Super Demon ch 12

Chapter 12: Pirate Attack!

Sam shook his head and said: “If you don’t want to fight, stay on the boat, I will handle them alone.”

After hearing this, Robin stood up like a cat whose tail you stepped on.

Sam really wants to bang his head. He only heard this in the previous world that ‘you can’t understand girls’.

Sam already checked the strength of the pirate group. They are almost equal to Arlong Pirate group in East Blue.

Maximum strength on that boat is only 60.

Fighting them will give him the required experience, and also he has to kill some people to experience.


There boat is really fast. After you look from the near, you find that this boat is almost new. It looks like this pirate group has just recently purchased this boat.

The boat comes near, and pirate looks towards Robin with full of greed. Sam understand their purpose.

“Boy, you want to go somewhere? we will give you a lift.” One pirate said with a smile. But anyone can see that they have no good intention.

Suddenly a different pirate came. He is the second more powerful member, so he must be the Vice-captain.

He took out his sword and said: “Boy, climb on our boat. If we have to come down to take you, then you will definitely have some fewer body parts.”

His face is full of bloody atmosphere, and greed.

A vice-captain is a pure Lolicon. This time, when they raid, he found a very beautiful little girl. He took this girl to Captain’s boat. He has a previous agreement with the Captain that 20% of the money from all the tressure they loot, and all little girls.

But this time, when he tried to take away the little Lolli he captured, Captain rejected it directly, and said: “This girl is too beautiful, we will sell this girl to the auction house. This time I have spent too much gold on this boat, this girl may be able to return it all.”

If he doesn’t know the cruel methods of Captain, he may fight with the captain for that girl. But suddenly one of the crew members said: “Vice-captain, we find a boat. A little girl, and boy rowing it.”

Currently, Captain knows that Bob needs to release his pent up sexual urges, so he directly ordered the crew to capture that girl, and give it to Bob. But he warned Bob to not touch that girl.


Sam looked at Bob, like he is looking at a fool.

Sam hold the rope, which pirates throw down from the top. Sam started to go up, after that Robin also started to go up.

Sam can easily jump up from the boat, but he can’t control his power perfectly. If the boat is broken, and he fell into the sea with Robin. It is not a good plan, so like a normal weak boy, he goes to their ship with rope.

When Sam stood on the deck, every pirate member looks at him like they found some treasure.

“He is a perfect cute boy.”

“Auction house will definitely make us rich, after selling him.”

“That girl may die, because our Vice-captain is a beast.”

“Yeah, I heard that.”

“Before my joining, Vice-captain raped 18 girls and they died in the process.”

“Do you want to die? If Vice-captain heard this, he will feed you to the fish.”

Pirates start muttering among themselves. Sam has super hearing, so he easily hear all their chatting.

Robin also climb and stood behind Sam.

Bob ordered one pirate: “Send this boy to slaves room, and I personally take this girl.”

As soon as pirates heard the sentence of Bob, their eyes are filled with pity for Robin.

Bob stretched his hand to caught Robin, but suddenly Sam holds his wrist.

“Boy, do you want to die?”

Bob is already in deep frustration, because of the previous matter with Captain. If this boy didn’t look much worth, he would have already killed him.

Sam didn’t say anything and directly increase the strength of his grip.

Sam really not able to control his strength, and directly crushed Bob wrist into a meat paste.


Pirates were shocked. Even Captain who just want to enjoy a girl, he captured from the previous raided Island.

This is the big sister of the Lolli. She is beautiful, but not as much as that Lolli.

Captain wants to enjoy this girl thoroughly, but the voice from outside just ruined his mood.

Captain comes out of the room, and find that Bob is rolling on the floor, and crying out loud.

“Hey, what happened to his hand?”

Nearby pirates come out from the shock, and pointed towards Sam.

“He crushed Vice-captain’s wrist with his bare hands.”

Captain Wolf looked towards Sam, who looks like an 8-years-old boy.

After thinking for a while, Wolf started to laugh: “Boy, do you want to join my Wolf Pirate Group? I will directly make you my Vice-captain!”

Sam smiled, and make some gestures towards Robin.

Robin easily understand, and she stood nearby Sam, and ready to use her devil fruit.

Sam didn’t answer Wolf question, and directly kick on the head of Bob, who is crying on the deck.

That kick has the strength to destroy the whole boat, so you can imagine what will happen to the head of Bob. It blasted open like a Watermelon.

Sam suddenly has the urge to vomit, after seeing this scene, but his genes start to activate and remove all that type of feeling.

Before anyone comes out from the shock, Sam used his super-speed and punched 4-5 pirates head, and they also open like a Watermelon.

Sam really can’t control his strength. And in current condition, he doesn’t have the courage to test it, because he also has to mind the safety of Robin.

Captain Wolf is the first one who comes out of the shock, and shouted: “Kill him….. Kill this son-of-a-bitch.”

Captain Wolf has around 60 Pirate crew member. In the last raid, 8 members died.

In less than 10 seconds, Sam killed 7 pirates.


Sam body is boiling, and is cells are absorbing sunlight, air at such a speed that Sam can’t imagine.

In less than a minute, more than 40 pirates are killed. Captain Wolf directly turned into wolf and jump.

“Boy, you destroyed my pirate crew, I will make you regret it.”

Before he can attack, some arms come out from his body, and held his neck tightly.

Sam left everyone and directly come in front of the Captain, and punched his heart.

Sam wants to blast his head like others, but Robin’s hands are there, and he is not sure that it will hurt her or not. So, he punched the heart position of Captain Wolf, and his hand directly come out from another direction.

Pirates are already in a very fearful condition. It is also quite normal to fear when you saw more than 40 people head busted like a watermelon.

Without any second thought, all other pirates jump into the sea.

Sam wants to kill everyone, so the news about Robin will not reach anyone, but before he can react, they already jumped into the sea.

Full deck of the ship is filled the brain parts, bones, and headless body.

Robin vomited for more than once.

Sam patted on her head, but found that his hand his full of blood.

All Robin’s hairs are covered with blood.

“You go and take a shower. I think there is one girl in the Captain’s room. I will take care of her, and you take your bath.”

Robin has no time to argue with Sam, because she once again vomit, and after that, she directly fainted.

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