Super Demon ch 9

Chapter 9: Fight with Garp!

Garp looked towards this boy seriously, and asked: “Boy, I also want to ask one question!”

Sam curiously look towards Garp and said: “I will not answer for freeloaders, if you want to ask, you have to pay some price.”

Garp is a Naval Hero. No-one has ever talked to him like that, especially when he is serious.

Garp uses a shave and come in front of Sam in an instant. Sam already understand the character of Garp, so he is already prepared.

When Sam tried to dodge, Garp already knows what move he will do, so he adjusted and punched.

Sam knows that he can’t dodge Garp in this condition, so he also punches towards Garp punch.

This all happened in just a moment.

Sam DNA molecule started to boil and absorb more and more energy in this dangerous condition.

Garp definitely not use full strength again a 5-6-year-old boy, but the reaction speed and decision making in crisis condition are just too surprisingly good.


When two punches meet, a Boom sound generated and Sam took 4-5 steps to control his body.

Dragon and Garp eyes almost got out.

A 5-6-year-old boy has the strength of 7-8 times the standard soldier.

He must have the strength of at least 70-80.


Calculation of Garp and Dragon are really correct. Property panel of Sam also shows the same thing.

This is the new ability, Sam has just activated when he was almost beaten by Garp.

Sam looks towards Garp, and found some numbers hanging on his head. When he concentrates, he saw them clearly.


When Sam looked towards Dragon he also found number hanging on his head.



Sam didn’t understand the meaning of these words, so he looks towards Robin. He found that only 16 is written on the head.

When Sam concentrates on his own body, he just got the information in his mind, Strength: 86.

“Ohhh, so this is showing the strength of the other party.” Finally, I don’t need to be a foolish brave man, so when I find that distance between strength is too big, I just run away.

Sam once again look at Garp and said: “Old Man, you are really strong. You didn’t even use 1/1000th strength of your body.”

After listening to the word of Sam, Garp started to laugh loudly.

“So, now you understand the value of the old man. Just answer some questions, and I will not beat you anymore.” Garp started to show his stinky behavior.

Sam shook his head and said: “Sorry old man, I only work for the benefit, if you can’t provide me the benefit, I will not answer any question, or if you force me, I will purposefully give you the wrong information.”

“Old man, before you get angry, I will ask you a question?”

“Who will kill the most people?”

After hearing the question of Sam, Garp also eases down his anger and starting to thought.

Dragon and Garp both know that this boy is just too intelligent, and every line has some meaning, so they diligently thought.

After thinking for a while, Garp and Dragon both answered simultaneously: “Pirates.”

Sam disdainfully look towards them, while he shook his head: “No, you both are a pure idiot.”

“Politician kills the most people.”

Garp thought for a while, but Dragon didn’t think, and directly asked: “How?”

“Let me ask this foolish old man.”

Before Sam can say anything, Garp fist of love pasted on his head.

Sam can’t even react to it. He already knows the strength of this old man, so Sam didn’t argue.

“Mr. Garp, Never bully a young person, because when you start to get old, and your power declines, young person started to reach its new height, and his strength increases. If he is a revengeful type of person like me, you can understand the future.”

After listening to the words of Sam, Garp body trembles. He repeated his words: “Never Bully a young person.”

“But I know you are a good person, or I will not give so many advice to your son.”

Dragon also thought about that, because this little boy is so intelligent, then why he shows off his so much talent in front of us. Either he has the confidence to run away from our grip, or he just trusts them too much. It is like he knows something far beyond we can think.

“Ok, now we settle down, I will tell you why Politician murders most people.”

“Who killed your wife, Mr. Dragon?”

Dragon eyes turned red, and said: “She just can’t handle the pain, and died with natural death.”

“No, Mr. Dragon.”

“If you are not wanted by the world government, you can send your wife to the best hospital, when she can provide delivery normally, she doesn’t have to die.”

“So this death counts on the head of …”

Dragon face sunk.


“No, Mr. Dragon.”

“Politician killed your wife. Even if you are a wanted criminal, your wife and your child have done nothing wrong. Why are they punished? It is because a Politician wants it.”

“Now Mr. Garp, Put a hand on your chest, and answer my question truthfully.”

“If the World Government and Navy, starts to really work to destroy pirates, can they not finish all the pirates easily?”

Garp eyes really have shame.

Sam pointed towards Robin, “What crime her parents done? Or let it be aside, What crime the people of that island do? Can you answer me, who ordered your Navy to kill the whole island.”

“I think you got the answer.”

“So, my point is that, you can be the enemy of a strong person, influential person, rich person, but never be an enemy of an intelligent person.”

“Like me.”

Sam pointed his finger towards his own head.

Both Garp and Dragon forehead started to ooze out the sweats.


Sam looked towards Garp and said: “What are you willing to pay, to get the answer to your question?”

Garp thought for a while, and said: “How about you give me Logia Devil fruit for your answer? Remember the quality of devil fruit will increase with the importance of a question.”

Garp thought about it and nodded: “Ok.”

“Give me some advice to really improve Navy condition.”

After seeing the intelligence of Sam, and the important advice he given to Dragon, he may really provide some good ideas.

“Well, for this type of advice, I need at least devil fruit equal to Kuzan level.”

Garp got shocked: “You even know Kuzan?”

“There are very less think in this world, which I don’t know.”

After thinking for a while, Garp nodded.

“If you really want the Justice to follow in the Navy, then you have to become Marshal.”

“But Marshal is my close friend, he will do as I advice.” Garp said to Sam.

“Ohhh, really. Have you also agreed when Buster Call order was decided for Ohara in the meeting room of Navy Headquarters.”

Sam look slyly towards Garp.

Robin is an intelligent girl. She is collecting all the information and advice Sam is providing, and also noticing the facial expression of Garp and Dragon.

Garp really can’t answer this question.

“Well, according to my information, you didn’t agree, but Marshal, your best friend who always listen to your advice, still follow the order of 5 old elders. Am I wrong, Mr. Garp?”

“A free piece of advice, politician have no friends. They only look at the benefit.”

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