Super Demon ch 3

Chapter 3: Confused world

“Fuck, is god playing with me? First there is Kryptonian, Saiyans, and now One Piece world as well.”

“Fuck, this world is not as dangerous as DC or Dragon Ball, but it turns into a very dangerous world when it combines with DC, Dragon Ball, and One Piece.”

“And I don’t even know, which other anime world is combined in this fucking system?”

Sam starts to think about his condition.


Robin turns and look at the face of Sam.

She directly uses here devil fruit, and some arms just come directly from the body of Sam, and held his neck.

Robin: “Now tell me, how do you know my mother?”

After looking at the different hands comes out from his body, Sam finally got confirmed that it is really the world of One Piece.

Sam looks towards the face of Robin, which was covered with tears: “Hey, don’t cry. I actually know your mother, we have not met each other, but my father join her expedition, so I heard the name from my mother’s mouth before she died.”

“Did something happen, why are you crying?”

Robin looked at him with pitty, and said: “My mother and your dad, both are dead! My mother was killed just 2 days ago.”

Sam suddenly turn silent and start thinking.

His paddling work still didn’t stop.

Actually everyone knows that he doesn’t have any relation with this One Piece world, so he is definitely not sad. He just want some quiet time, to understand his condition.

Main thing he doesn’t know is that his body belongs to Movie World Krypton, or Comic World Krypton.

It is totally a different concept of Comic world or Movie World, because Comic World Superman is almost as equal as Super Saiyan Blue, but Movie world superman in his peak is only equal to Admiral strength. [This we can see from the Batman Vs Superman movie, where superman died]

Even Garp can easily beat him.

But after checking for a while, he can’t determine anything.


Robin thought that he was sad, after hearing that his father died.

Sam also can understand the situation of Robin.

Sam: “Who killed him?”

Robin face directly turned white, while thing about the power of Kuzan.

After taking 2 minutes to stabilize, she said: “It was Navy.”


Sam started to laugh and said: “Nice, so now the guys who defend justice, started to kill people. Good, wait for my answer soon.”

Robin suddenly waved her hands and said: “You don’t know the power of those guys. Don’t do anything stupid, to get killed by them.”

Sam smiled and asked: “Are they humans?”

Robin answered unconsciously: “Yes.”

Sam once again asked: “So, if they can become so powerful, can I not become like this?”

“Remember one thing, never pissoff a young guy because when they start to get powerful, you start to grow old.”

Robin was shocked after hearing the words of Sam.

It looks like first time, she also started to think about revenge.

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