Super Demon ch 7

Chapter 7: Garp Came

When Sam and Robin woke up, it is already mid-noon.

Dragon smiled and asked: “What do you want for lunch?”

Sam and Robin said: “Whatever, we don’t care much.”

Dragon looks towards them and said: “One more thing, don’t think about going to the market of the village. Just to hide the whereabouts of Robin, I have to kill 9 peoples yesterday.”

“What? Did they already started to look for Robin?”

Robin’s face turned white with fear.

Dragon took out the Bounty Reward order of Robin, and give it to Sam.

“Now you can understand the condition. I don’t want to put my wife’s life in danger, so you are not allowed to rome outside. Stay here.”

“If you want to go, you can go, but you have to leave this island directly.”

Sam thought for a while and said: “We will stay with you until your wife safely gave birth to her child. After that, you send us to East Blue as our reward.”

Robin looks towards Sam in confusion.

Sam didn’t explain and directly look towards Dragon.

Dragon asked in surprise: “Why do you want to go East Blue?”

Sam smile and said: “Mine and Robin strength is too low, I want a stable place first to improve my strength, it also slows down Robin Case.”

Dragon looked seriously towards Sam and said: “You don’t know the real condition of East Blue Sea, Right?”

Sam looks towards him weirdly and asked: “What happened?”

Dragon said: “After Roger’s death, Navy started crusade towards pirates in East Blue. It is too dangerous to go there right now.”

Sam also patted his head and thought: So, this is the reason why after 17 years, East Blue will become the weakest sea.

After thinking for around 10 minutes, Sam said: “We will help you till your wife gave birth to a baby, and you will send to some Island whereby practicing for 10 years, we can reach at the level around Admiral, also give me the cultivation method of Navy Six, and Haki. And also give tips to exercise our body skill.”

Dragon started to laugh: “Boy, do you think I need your help for protecting my wife!”

Sam looked at Dragon, and turned silent. After 1 minute, he said: “I know that you don’t need my help in protecting your wife, but I can give you some pretty good ideas which can help you in your Revolution.”

Dragon looked curiously and asked: “I also want to hear, what kind of Idea’s worth so much that I gave you Haki and Navy six cultivation method, and send you to Island personally, and some other thing is there, which I forgot.”

Sam smiled and said: “The other thing is that, you have to give your own practice method and some tips to us, based on our physique.”

Dragon asked: “Ok, I will think about that, but you have first tell me your ideas. At least I want to make it confirm that it is just not a bogus trick of a little guy.”

Sam said: “My Idea will help you increase your support in common citizens and countries as well. I can also point out some guys who have the potential to reach at least Admiral level in future, so you can try to let them join you.”

Dragon asked eagerly: “Is this real? If what you said is true, I will give everything you asked before.”

Sam smiled and said: “I know you will agree, now I will give you a bumper offer. If you want, you also have to give me an appropriate price.”

Dragon eyes shine and asked: “Tell me first, how your idea will going to help me?”

Sam: “It’s pretty simple, my idea will help you to create a government which can last for more than 800 years. It will also not create a corrupt government like the current World Noble system. It will also bring peace to the whole world, even after you die.”

Dragon became eager to know. Because all the solution which this little guy going to provide are the questions he can’t find the answer.

Suddenly Dragon’s wife painful voice came.

Dragon directly uses Shave and come near his wife. He covers the whole hideout, and left Sam to guard the place.

Sam and Robin find a place near the gate, and sit on that place to guard it.


After various painful voice came from inside, but Sam didn’t think much about it.

After around an hour, the voice of a little child came from inside.

Robin face filled with a smile.

Sam also looked towards the sky and thought that Today Hero of One Piece world taken his birth.

After around half an hour, Dragon also comes out.

His face is filled with sadness and tears.

A big guy like him, have the tears in his eyes means something happened. They heard the voice of the child, that means Luffy is totally ok. It means, Dragon’s wife got expired.

Fuck, why the lovely couples got separated. It’s like a tragedy movie.

Dragon still tries to smile towards to Luffy. After around an hour, Dragon gives me his son, and enters into the house again.

The sobbing voice comes from inside. After around 4 hours, Dragon comes out, neat and clean.

He picks the shawl, and start digging grave just outside the hideout.

After completing the ceremony and saying goodbye, Dragon looks towards Luffy.

Before death, Luffy’s mother already gave him the name.

It looks like Luffy know something bad happens, he kept quiet for around 6 hours. He didn’t even cry for food.

Dragon took Luffy from the hands of Sam, he said: “Can you find some milk for the baby?”

Sam nodded and directly run towards the market.


After spending around two days with Dragon, Sam decided to go from this place.

He knows that Dragon currently is still in the shock, so he can’t ask his help.

Suddenly an old man landed on the island.

He stopped all his trusted colleague, and used Shave and Moonstep together to move.


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