Super Demon ch 10

Chapter 10: Island for Practice.

“So, if you don’t want to fight your best friend, then my advice has no use for you. Because you are old, and already made up your mind for retirement.”

After saying this, Sam stood up and patted his butt to remove the dust.

“Yeah, but this advice may effective for the younger generation. They will start to change the world. My Era is already over.”

Sam shook his head, and said: “First, Sengoku just recently became the Navy Marshal, so he will definitely not retire for around 20 years. That means, your younger generation which you are talking about will take charges after 20 years. After such a long time, do you really think that anyone advice will work?”

Sam looked towards Garp and asked: “When will you deliver my Devil Fruit?”

Garp is still in a low mood, but still said: “I will send you, as soon as I reach my Village!”

Sam nodded and looked towards Dragon: “When are you going to send me to Practice island nearby Amazon Lilly in the windless belt?”

Dragon thought and said: “We will go tomorrow.”

Suddenly, Garp stood up and held the hands of Sam, and said: “You want to become powerful, right? Just join Navy, and I will personally be your coach and provide you the best supplements and equipment.”

“Sorry, you don’t understand one thing, and I don’t want to follow your mindless brainwashing schedule. And I also don’t like to follow orders.”

“If some Dragons or World Nobles start bickering in front of me, I will just kill them.”

Garp and Dragon forehead is full of sweats.

Sam say these things as normal as a fart. But killing a Dragon is the worst crime, which no-one has done it in 800 years.

“Hey, you don’t want this world to be a happy place for everyone?”

Dragon asked.

Sam smile and said: “When you have wide thinking like me, you will not consider these small things. This is like a ball, and there are countless balls in the universe. There are some creatures so powerful, that they can destroy the whole world just by their breath.”

“So, my plans are just to become the strongest human on this planet first, then I will consider planning to find those other species in the universe.”

Garp and Dragon look towards the sky, and find how small is there thought process are.

“Are there really these type of things?”

Garp subconsciously asked.

Sam nodded and said: “I found a video in the historical site. It is the video which gave some explanation about the universe. The guy who made the video, himself come from a different planet. He also explained that when the strength of the creature of this planet will increase up to 20 lakh, they are qualified to travel the universe.”

Garp subconsciously grip his fist.

Sam looked towards Garp and shook his head: “Don’t worry Mr. Garp, you are not qualified. Your current strength is 9 lakh, and you are starting to get old, so till you don’t find a Devil Fruit, which makes you young again, you are not even in a competition.”

Garp really wants to explore the world. He just got bored from this world. He saw almost everything, and he can fight almost everyone, other than 5 elders. Garp just loses the aim for his life, but suddenly he thought that there are so many strong guys in the universe who can destroy a planet just with the breath. It is just too exciting for Garp.

Sam looked seriously at Garp and said: “Never mention these things to others. I told you because I like your attitude, but it doesn’t mean that I will tolerate someone digging my grave behind my back.”

Garp face also turned serious.

Suddenly Garp remember something, and said: “Hey boy, where is your family?”

“I am alone. Everyone is dead.” Sam informed without any sadness.

“Boy, starting today, you are my grandson, just like Luffy.”

Dragon patted his head.

“What? I don’t want to be someone grandson!!”

But Grap ignores the words of Sam like it was nothing.

“Old Man, I asked you a question, if you answered correctly, I will agree to be your grandson.”

This time Garp didn’t ignore Sam at all.

“If the whole world stood against me, even the Navy, can you stand with me?”

“Think carefully before you answer, because I can also feel when you are lying or telling the truth.”

Garp thought for a while, but before he can answer, Sam shook his head in disappointment.

“You are not worthy to be my Grandfather! You hesitated for a while, you even need to think so much!”

Garp face really has some shame, but he suddenly said: “But I will stand with you, even if the whole world stands against you.”

“Mr. Garp, you are telling lie.”

“Forget it, just remember to pay your due Devil Fruit.”

“No, I am saying the truth.”

Grap’s eyes became serious.

“Mr. Garp, you have fostered Roger’s son just like me. You also call him a grandson. In future, when Navy catches Ace and Whitebeard without care of his life, come to rescue him, You let Ace die in front of you.”

This is the future, if everything happens normally. Maybe some will change because I told you the future.


“Mr. Garp, I really like your character, but don’t know why I started to disgust your behavior.”

“Bye, Mr. Dragon, Mr. Garp, from now on, we don’t owe each other.”

“Never try to meet me again in the future, or I will erase everything which disgusts me. Good Bye.”

“Robin, you want to stay here, or want to go with me?” Sam looked towards Robin.

Robin didn’t even look towards them, and start moving with Sam.

Full face of Dragon, and Garp turn purple, because no-one knows the existence of Ace. This boy not only know the existence of Ace, he even knows what will happen in the future.

They don’t doubt a single word of Sam.


Sam has not collected food, because he thought that Dragon will send him out.

But when Grap proposes him to be his Grandson, Sam suddenly remembers the condition of Ace in Battle of Marineford where Ace and Whitebeard died, and Grap just sits and cry like a weak woman.

His behavior just started to disgust Sam. After that, he just doesn’t want to take any help from him, or his son.

So, he now has to collect food supply, and water supply. Maybe he doesn’t need much, because he can just take enough energy through absorption.

Sam already brought a Mask and Huddy, so she can easily also travel markets.

In just 1 hour, Sam and Robin collected all the things necessary. They also bought a Map.

Robin sits on the ship, and Sam started rowing.


“Dad, if I got caught by Navy someday, will you stand with me or the Navy?”

Don’t know why Dragon asked this question, but he also wants to know the answer.

Garp loved Navy just too much, and he never thought about these conditions, but now someone asked him these questions.

Garp is still thinking. Dragon smiles a little, and put his son in the hands of Garp, and said: “Don’t think too much dad, I already know the answer.”

After saying this, Dragon turns into the wind and disappear. From this moment, there a gap between Dragon and Garp is created.

Garp suddenly became 10 years older. He knows that he should answer this question that I will stand by your side, but he just can’t, because he is a Navy.

He saved countless citizens, but today he lost his precious son trust as well.

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