Super Demon ch 4

Chapter 4: Reaching Island

Marine Headquarters.

Sengoku, Garp, Tsuru, Sakazuki, Kuzan, Borsalino with some Vice Admiral are holding a meeting.

Marshal Sengoku starts the meeting and asked.

“Briefly report about Ohara Island incident? Also tell me, why all the civilian’s ship was destroyed?”

Kuzan pointed towards Sakazuki and said: “I tried to stop him, but he just destroyed all the civilian’s ship as well, so you better ask him that question.”

Sengoku looked towards Sakazuki, and indicate him to report on that.

Sakazuki just directly looks at his eyes, and said: “World government already order us to kill everyone on the Island, they are criminals, when they decided to go against the order of World Government. So, killing them is not a problem at all.

Garp and Tsuru eyes turn cold, but they didn’t say anything at all.

Sengoku signs, and didn’t say much.

After a few minutes, Sengoku said: “This mission is just to important for the world government, so is anyone left, who can read poneglyphs. Because is the only method, pirates can find One Piece.”

Sakazuki shook his head and said: “Everyone is dead on that island.”

Kuzan didn’t say anything, but it’s like he has something to say, but didn’t want to say it.

Tsuru look at Kuzan and asked: “Kuzan, do have anything to say?”

Kuzan finally signs and said: “I left one little girl behind, she is only an 8-year-old girl, she can’t read poneglyphs.”

Sakazuki punched the table and stood up: “Kuzan, you bastard, how can you ignore the order of world government! Didn’t they tell you to kill everyone on that island.”

Sengoku ignore the anger of Sakazuki, and looked at Kuzan: “Who is she? Did she know that Navy destroyed her Island?”

Kuzan nodded his head.

“Fuck, it’s a big problem. If she told the world newspaper agency that Navy killed all the archaeologist, it will be a big problem.” Tsuru patted her head.

Sengoku shook his head and said: “The main problem is not that one, the main problem is that this little girl definitely wants to take revenge, and if she also knows how to read those poneglyphs, then it will be a disaster.”

“We have to release her wanted order, to catch her as soon as possible.”

Garp shouts towards Sengoku: “We can’t do that, she is just an 8-years-old girl. You can understand how her life will be, if she is wanted by Navy!”

Sakazuki look towards Garp, and sneer while saying: “Yeah, so she can finally become just like your son Dragon!”

Garp’s face sank, but he didn’t say anything.

Sengoku shouts: “Shut-up, I am Marshal here, I order her to be rewarded with 79 Million Bailey, dead or alive. Now meeting dismissed.”


Robin didn’t know that her living condition for whole life is decided without even asking her opinion or her mistake.

Sam is still rowing the boat. It is more that 7 hours, and he didn’t feel a little bit tired.

Sam body automatically absorbs energy which he consumed in any work done by him.

It also absorbs some surplus energy which constantly strengthening his body. Sam can easily feel that from small changes in his body.

He didn’t know that Superman feels the same way or not.


Ater checking it multiple times, Sam finally concluded that his body is too different from real superman.

Superman body can absorb yellow sunlight to make him powerful, he doesn’t need to exercise to make him stronger. He just need to stay in sunlight, and exercise to control his power. It has benefit that you can get powerful without exercising, but it has drawback as well. His body is the container of sun energy, but he can increase the size of the container.

Sam case is totally different. He can absorb almost anything to survive. His body has a benefit that it can increase the size of the container, but the side effect is that you have to exercise, or your increase in container size is too slow.

This may be Sam own Hypothesis.


When Night about to come, Sam look towards the horrizon and find that Island is about to come.

Sam finally feel happy, because he also don’t like to stay naked in front of Robin.


After getting the hopeless feeling, Garp directly asked Sengoku: “When will my retirement application be finalized. I want to retire and live in my village.”

“Sorry Garp, you can see the condition of the world now. You are the motivation for the young soldier. If you want vacation, you can take it.” Sengoku helpless signs.

Suddenly Garp remember that Dragon called him before, to give him surprise.

Garp stood up and walk out of the office, without saying anything.


Garp make a call to his son.

“You ungreatful bastart, where can we meet?”

Dragon started to laugh and said.

“Undead Old-man, I will give you a good news, just come to West Sea, I will be there.”

Garp also laugh: “If good news didn’t surprise me, then I will let you have the taste of my Love-fist. Be Careful and take care.”

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