Super Demon ch 8

Chapter 8: Garp entry

Just when Garp put his foot on the island, Dragon stood up.

Sam just want to talk to him, but he was also shocked by the reaction of Dragon.

Suddenly a hearty laughter sound came.

“My foolish son, your daddy is here, tell me what is the surprise?”

Garp comes on the top of the head of Dragon, just like he teleported himself.

Garp finally looks at the little child in the hands of Dragon.

Garp first shocked and suddenly comes in front of Dragon and directly picks Luffy from his hands.

“Is he my Grandson?” Before Dragon can answer, Garp started to laugh and said, “I became Grandfather, Hahahahaha.”

“Great, you have done a good job.”

Garp is really happy. After playing with Luffy for around 10 minutes, Garp looked around and found a grave.

Garp looked towards Dragon in shock, and Dragon nodded.

Garp understands the whole condition. He also wants to share some sadness from Dragon, but he didn’t even know how to do it.

Garp just patted his hand on the shoulder of Dragon, and directly asked.

“How are you gonna take care of this child while being the enemy of the World Government. You also know there are too many spies in your organization.”

Garp seriously looks at Dragon.

Dragon doesn’t know how to answer Garp’s question.

Garp also know the heart of his son, so he didn’t ask those serious question for a time being.

Garp looked at Robin and smile: “Ohhh, little girl, you are here. Navy is searching for you everywhere.”

After looking at the Navy dress of Garp, Robin was so frightened that she hid behind Sam while holding his hands.

Sam stood in front of Robin without moving.

Garp eyes directly put on Sam’s face.

Garp body instinctively feels the fear against this boy.

Garp is a Four Emperor level guy. He is way above Dragon, so after just one time looking at Sam, Garp knows that this guy will definitely become something which I can’t reach in my life.

Garp faces sinks and directly ask Sam.

“Boy, who are you?”

Sam didn’t know what Garp instincts are feeling, so he smiles and said: “My name is Sam, I am a friend of Robin. We are just planning to depart from this place.”

Dragon suddenly remembers the deal between Sam and himself.

Dragon comes towards him, but suddenly Garp held his hand and said: “This guy is not simple, be careful.”

Sam got confused and look towards Garp.

Dragon looks towards Sam and asked: “Are you not gonna make deal with me? Tell me your ideas to improve my Revolutionary Army and I will give you all my exercise tips.”

“If you tell me the details of Bumper offer, and if I like it, I will make my Grandfather teach you personally.”

Garp looked towards Dragon in confusion.

Dragon makes his expression like he is saying ‘wait and see’.

Garp also got interested in this little boy. Because if he wants the exercise method of Dragon, he is definitely just a little boy.

Both sit towards Sam, just Robin still stood behind Sam.

Sam indicated towards Robin to sit down.

After sitting, Sam said: “I will tell you the story, and you will understand what you want.”


“One Piece World is filled with chaos, and you want to bring back the real peace where no-human will be discriminated or violated.”

“First, starts to make a constitution, where you will give rights to every living person to vote, if they are able to think and take a decision. Representatives of each partitioned area will be selected by voting. After you select all the representatives, they will select a leader which will rule the country. All important decision must be taken after more than half of the representatives agree. Full Government body will dissolve every 5 years, and elections will be held once again. So that elected representative not turn into our current World Nobles.”

“Every Citizen votes must have equal value.”

“Independent Judiciary must be held, where written rules will be there. And criminal will be punished without mercy, regardless of his position. Even the king can be punished.”

Garp and Dragon got shocked after listening to these thoughts.

Garp looked at Sam with a serious face. He knows that if the government starts to work like this, peace may really come.

Dragon is sitting with pen and papers, and already written all the things.

Garp asked Sam with a serious face: “World Nobles will definitely not allow this to happen, how you will handle that? Dragon you understand the power of world government, right?”

Sam said: “Dragons and nobles will definitely reject this, because we are taking away their powers. So, first we have to let the whole world dream, that how the world becomes if the current government falls, so it will add lots of brave people to you. You try to publish that whole constitution throw newspapers, pamphlets or tv show or entertainment show, mimicry show.”

“Currently you have to divide your team in 4 division. 1st team, Collecting money for revolution because you have to understand that without money there will be no revolution. 2nd team, Spread awareness, 3rd team, Recruit powerful members for the final fight because this world is based on power, 4th team, action team which will expose every dirty secret the government has done, with evidence like video recording.”

Dragon asked: “How it will help us when we expose every dirty secret?”

Sam shook his head and look towards Garp, and asked: “Is your son really foolish?”

Dragon face turned red.

Garp said like he is educating Dragon: “Navy always maintain their image, do you know why? It is because of this image they can recruit new guys. If you start to reveal that the Navy doesn’t represent Justice, it will really hurt the Navy recruitment process. Gradually it will weaken them.”

Sam looks towards Dragon: “Have you got all your answers?”

Dragon scratches his head and asked: “I still have some questions, but will ask your letter. First I have to absorb this information properly.”

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