Wants to Die ch 14

Chapter 14: Party

In accordance with established practice, Hank prepared a lively party for his new partner. The party was chosen at Hank’s home, and Sunny was asked to be accompanied by a female partner.

Hank told him that if a new police officer would be without a female companion at the party then he will laughed at by the colleagues. Previously the newcomer who was alone in the joining party would be laughed at by colleagues for half a year.

So Sunny had to invite Pooja to participate together, and she then turned down the dance class for the day.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the party officially began.

Hank’s home is located at the junction of Brooklyn and Queens. He lives on the sixth floor of an apartment building. Hank has a happy family and two exquisite little daughters at home.

Although her wife Serena had been slightly vocal about Hank’s career, she was warm and friendly to the police colleagues. Sunny is warmly welcomed by her as soon as he entered the door. He and the Hank family quickly became one.

“Hey, Sunny, your girlfriend is very beautiful!” Serena soon found Pooja behind Sunny, smiled and praised.

“No, you misunderstood, Serena.” Sunny quickly clarified, “We are only friends.”

“That’s a pity.” Serena smiled deeply: “Remember, don’t let the good opportunity slip away. When you start working, you don’t have time to date much.”

Hank immediately added on the side: “If you are a single person before becoming the police, then you will only remain single after you became one. If you are not a single person before the police, then after you became the police… the probability will that you will soon become single.”

Pooja questioned this: “But Hank police officer, are you not having a happy family?”

Selena immediately smiled: “Oh, dear, it is because you don’t know how many times our marriage is on the verge of breaking.”

“Twice a year.” Hank said in an understatement. “This frequency is twice a month before my daughter is born.”

Selena rolled her eyes: “It looks like you are very proud of this.”

Hank shrugged and hurryed to hide and greet other colleagues.

The quiet and low-key of this party was just a simple drink and chat between colleagues, no music, no yelling. After all, they don’t want to receive warning calls from neighbors who are harassing the people. They can’t handle themselves by themselves.

After eating the cakes cooked by Catherine, Hank and a few smokers smoked on the terrace. From the moonlight to the night view of Brooklyn, the keen old policeman suddenly saw an abandoned building in the end have fire.

“Damn, is this a fire?”

Hank frowned. Brooklyn’s night was not peaceful.

“Calm down, Hank, first call the fire station, their efficiency has always been good, will handle this little thing.” The old friend Roger smiled and said that his principle is to hide.

“We have to go right away to stop the fire from expanding.” Unlike the old fritter Roger, Hank is very responsible.

“Okay.” Roger nodded helplessly and followed Hank back to the living room.

“Friends, there are tasks, and the abandoned building at the end of the block is in flames, so get up, put down the drinks, and start working!” Hank’s methodical command.

“Do you mean the ‘garbage building’?” Selena said nervously. “That must be taken quickly. Next to the kindergartens of Jane and Jill, I don’t want our daughters to have nowhere to go tomorrow.”

Sunny heard the news of the fire. The blood that has been quiet for a long time has finally boiled. This is a good opportunity. Joining NYPD is really a chance to die.

He grabbed his coat with excitement and said with eagerness: “Let’s go, guys, go see if there are poor people in need of rescue in the fire.”

“Hey, Sunny.” Pooja nervously yelled at him. “Be careful, safety is not a joke. Don’t act rashly before you determine the size of the fire, do you know?”

“Reassure, I will take care of your little boyfriend.” Hank patted Pooja’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, girl.”

“He is not my boyfriend…” Pooja with blushing face denied.

“Oh, don’t doubt the eyesight of an old police officer.” Hank said with a smile, then took his colleagues and went downstairs.


The ‘garbage building’ is located at the end of the block. It is said that it was originally built as a department store. After it was abandoned, it became a paradise for the tramp. Most of the Dustmans in the community gathered here.

Seeing that the weather is getting colder and colder, the Dustmans are burning here and heating here at night. They have never had problems before, but they did not expect to have a fire today.

After arriving at the scene, everyone found that the most serious fire was on the southwest side of the building. Fortunately, it was not the most dense place of the tramp. Most of the Dustmans in the building had escaped in time.

This location is relatively remote, and there is no record of debris in it. It is incredible to suddenly ignite a fire.

“When can a firefighter arrive?” Hank turned back to ask Sam who was in charge of contacting them.

“Within ten minutes.” Sam replied loudly.

“Is there anyone trapped in the fire?” Sunny was most interested in this matter. This determines whether he has the right to rush into the fire to die or not.

Without waiting for Hank to answer, there was a scream of tears in the depths of the fire.

Obviously, there are people in the fire.

Sunny’s heart was a sneak peek: the opportunity came.

“Oops, there are people in the fire!” Hank’s face changed. “Sam, you should first calm the mood of the trapped person. Roger, open a life-saving passage with me!”

“Hank, the fire is already very big, I think we should wait for the firefighters to rush to the scene again…” Roger began to bargain.

Unexpectedly, the voice has not fallen, and a figure has already drilled into the fire.

It is Sunny!

“Sunny! Come back!” Hank anxiously shouted. “Stupid kid, smoke will kill you!”

Sunny didn’t listen at all. He was already in the fire while Hank was talking.

If you don’t start early and the firefighter will arrive. When the fire is extinguished, where he find place to die? As the saying goes, early birds will die faster!

However, the fire did not spread completely at this time, and the concentration of smoke at the scene was acceptable. Sunny went to the depths of the building be hearing a cry, and saw two people crawling on the ground not far away.

Both of them are Dustmans, and one of them has been chocked by the smoke. If it wasn’t for the other guy, he would have been on the ground. The smoke on the scene had already taken his life.

“hold onto!”

Sunny shouted, and when he picked up the guy, he rushed out, and at the moment he approached the tramp, he smelled a pungent smell.

It is gasoline!

He has petrol on his body!

This means that he is carrying an incendiary bomb that can be ignited at any time. Once there is a little bit of Mars splashing, it is possible to ignite the tramp!

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