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Supreme Naruto ch 41

Chapter 41: Teasing Princess!!

“Not good! Princess Snow again!”

Naruto is resting on the bed with his hands on his head, and there was a small snow in the enclosed room.

This is a small snow transformed by Naruto Chakra.

Snowflakes fall from the top of the shed, such as catkins riding the wind, disappearing into the air, very beautiful…

With the help of Kakashi, the progress in Naruto’s water properties has indeed strengthened more than one and a half points, but the desire to combine wind and water properties into ideal ice that can be used for combat is a little worse.

At this time, his heart was annoying, and then he listened to the sound of screaming outside, and he didn’t fight for a while.

Naruto looks at the sky: “This princess really knows how to make people worry…”

Today’s weather is not good, there is a wind blowing outside, everyone stays in their own house, a little slack, the princess actually ran…

She is not afraid of freezing outside…

Complaints and complaints. As a ninja, the duties that should be fulfilled cannot be ignored.

Pushing open the door, the cold wind mixed with the snow came screaming on the face.

The temperature in the country of snow is relatively low and the air is relatively dry. The snow will not melt immediately, so it is not uncomfortable.

But in this weather, the footprints are extremely easy to be covered by snow.

It is quite troublesome to trace the trails. It is necessary to peel off the surface of the snow and find the traces that have been stepped on.

But there is ice beneath the snow, and with the snow drying, the wind blows away.

In a single word, hard!

If Naruto swept the next four weeks to find the footprints that the princess might leave.

Hinata also ran out: “Naruto Kun.”

Naruto raised his head and said, “It’s just right to help me see where the princess is.”

There are Byakugan, but it is not important.

In the snow, the hair of Hinata was blown a little messy, and Naruto helped her to put his hair in his clothes and put a hat on her head.

The small face of Hinata is a little ruddy, and she is open Byakugan to track snow princess.

It turns out that it is really not difficult to find a person with Byakugan.

Hinata: “In the direction of seven o’clock, ten kilometers, is running in the direction of nine o’clock, about one meter per second, the target physical strength is almost exhausted.”

Ten kilometers in this directions?

That party is the direction of everyone. In other words, Princess Snow has sneaked away before but just found out.

However, it is also early to find out, and later, the little Snow Princess is mostly exhausted and frozen in the snow and ice.

Naruto identified the direction: “Ten kilometers is not very far. I will go, you wait here for me.”

Hinata shook her head: “I can also help Naruto.”

Naruto smashed the head of Hinata through a hat: “Obviously, the weather is so bad, I will be back soon.”

Hinata also wants to fight but succumbs to Naruto’s eyes.

Kakashi and Sasuke then arrived, when Naruto had already stormed into the snow.

Kakashi asked about the situation. If the target has been confirmed, it does not need to use too much manpower, and he also said to Hinata: “Pay attention to Naruto’s situation, if there is an accident, report it in time to get the support.”

Hinata use Byakugan to check everything.

However, she soon saw a shocking scene.

Naruto’s speed suddenly increased after running a kilometer, like a cheetah, hurried through the snow.

In addition to the sudden increase in speed, Hinata does not know whether it is an illusion, she feels the snow in the sky and the wind… seems to be around the Naruto.

Hinata showed a surprised look.

Kakashi quickly asked: “Is something happen?”

Hinata shook her head: “No, no, I just saw a rabbit hit the tree.”

Kakashi: “…”

Sasuke: “…”


Hinata did not report it to Kakashi.

She feels that since Naruto usually does not show up, she can’t talk too much.

She is happy in her heart, the original Naruto is so powerful, and this secret only she knows.

In the snow and ice, Naruto rushed to run, at this time he had already pumped half of Chakra in the weight-bearing equipment.

Reduce the original 50% load loading to 25% loading 205 kg.

With half of the weight removed, Naruto feels that he is suddenly as light as a swallow, as if he can fly.

Of course, this is just a feeling, he has not yet reached the point of running beyond gravity.

Ten minutes later, Naruto finally rushed to the place where Hinata said, and then looked in the direction of nine o’clock. Fortunately, he really found a clue.

Where the snow melts, Naruto finds a warm treasure.

It should have fallen from Princess Snow.

The speed of the team in ice and snow is also 50 kilometers per hour, and the distance of 10 kilometers is ten minutes.

This is the flight time of Princess Snow, and also the time of the travel. With the star like Snow Princess who has not undergone any training, or running in the snow, it can be ten minutes for one kilometer?

Just a kilometer, even a fan-shaped search is simple.

Sure enough, it took no more than a minute, Naruto found Koyuki.

Naruto accelerated, and came to the front of Koyuki and blocking the front.

Koyuki, originally used all her physical strength, footsteps are not steady. Naruto suddenly appeared in front of her, so that one of its instability and Naruto hit a full.

Naruto steadily supported the princess who almost fell down, who chose to flee in such a weather. If it was not found, the physical strength of this girl would be used and she would be frozen in the wilderness.

Naruto sighed. “Are you afraid of your uncle?”

Koyuki are clumsy and stand firm in the snow: “Afraid? Of course, if you don’t leave this ghost place quickly, you will all die. The so-called resistance is just a devastating death. You will die, everyone will die here!”

Naruto snorted: “But you choose to escape at this place at this time. You have already given up on your life. You are not afraid of death. Why are you afraid of your uncle?”

“I don’t want to see people around me, die?”

Koyuki: “I am just afraid that I will be reason for all your death!”

Naruto suddenly wants to tease this princess, mysteriously said: “Tell you a secret, I can see the future, in the future I see, you will not die, you will become a gentle queen, Lead your people to live a prosperous life.”

Koyuki is slightly stunned. Because of the intentional control of Naruto, the five meters of snow around them are stretched out. The two people stand in a quiet world without the disturbance of snow and ice.

Then he smiled: “Even if you are comforting, don’t you say such a lame reason, see the future? There is no such thing in the world.”

No? Really, but not Naruto, but a big dream.

Naruto continued to mutter: “I don’t lie, so, I tell you something which happen next, you know if I have lied.”

When Snow Princess ran out, she had exhausted her strength.

There was no room for her to go back, and even if she had the strength, it was too slow, and Naruto carried the little Snow Princess.

When passing through a tunnel, Naruto ran and said: “The tunnel will be opened soon, and your uncle come with the fully armed train. Sun Taifu will also bring citizens to attack. The warrior of the Snow Country launched a rebellion.”

Koyuki looked at the underground ice layer, because the height is higher than the Naruto head, so the Naruto is behind the back, the upper body can not see the road ahead without straightening.

Koyuki: “Ghosts will only believe you, this tunnel has a train track under the ice layer. It must be told by the Taifu. As for the train, every time it takes a lot of energy to melt the ice for the rail tracks, it will not appear at this time.”

As I said, the ice beneath my feet suddenly melted rapidly and visible, and leaked the intact rails.

Naruto said: “You see, it came.”

When Naruto speaks, the track begins to vibrate, and far away, the whistling of the train in the tunnel can be heard faintly.

Koyuki is shocked. At this time they are in the middle of the tunnel. Whether it is forward or backward, there are several kilometers. If the train is coming at this time, the two will definitely be dead.

Koyuki: “It’s over! We will die!”

Naruto is calm and said: “Do not panic.”

The train approached and a huge train appeared behind the ass.

Naruto’s unhurried say: “I’m right?”

“Stay steady.”

Before being hit by the train, Naruto began to speed up.

The front of the train also steadily swayed behind Naruto and Koyuki.

The weight-bearing chakra began to draw, Chakra remaining: 25%, 15%, 5%.

Naruto’s speed climbed and the speed of the train continued to climb.

The hole in front is bright, and there are two hundred meters to go out.

When the last Chakra was drawn, the Naruto screamed and rushed out of the tunnel, escaping from the track and avoiding it.

“Swishhh!” The train passed by, Koyuki eyes got wide, the mouth breathing vigorously, it seems more tired than Naruto’s efforts below.

Naruto gasped for two breaths and continued to tease Koyuki: “Wait a minute and the train stops and Doto comes out. Then San Taifu will take people down from the hillside, and otherside will be fully armed and attack Doto, he will suffer a heavy damage.”

Koyuki is thinking with surprise.

The thing in Naruto’s mouth is really ridiculous to her.

However, after the train runs for 50 meters, it began to slow down and stopped.

Doto walked out of the train and stood, holding a loudspeaker in his hand: “Little snow, long time no see.”


A big voice came from the hillside.

San Taifu was wearing a samurai armor and holding a long sword and shouting: “We will not let you hurt Snow Princess!”

“This time, Princess Snow is guarded by us!”

Koyuki eyes are wide open, the mind is lost, and whispered: “No! Don’t! Don’t!”

Naruto’s voice appeared in the ear of Koyuki: “If you ask me, I will save them, but this is not within the scope of my mission. You have to promise me a condition, are you willing?”

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