all, their clothes are dirty and worn. But the body is very clean, I checked their nails specially, and there is no mud in their finger joints – ask which dustman has no mud in the nails?”

“But both of them are really Dustman, Roger and Sam have seen them before.” Hank said.

“Yes, I didn’t deny the identity of them, but they obviously just took a shower somewhere.” Sunny said: “Secondly, their arms are full of needles, which means they are taking a lot of injections in the past.”

“But they will never be poisonous. They don’t have this economic strength, and the body can’t hold such an exaggerated dose.” Hank also observed the pinholes of the tramp, adding in a low voice.

“That’s right.” Sunny and Hank cooperated with each other and gradually opened the fog to get close to the truth.

With a little discretion, Sunny decided to report another important clue: “In addition, Hank, when I went out the night before, I met a group of people who were kidnapped in Queens. They were dressed in black and driving a car. The black pickup truck is mysterious and identity is unknown.”

After listening to this, Hank’s expression suddenly dignified.

“It seems that we have a big case.”

Obviously, this fire is by no means an accident. It seems that the seemingly insignificant dustman has a hidden secret. As a police officer, Hank has the responsibility and willingness to figure out the truth. Sunny is consistent with his ideas, but his motivation is different.

Just as the two were ready to continue to dig deep into this strange fire, Hank’s communicator suddenly heard the news.

“A major traffic accident occurred on 88th Street, repeated, and a major traffic accident occurred on 88th Street…”

“Damn!” The keen Hank immediately noticed the connection in the matter.

“The ambulance that rescued the two Dustmen should now just drive from 88th Street…”

“The arsonist started again.” Sunny immediately responded. “We have to hurry!”

So everyone hadn’t had time to catch their breath, and immediately rushed to the direction of 88th Street. Only Sunny did not go with the team. He drove Hank’s Ford Taurus to gallop, and arrived at the scene of the accident a few minutes later.

Almost at the same time, the reinforcements sent by NYPD have already arrived. The accident vehicle is really the ambulance equipped with a dustman. According to eyewitnesses, a heavy truck rushed into the main road and then hit the ambulance and flip it over.

After the accident, the vehicle quickly escaped from the next exit and headed for Queens.

The on-site police immediately cooperated with Queens to hunt down the truck. It is not an easy task for such a behemoth to escape in New York. However, this smuggling truck left the New York-defined truck passage in the event of escape, and rushed straight to the conventional road that was not allowed to drive the truck. There is no doubt that this truck will be devastating once it continues to drive. The serial car accident!

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