Wants to Die ch 12

Chapter 12: Shameless

“What the hell?! Frank? Where did this guy come out?”

Seeing Frank, who was plunged into the crowd, Sunny turn desperate. He was quite familiar with his shameless temperament. This guy likes the limelight most.

Frank, who had just returned from the bar, had already properly disposed of half a bottle of the remaining rum, and turned into a handsome middle-aged uncle. He gracefully saluted several journalists and introduced himself: “You guys Ok, I am Sunny’s uncle, Frank.”


Several reporters were caught off guard. They never thought that Sunny turned out to be a pure white man.

“You are his Uncle? So Sunny is not Indian?” A young and beautiful reporter asked.

“Sunny’s father is Indian, his mother is white, and he has one-half of Indian blood.” Frank said with a smile.

“It turned out to be…”

The reporters suddenly realized that and they were all excited, because if Sunny is the only Foreigner, then what he did was to defend the interests of his compatriots, but if Sunny has half American white man and Half Asian, then his behavior has far-reaching significance.

A reporter immediately raised a question to Frank: “Excuse me, Mr. Frank, how do you think about Sunny’s behavior?”

Frank heard everything happened before in the bar and knew what Sunny did. He coughed and said seriously: “I am proud of Sunny’s behavior. He not only defends the dignity of the weak, but also resists discrimination. He made an outstanding contribution. He did live up to my teaching. He remembered all his instructions. He grew up following me, and I taught him everything.”

“Oh?” The reporter immediately captured Frank’s words and asked him: “So Sunny’s behavior today is inextricably linked to your education?”

Frank showed a gratifying smile and nodded and said: “This is the case. I have educated him since childhood to protect the weak, to be brave, to educate him to be open-minded, not to have narrow discrimination, because I have never discriminated against any kind of skin color. Anyone of an ethnic group, so I have cultivated a good guy who dares to resist discrimination and dare to fight for social progress and fairness!”

In a few words, the impassioned, several reporters even raised their hands, when a reporter curiously asked: “But Mr. Frank, Sunny’s parents?”

“Oh, it’s very unfortunate to say that Sunny’s mother was young at that time. After being fooled by an Indian, she gave birth to Sunny. The poor child didn’t even see his father’s face… As for his mother, she couldn’t stand the hit of the day and night. Because of too much alcoholism, unfortunately died at a young age, I see the child is very pitiful, and I have obliged to assume the responsibility of raising him.”

Having said that, Frank actually squeezed a few tears.

A female reporter suddenly felt sympathy, handed a paper towel and patted him on the shoulder: “It must be very hard to raise a child?”

“Yah, it’s like this!” Frank nodded again and again. “I have to go to the factory to work during the day. I have to come home at night and cook and help my child’s homework. Later, life is really unopened. I can only work part-time at the same time! I even sacrificing my own love and marriage, I haven’t regret in order to raise this child!”

“You are a good parent…” The reporters frowned, and the sympathy was overwhelming.

“Not only hard, I paid a painful price.” Frank shook his left hand. “Because I am too tired, I was unfortunately broken two fingers when I was working…”


The reporters were exclaimed when they saw Frank’s left hand with only three fingers.

At this time, Frank used his only three fingers to make a fist.

He firmly said: “But I have not been defeated by life! Because I know that I must take up the responsibility as a man! For my nephew, in order to train him to adulthood, I must live, and live with dignity!”

The applause sounded again, and the reporters cast an admirable look on Frank.

Sunny hiding in the apartment was about to throw blood and congratulate for Frank – this guy is too capable of acting. It is clear that it is for the free apartment, he came to raise oneself, deliberately defrauding to cut off two fingers, every month will bring different women to the apartment, from childhood to till now. He didn’t even know that Sunny goes to which school from childhood … so one does not rely on The hustle and bustle of the spectrum, he was born into a single daddy with a sense of responsibility.

However, thanks to Frank grabbing his limelight, the attention of the reporter was attracted by Frank. Sunny quickly put on a hoodie and sunglasses, so that the reporter did not catch up with him and he sneak out of the apartment.

When he walked to the door of the apartment, Frank was eager to express his views on the status of Foreigners in New York. The reporters took pictures of him crazily, and it seems that tomorrow’s headlines may be this guy.

“Come on, Frank, help me more.”

Sunny muttered in a low voice, then quickly walked along the sidewalk.


At dusk.

Outside an event center in Queens.

Pooja, who just finished the dance training, walked through the bus-like road to the subway station.

Just then, a man in a hood walked up quickly, and Pooja got so scared that she quickly hugged his bag and subconsciously hid in the crowd.

“What are you hiding? It is me.”

Sunny’s voice came from under the hood and they had a date at night.

“Oh, it turned out to be the Hero of the Foreigners!” Pooja sighed. “I thought it was a criminal.”

“What kind of Hero, you also began to scold me.” Sunny dissatisfied and complained, “Old Taylor himself died and everything is put on my shoulder.”

“But it’s really scary to say it. I heard that old Taylor had already pointed a gun at you at that time. If it wasn’t for Hank’s police officer to arrive in time, you would be dead!” Pooja said with a sigh of relief: “You are too reckless, how can you with stand that?”

“He come to catch me, where can I hide?” Sunny spread his hands: “Can only fight.”

“You cam come to my house to hide.” Pooja gently patted his arm. “Seema really cares for you.”

“Forget it, if I go to your family, Auntie should force the two of us into couples.” Sunny smiled and teased.

“How? You don’t suffer!” Pooja rolled his eyes. “Are you still not happy?”

“I don’t suffer from loss, but I didn’t take it cheap.” Sunny smiled softly.

“Hey! What do you want to take advantage of?” Pooja asked with a red face.

Sunny pondered: “It’s much cheaper than eating crabs.”

Pooja quickly warned: “Hey, you can’t be arrogant!”

Sunny ??smiled: “It’s not me who is arrogant, Miss Pooja, it’s your lovely old mother!”

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