Super Demon ch 5

Chapter 5: Unexpected meeting.

After another one hour of boat rowing, Sam and Robin reached to the Island.

Suddenly Sam remember something and said: “Robin, you told me that Navy killed our parents on Ohara Island, right?”

Robin nodded.

“It means that the Navy also release your wanted order.”

“What? Is it possible?” Robin faces almost turned white.

“It is entirely possible, you know from the attack of Navy on the Ohara Island, they want to erase every last survivor of the Ohara, so I think you have to change dress, and change your hairstyle. It will be helpful.” Sam pointed towards her dress.

Robin’s face turned red.

“But I don’t have money at all. How are we gonna buy clothes?”

Sam smiled and starts to give instruction.


After around 2 hours, Robin once again comes to the sea coast.

Sam can’t enter the market, because he didn’t have a single cloth.

When Robin returns, she has lots of purse in her clothes pocket. Sam patted her head, and said: “Foolish girl, when you get the purse, just take the money and throw away the purse, so they can’t say that you stole their purse. It’s like destroying the evidence after a crime.”

“Little boy, you are really intelligent.” Suddenly a voice comes from the tree.

Sam and Robin both got shocked.

This is Robin first time theft, so she was so scared that she hid behind Sam.

Sam bravely stood in front of her, and look at the man who stood on the tree.

Man was covering himself with a green cloth, so you can’t see his identity.

Sam tried to smile and said: “Friend, what you want? You are standing there and watching, it is definitely not without a purpose. Tell us your purpose, so we can understand each other conditions.”

Man in the hood, chuckled.

“Little boy, I want the girl behind you. She is a wanted criminal by the world government, so you left the girl, and I let you live.”

Man in the hood also released some kind of pressure on Sam.

Sam body instinctively starts to react and release the same kind of pressure.

“Sorry man, you choose the wrong thing to deal with. Will I still be called a man, if I have to live my life after sacrificing a girls life.”

Sam didn’t move an inch, and the pressure released from Sam’s body increased.

Robin heart also starts to warm.

She was left behind by her mother on that Island. Because she ate a devil fruit, she was nicknamed as Devil. She has no friends.

The first time someone stands up for her, to protect her other than Jaguar D. Saul.

She just wants Sam to run away, but suddenly the Man in the hood starts to laugh out loud.

“Boy, you really have the guts of a devil. And also you are so talented that you woke up Conqueror Haki.”

Man in the hood really got shocked, when Sam used his Conqueror Haki.


“What? Is that Conqueror Haki? Hahahaha, I activated it.” Sam also starts to laugh.

After a moment, Man in the hood comes near Robin, and put his hand on her head and said: “I really feel sorry for Oliva. We only get news when Navy already starts to act, so we don’t have time to save her.”

Robin first got scared and hid behind Sam, and asked: “Who are you?”

“Me? Before telling you that I have to check your bodies, to make sure that you are not the spy of World Government.”

Sam finally understand his condition.

This Man in the hood might be Dragon, the son of Garp, and the leader of the Revolutionary Army. Because his half face is covered with a weird tattoo.

“Come follow me!” Man in the hood said and starts to walk in the jungle.

“Uncle, could you give me some clothes first. I don’t want to walk into the market while I am naked.”

Man in the hood took off his green hoodie, and throw towards Sam.

Sam caught the hoodie, and finally looked at the face of Dragon.

Dragon also looked at the eyes of Sam, and know that Sam finally got his ID.

“You finally know who I am! Great, it looks like you read lots of newspaper.” Dragon smile towards Sam.

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