Chapter 38: Advancement Test


Under the stunned eyes of all the students, Ye Yuan slipped away, leaving Feng Ruoqing looking somewhat bitter.

However, Ye Yuan could not be bothered anymore. He was seriously too sleepy.

How could he not catch up on sleep when he would have another fierce battle at night?

As for becoming an assistant, Ye Yuan only casually agreed to it. At that moment, he did not have any choice.

Feng Ruoqing was a genuine Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist. If she did not let Ye Yuan go, then he would absolutely not be able to leave, even with his Instant Flash.

Back at his residence, Ye Yuan slept all the way till dusk before waking up leisurely.

Throwing a transcendent-grade Qi Returning Pill down his throat, plus the recovery rate while he was sleeping, essence energy in his body was quickly restored.


This Qi Returning Pill was refined before Ye Yuan set off, and it came quite handy now.

After his essence energy was restored, Ye Yuan continued using the Six Astral Array to refine transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills.

This was a colossal project. Tens of thousands of high-grade Essence Qi Pills . . . Even if one refined six each time, it would make several thousand transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills.

And just like this, Ye Yuan slept during the day and refined pills during the night.

At dusk two days later, Ye Yuan had just woken up and was about to refine the last batch of transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills, when an unexpected guest arrived. It was the host of the deathmatch, Huyan Yong.

Ye Yuan was called out by Lu-er. He then blocked the entrance to the room in a weird manner to avoid Huyan Yong from being able to peer inside.

“Haha. Hello, Teacher Huyan. Are you looking for me for something? I still have some matters to attend to, so let’s keep it short, shall we?” Ye Yuan laughed and said to Huyan Yong.

Huyan Yong was not someone who bothered with such trivialities and did not become angry at Ye Yuan’s behavior. He asked curiously, “Since I’m here, you are not going to invite me in to have a seat?”


Ye Yuan stood vigilantly in front of the door without any intention of letting him in. If he were to let Huyan Yong see that he could freely refine transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills . . . at that time, not only the Dan Wu Academy, the entire state of Qin would be in chaos.

“That . . . It’s too messy inside. So it’s better for Teacher Huyan to not go in. After I clean up, I will invite Teacher Huyan over to have a cup of tea another day.” Ye Yuan tried to evade the question.

Ye Yuan had heard before that Huyan Yong was usually a little cold, but he was a very fair and honest man. So he was not afraid that he would barge in.

Huyan Yong knew that Ye Yuan was clearly doing something fishy inside, but the residences of students were private after all. It would not be reasonable of him to barge in, so he gave up.

“Alright then. I will await your invitation.”

Ye Yuan was only being polite, but he never expected that Huyan Yong would just follow up like that.

Everyone said that Huyan Yong was infatuated with Martial Dao and did not curry favor with anyone. Why was he so different today?

“I came to look for you because I wanted to tell you that with your current strength, you should be able to barely make it into Black rank. So you can go take the advancement test already,” Huyan Yong said his intention for visiting.

In the Dan Wu Academy, what rank you were in was not determined by cultivation realm, but actual combat power.

If a student felt that his power was sufficient, then he could undergo the advancement test at the Illusionary Spirit Tower. The moment he passed, he would advance a rank. And Huyan Yong was the teacher in charge of the advancement test.


In reality, many of the Black Rank students in the Dan Wu Academy got in through connections. Their potential was limited, so they belonged to the type where they just sit around doing nothing, waiting to die. The true elites were in Earth Rank and above.

Previously, Ye Yuan naturally also belonged to the type who just sat around waiting to die.

Fei Qingping’s strength was initially already outstanding among the Black Rank students. After rising to the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm, he already possessed the strength to take on the Black Rank test.

However, if that were simply the case, Huyan Yong would not personally look for Ye Yuan to take the test.

Challenging the Illusionary Spirit Tower was a student’s personal matter. He could not even be bothered to go and urge the students.

During the deathmatch, Huyan Yong developed a strong interest in Ye Yuan, this dark horse.

Clearly, there were many secrets on Ye Yuan’s body. Of course, this was not something amazing. Which accomplished person did not carry secrets on them?

Martial Roll of Honor’s rank one, Long Tang, and rank two, Zuo Bugui. These people definitely all had their own lucky encounters. This was not something that the academy would be bothered with. What the academy needed were powerful students.

Even though Ye Yuan was only at the Third Level Essence Qi Realm right now, he managed to kill the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm Fei Qingping during the deathmatch.

But most importantly, Huyan Yong felt that Ye Yuan did not go all out during the deathmatch. He really wanted to see where Ye Yuan’s limits were.

The Illusionary Spirit Tower test was naturally a good place to test Ye Yuan’s true power.

In the Dan Wu Academy, students would rush to take the test once their strength reached the standard for advancing. However, Huyan Yong heard that Ye Yuan spent the past few days sleeping during the lesson and did not seem to have any intention of participating in the test. Therefore, he personally came to look for Ye Yuan to take the test.


“Ah? Advancement test? Alright, when can I join?” Ye Yuan was stunned for a moment before readily accepting.

These few days, Ye Yuan was only thinking of increasing his strength as soon as possible, which was why he forgot about joining the advancement test.

Someone who did not incur the jealousy of others was a mediocre person. Ye Yuan was not afraid of showing off his abilities.

Ye Yuan was an Alchemy Emperor previously and did not need to be overly cautious within this tiny Dan Wu Academy. He also wanted to see just where the current limits of his strength were.

Ye Yuan’s reply made Huyan Yong a little surprised. He thought that Ye Yuan had some difficult dilemma, which was why he did not rush to join the test.

“Any time will do,” Huyan Yong said.

“Alright. Then I will go over to the Illusionary Spirit Tower tomorrow morning,” Ye Yuan thought about it for a moment before replying.

Huyan Yong nodded and turned to leave.

“Just a moment, Teacher Huyan,” Ye Yuan suddenly recalled a matter and called out to Huyan Yong.

“Anything else?”


“I want to let my maidservant participate in the academy’s entrance test. I wonder if Teacher Huyan could arrange for it.”

Lu-er had followed Ye Yuan into the Dan Wu Academy for quite a few days already. However, Ye Yuan was always busy these few days, so he was not free to help her settle down. Today, since he coincidentally met up with Huyan Yong, it did not seem like an unreasonable matter to ask him to arrange the test for her.

According to the academy’s rules, students were not allowed to freely bring followers into the academy no matter how powerful their background was. There was no issue for Lu-er to stay a few days temporarily, but the academy would definitely investigate after a while.

“That young lady just now? At such a young age and already at the Third Level Essence Qi Realm. I suppose she barely qualifies to participate in the test. Alright, bring her along with you tomorrow,” Huyan Yong nodded his head and said to Ye Yuan.

With Huyan Yong’s cultivation, he naturally could see Lu-er’s strength at a glance.

Lu-er was younger than Ye Yuan by one year. Being able to cultivate to Third Level Essence Qi Realm was barely passable. Huyan Yong obviously would not mind too much.

However, who knows what his thoughts would be if he were to find out that it took less than a month for Lu-er to cultivate essence energy to the Third Level Essence Qi Realm.

In reality, even Ye Yuan was highly astonished by Lu-er’s cultivation speed.

She used a single night to reach the First Level Essence Qi Realm, and after five days under the aid of Ye Yuan’s Explosive Yuan Pill, she successfully broke through to the Second Level Essence Qi Realm.

And yesterday after consuming transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills consecutively, Lu-er broke through once more, reaching the Third Level Essence Qi Realm, almost catching up to Ye Yuan.


If this sort of cultivation speed were spread out, it would be an absolutely astounding matter.

Even though there was the aid of medicinal pills, Lu-er’s monstrous talent was even more important. In front of Lu-er, all those so-called geniuses in the State of Qin were overshadowed by her.

Obviously, there was also the Heaven Illusionary Ice Soul that Ye Yuan taught her. It was as if it were custom-made for Lu-er, making her cultivate quite successfully with ease.

Lu-er was naturally gifted. These past few days, Ye Yuan taught her several suitable martial techniques. She quickly grasped them, as if she was born just for cultivation.

Lu-er’s current strength was absolutely no weaker than the average Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm. There should not be a problem to pass the entrance test.

Both master and servant going to participate in the test together was something worth anticipating.

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