Super Demon ch 2

Chapter 2: One Piece World.

Sam finally able to move his body.

Sam feels lucky when he thought that at least he can swim.

Sam tried to find the direction of the Island he saw from the space ship, but here everywhere is blue sea water, and he is definitely not the navigator type for a guy.

Sam looked around and found that there are lots of fish floating in the water.

Which are obviously dead by the impact of the space ship.

Sam moved towards a big fish, and after my trial, he is able to stand up on that fish.

Sam looked around and find that a small boat coming towards him.


Nico Robin, just escaped from her island.

It has been around 2 days in the boat, she is just a little 8-year-old girl. Her mother was killed in front of her. Her every friend, every relative were burned to death alive.

Only she has survived from that tragedy. She even thought about suicide while sitting on a boat, but she is just a little girl, so of course, she is afraid of death.

After 2 days on a boat, she was staring at the sky and suddenly found a meteorite type of thing coming towards it.

Of course it landed around 2 km from her place, or else she would have died from the impact.

Currently, she didn’t find a reason to live, that is the reason Robin didn’t move her boat towards an island.

Ladies intuition is the most powerful sixth sense.

Robin suddenly feels that this meteorite kind of thing will be her reason to live.

She directly moved her boat and starts to rowing towards that landing point.


Sam is sitting on the fish while waiting.

In that time, Sam tried to find the changes in his body.

He found that his body turns almost any kind of thing into energy and absorb. It is the most basic property of Kryptonian. They absorb the energy from the yellow sun to increase their strength.

His own body is modified, so it feels that he can absorb almost anything.

It absorbs madly up to the limit where the body can handle, after that time period, the body still absorbs but at very slow speed. And it also feels that it also strengthens the tissues of the body, so that it can absorb more energy in the future.


Robin almost reaches to the fish, but she stops her boat to some distance away, because the fish is just too big. It looks like a sea king.

It is the first time, Robin has seen a sea king. She has read about these creatures, but didn’t saw from her own eyes.

She suddenly found Sam sitting on the top of the Sea king. Robin got shocked and shouted: “Hey, what are you doing here? Who are you?”

Sam come out from his thoughts and look towards Robin.

He found that this girl look familiar.

He walks towards her boat, and directly jump in her boat.

Robin doesn’t have much fear about this boy, because she was also known as a devil in her village.

Robin: “Hey, who are you?”

Sam: “I am able to understand you. Nice! Do you know where we are?”

Robin unconsciously answered: “We are in West Blue sea. Have you seen what happened here? Tell me, I want to know!”

Sam try to look ignorant and said: “When I come here, it just looks like this.”

Robin face turned red with anger and asked: “You come here without any boat or without wearing any clothes. Do you think, I am an Idiot?”

Sam smiled and tried to change the topic: “Hey, we have to move from here as soon as possible, if other people come or dangerous fish like this comes, we will not able to walk away.”

Robin knows that he is trying to change the topic, but she also knows that what this boy said is true.

She has not eaten anything for two days, she doesn’t have much strength to move the paddles.

Sam looked at the condition of the girl, and said: “Just tell me the direction of the nearby Island, and I will paddle for you.”

Sam also wants to check the strength and stamina of this body. He currently has the feeling that he can destroy the planet.

It is just a feeling. It is the same condition when a bodybuilder eats to much Pre-Workout supplement.

Robin looked around and the condition of sun, finally she pointed in one direction.

Sam sit on the position where he can paddle, and starts to paddle.


While paddling, Sam tries to get as much as information about this world.

Sam: “What is your name, little girl?”

Robin looks at dick hanging in the middle of his legs, and said with red face: “First cover your filthy body, I don’t to look at your thing hanging there. Just cover with something. Do you have no shame?”

Sam looked at his condition and smile. “It’s not that I am shameful, but I don’t have clothes. You have to manage it, till we reach to the island.”

“Now tell me, what is your name?”

Robin moves her body towards a different direction, so she doesn’t have to look at that thing.

“My name is Nico Robin.”


“Nico Robin….. where have I heard this name?…. Oh yeah, Are you the daughter of Olvia?”

Sam asked in confusion.

When Robin heard the word of Sam, she suddenly stands up from her position, and asked: “How do you know my mother?”

Sam got silent and didn’t say anything for a long time.

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