Super Demon ch 6

Chapter 6: Talk with Dragon

“So boy, what have you heard about me? Is it like I am a devil or something like that?” Dragon is just eager to ask.

Dragon stayed on this Island for more than 4 months, while hiding his identity. He has to cover the whole Island with his Observation Haki, so that no-one can sneak in.

Dragon wife is gonna give birth to a child. He didn’t want to let his wife face the same consequence Roger’s wife face. So, he stayed with her on this island.

Other than his Dad, no-one knows that he is in the West Sea. Not even the members of Revolutionary Army know.

Dragon knows that there are lots of spy in the Revolutionary Army, so he just can’t take the risk.

He has not talked to anyone other than his wife for around 4 months. He really wants to went out his frustration and tension on Sam.

Dragon doesn’t know why he feels that his ideas will definitely match with this guy.

It is just like a sixth sense indicating him.


Sam covered his body, and said in a normal manner.

“No, I heard something about Revolution, and also know heard that you betray Navy justice, blah, blah, blah.”

“It’s not much important.”

“Ohh, you have heard about my revolution concept! You look like a little boy, but your behavior is like a grown man. Have you eaten a devil fruit which makes you younger?”

Dragon asked with caution.

Sam shook his head and said: “It’s not that I don’t want to eat Devil fruit, but they come with a certain weakness, so if you don’t get the best power in return, it is quite useless to eat them.”

“Ohhh, come here then, and touch this stone.”

Dragon took out a stone from his pocket, which is covered with the skin of some animal, so by mistake Dragon himself don’t touch it.

Sam look at the stone, and touch the stone while saying: “So, Mr. Dragon even have the Sea Floor Stone.”

Dragon smiles and said: “Sorry little guy, you already understand my condition, so I have to cautious.”

Sam didn’t mind it either. It is just like checking on the Airport before entry.


Dragon looked at the face of Sam, and got shocked with the matureness of this little guy.

After checking the whole condition, Dragon took them to his hideout.

When he enters the hideout, his wife with big belly comes out.

“Oh Darling, you came….. Oh, My, My, we have some little guest.”

Dragon’s wife smiles towards Sam and Robin.

It is really a mystery when he was in the previous world that ‘Who is the mother of Luffy’.

Sam finally met with the mother of Luffy. Sam wants to know the name of Dragon’s wife, but he knows that Dragon doesn’t trust them, so he will not tell him.


Dragon directly sends his wife to the bed.

Looking at the condition of Dragon’s wife, Sam knows that Luffy is gonna take birth in less than 10 days around.

Dragon took out some cloth for Sam, but they are all big in size. So, he just directly cut some with his wind slash.

Sam didn’t pester so much and direct wore those clothes.


While Sam was wearing these clothes, suddenly Dragon asked.

“Sam, what do you think will happen to our revolution?”

Dragon didn’t expect much, but Sam’s answer directly shocked him.

“According to my thinking, it will take around 30 years just to start your revolution in full-fledged speed.”

Dragon: “Why do you think so?”

Sam: “Because people are filled with fear against the World Government. Those who are fearless, they already have gone out to become pirates to rob common citizens and merchants. You are left to take help from common people, but the fear of World Government almost reached to their bones, so it will take more than 30 years just clear out some fear. So 30 years is still too low, if you totally depend upon Common civilians.”

Dragon got depressed while thinking: “So according to you, we should drop this idea.”

Sam shook his head and said: “No, your idea is pretty noble, you should stick to it, but make some changes to speed up the process.”

“Ohhh.” Dragon thought and asked: “What do you think about joining our Revolutionary Army?”

Sam shook his head and said: “Sorry, I am not interested to join any parties. I will sail around the world, to become the strongest.”

Dragon got shocked: “Can you tell me….”

Suddenly Dragon’s wife voice comes from inside, and said: “Honey, don’t put pressure on children, let them rest. And also bring some food for them.”

Dragon smiles and said: “You wait here, I will make some food for you.”


After eating and drinking, Sam and Robin slept like pigs.

Robin was too tired while sitting in a boat for two full days.

Sam was not tired because his body constantly devours the energy, and make him full of energy.

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