Super Demon ch 11

Chapter 11: Finding a new place to settle.

It’s not that Grap is wrong. One Piece world always works like that.

Here, everyone gave more preference to their Ideals, then their relation.

On earth as well, the government also try to create ethics in such a manner that they work for you, for free. But it didn’t happen, at least till I was there.


Sam and Robin are on the small boat.

Robin looked towards Sam, and asked: “Where we go now? I am a wanted criminal, whole world Navy, government officials, bounty hunter, even some commoner wants to catch me for reward money.”

Robin looked seriously towards Sam, and asked: “Do you really want to take me with you? You know, if you take me, the danger will be everywhere!”

Currently, Sam is the only supporting pillar of Robin, if he didn’t give the proper answer, Robin really doesn’t know what she will do?

Sam just sitting in the boat, and thinking about his next plan.

Its already been a while, when he tested his strength. He checked now, he found that his strength didn’t increase like a normal Kryptonian.

Just when he is thinking about that, Robin asked this question.

Sam smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I don’t fear anything. Opportunity always exists with danger.”

This small sentence filled hope in Robin. Robin knows that this small boy is even willing to endure danger or die, just to stay with her. He didn’t dislike or something. He will not leave her because she is a wanted criminal.

Strength of Navy, and CP organization left a deep mark on her heart.

Suddenly, Sam thought of something, and his eyes started to shine. He looked towards Robin and said: “Robin, we need to increase our strength as soon as possible. Or else, Navy will definitely put us in the jail.”

Robin is still in her joyful dream, when Sam disturbs it.

After hearing Sam’s proposal, Robin starts to think, and asked: “So, what we will do?”

Sam immediately said: “Look at the map, and find a most dangerous forest island. This should be filled with beasts. We will exercise there for a while, when our strength increase, we will hijack some Navy ship, and go to the Forest Island near Amazon Lilly.”

Robin narrows her eyes, and asked: “Why you always want to go to neat Amazon Lilly? Have your relatives live there?”

Sam can’t tell her that Amazon Lilly is the dreamland of man. When he thought about it, his drool starts to leak from his mouth.

Robin is just too intelligent for her age. She exactly doesn’t know the purpose of Sam, but she knew that Sam wants to do some dirty work there.

Robin notes down the name of Amazon Lilly on her mind, and planned to search for the knowledge of that Island, before Sam could go there.

Robin checked the Map, and some of the islands are marked as dangerous.

Sam also looked at the map, but find that he really can’t understand the maps of One Piece, because it has almost no details like current digital maps of Earth.

After thinking a lot, Robin can’t decide, because their strength is really just too low. This map is mostly drawn with the feedback from Navy, Pirates, and bounty hunters.

When Robin can’ decide, she just started crying.

Sam looked towards her in surprise and asked: “Why are you crying?”

Robin said while crying: “I am so useless, you have given me this single work, and I can’t even decide.”

Sam smiled and said: “Foolish girl, you are so beautiful, if you cry on these small-small issues, you will start to have wrinkles, and get old soon. Then who will marry you?”

“Just select the most dangerous place on West Blue. We will try our luck and see, if we could get the tressure or we just die.”

“Dying while the fight is the best thing. Robin, you have seen the worst death already, now bring your courage up, and let’s sail to the world.”

Robin finally remember her whole island burning in front of her, this is really a most painful death, so why not enjoy this life while having a dangerous adventure.

Robin nodded and pointed his hand. “In this direction, after we sail for 30 days, we will reach the most dangerous sea area of West Sea.”

“It is filled with fog, you can’t determine the direction with any equipment or sun. Fog covers around 500 km area in a circle. Our island archaeologist team tried, but every one of the team just vanished and never returns.”

Sam nodded.

Currently, he has most is the time, so he doesn’t worry that he will forever stay in that place. Because his body can absorb anything, he doesn’t need to eat or breathe.

Sam said: “Ok, so we will go the most nearest island of that area. We will refill our boat from there, and then we enter into that foggy area. Are you clear?”

“Robin, one more thing you need to know. I absorb energy from anything, so I don’t need to eat, or breathe. So, it is not a problem for me to survive in the foggy area, so if you feel uncomfortable, we can change the plan accordingly.”

Robin shook her head immediately. “No, we will go there to explore, as a friend, and also as an archaeologist, I want to explore that area.”


After deciding that, Sam starts to row boat, at a very fast speed. Robin already know that stamina of Raj is so monstrous, so she also didn’t stop him from speeding.

Sam found that rowing boat also increases his strength. So, he didn’t stop rowing boat for even a second. In just 2 days regular rowing of a boat, Sam strength directly reached 234.

You can understand what is the meaning of 234 strength level. When Luffy starts his career, his strength is only around 30-40.

[Ok, Ok, don’t argur…. I will explain…. You see the condition of Luffy when he was fighting with Kuro, in Usopp village. Even Kalifa strength level is 630, who knows Navy Six style…. So, According to my guess, Luffy strength level is only 30-40…. but his Saiyan type of physique is totally let him beat the powerful guys.]

Sam is just too happy. With this much strength, at least he can be safe in the West Sea, until he meets some monstrous creature like Garp or Dragon.

Sometimes Robin asked him to take rest, but he told her that he is totally fine.

Currently, he just needs to adjust his strength, and he easily beat 50 million level pirate (without logia devil fruit).

While Sam enjoying his boat rowing, one more day passed.

Robin is just too bored in this small boat. She even has to pee, or bathroom, when Sam turned his face to another side because this small boat doesn’t have a separate bathroom. She didn’t even take a bath, because she can’t enter into the sea, obviously because she is a devil fruit user.

Sam has not eaten a single bite from the start. So, he doesn’t need to go the bathroom.

This is the most shameful time of Robin’s life, especially when she has to see Sam’s grinning face, after he turned around.

In these days, Robin already put Sam into the category of Lolicon.

Suddenly, Robin saw a ship coming towards their direction at a very fast speed.

That ship is just too far, so Robin can’t confirm that they are Navy, Merchant, or Pirates.

Sam also noticed the ship. Sam concentrate his eyes towards the boat, and his DNA once again started to adapt to provide the best condition for Sam.

Sam’s eyes zoomed like binoculars.

Sam saw a Pirate ship, where some guys are having the party on the boat. Some are pointing towards his boat. One of the guys is using binoculars.

“Robin, get ready to start your first fight. These guys are pirates, maybe they have just looted an island nearby, and now wants to catch us as well.”

Robin body shrinks.

“Don’t fear too much, but I really like girls who can fight.” Sam tried to put a smile like Brad Pitt, but this smile on Sam’s face looks like a dangerous uncle trying to trick a little girl.

Robin shrinks more.

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