Wants to Die ch 13

Chapter 13: Entry

The two found a Chinese restaurant in Queens, picking a quiet corner and sitting down to eat and talk.

With the effort of accompanying the meal, Sunny rose to the next level.

Level up! ! !


Constitution: 1.4 – 1.6

Strength: 1.1 – 1.3

Agility: 1.3 – 1.3

Spirit: 1.1 – 1.2

Upgrade rewards: Driving skills have improved.


The news of the news report is clearly not over. The title of “Hero” is spreading in New York, and it is so painstaking that it is enough to make him rise to the next level.

At the end of the meal, Pooja raised his hand to signal the payment. The Chinese waiter smiled and walked over and shook his head and said, “Miss, this meal is free.”

Pooja was caught off guard: “Why?”

The Chinese waiter smiled and looked at Sunny: “This is the only way we can express our gratitude to this gentleman. Thank you, sir, all Foreigner in New York are deeply impressed by your spirit of courage!”

The voice did not fall, the boss came to the lobby with the chef from the kitchen.

“Stand in attention!”

All Chinese employees are ready to brush up.


In the lobby, there was a thunderous applause. This is the Chinese restaurant staff paying tribute to Sunny. Sunny has done everything that the Foreigners want to do but dare not do. His fight in Brooklyn is for all foreigners in New York. Hope comes, this moment, glory belongs to Sunny!

And Sunny’s property panel is about to explode again.

[Worship from Zhang Jerry +3]

[Worship from Horsepower +3]

[Worship from Guo Zhuang +2]


Sunny simply collapsed.

No reason!

At noon, there are no photos of him in the online report. How do these people recognize that he is Sunny?

He took a look at the phone and he was so angry that he wanted to kill someone.

Frank, the old guy, exposed his photo to the media. Because of this, he would be recognized by his Chinese compatriots in Chinese restaurants.

“Damn…” Sunny whispered, and he gave a thank you tribute to the Chinese restaurant staff, then got up and left.

“Sunny, can I take a photo with you?” A chef behind him asked.

“No!” Sunny decisively refused, fleeing in hurry.

He ran out for two blocks, and Sunny stopped his footsteps. He pressed the hood to make sure he would not be recognized by others.

“Hey, why do you hide like a thief?” Pooja panted. “Is it hard to become a Hero, you don’t want to show your limelight?”

“I don’t like the limelight, I am a low-key person.” Sunny replied.

“But have you ever thought about it, you even have the opportunity to use this wave of public opinion to become a public celebrity, when you can not only win the right to speak for weak person, but also get a lot of benefits.” Pooja is really farsighted.

“Listen, I am just a small person, Brooklyn’s insignificant little person, I don’t want to be famous, I don’t want to be a public figure, I just want to do something that I can do, to help me with some small abilities within my ability. However, I don’t need the attention and worship of others.” Sunny said seriously: “The masses don’t need to remember my name, and don’t even need to remember what I did, because these are not what I want.”

His words are not finished, the background has popped up a prompt.

[Admiration from Pooja +3]

“Damn, hey, what’s the matter with you?” Sunny couldn’t help but mutter.

“What?” Pooja looked awkward.

“Oh, nothing, I mean, nothing…” Sunny quickly disguised.


After sending Pooja back home, Sunny is beaten to return home. Although Brooklyn at night has a chance to die, Sunny is not prepared to try so soon.

At this time, his reputation is very loud, and the value of worship is soaring every minute. If he does one or two big things that are justified, then his ability will evolve to a level far beyond that of ordinary people. After that finding death is as hard as to climb the sky.

So Sunny decided to hide in the apartment for a while, and then wait for the official employment of NYPD and then use the job opportunity to continue to find his chance to find death. After all, NYPD’s work risk factor is extremely high, far more efficient than him looking for danger.

One day later, Hank arranged for Sunny to do the physical examination, and then began an orderly process.

Sunny is the first foreigner policeman in the Bushwick community in Brooklyn, which has far-reaching implications for the Brooklyn police.

Because foreigners frequently suffered discrimination in Brooklyn in the past, the relationship between the foreigner community and the local police was very tense. Even if the local police began to attach importance to the foreigner community under the influence of policies and tried to protect their interests, the local foreigner no longer trusted NYPD. They thought that they will deal any case in favor of whites and discriminate against foreigners.

For this reason, the local police urgently wanted to recruit a foreigner police officer. Sunny was selected by Hank not only because of his courage, but also because of his foreigner identity.

As for the “Old Taylor Incident”, it is not just a sudden accident, NYPD needs to use this to create a “Hero” police officer, a hero who is embraced the hope of all foreigners.

Therefore, Hank appeared in the Sunny family downstairs in the evening, and the “decisive” shot at the Old Taylor.

Of course, maybe, it’s just a coincidence.

The truth of the truth will always be buried in the dust of history.

On the day of Sunny’s entry, he was warmly welcomed by his colleagues, although there were only four people in the police station.

After receiving uniforms and equipment from the administration, Hank took Sunny to his station, an old yellowed desk with a pot of dead plants.

“In the future, we are partners, Sunny police officers.” Hank patted his shoulder and said.

“Which department do we belong to?” Sunny asked curiously. “What about the theft department, the murder department, the Anti-Drugs department, etc?”

“Hey.” Hank smiled softly. “We belong to the department of hard work.”

“Department of Hard worker?” Sunny knew that this guy was joking.

Hank nodded: “Yes, hard-working department, this community has insufficient police force, so there is no such fine division. The cases of traffic accidents are under our control, and the case of murder and robbery is also our responsibility.”

“It turns out to be this condition.” Sunny suddenly realized.

At this time Hank asked: “Yes, do you know how to handle gun?”

“Shooting?” Sunny picked up his eyebrows. “Which type do you mean?”

“Which one would you play?” Hank did not answer.

Sunny spread his hands: “I only use a gun when I was young, um, that is the kind that Shawn carried at that time…”

Hank face turn black.

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