Super Demon ch 1

Chapter 1: Krypton Hope

After waking up, Sam found himself in the spaceship. In a surprise, he tried to touch the glass screen in front of him.

But he found that his hands can’t reach it. When he looked at his hand, he found that these are the hands of a baby.

Sam thought that it is a weird dream, but after 30 minutes, a alarm starts to sound in the space ship. Sam got shocked because in dream, mostly you will never hear a sound, or you never able to consider that this is a dream.

Suddenly a different type of gas starts to leak into the baby chamber, and it make Sam directly sleep.


After around a year.

Ship starts to make alarm sound again to wake up the baby.

Sam starts to wake up, and still found himself in the space ship. In panic, he tried to make sound to call someone, but suddenly some memories starts to enter into his brain.

It’s like a different language movie, but you can still understand everything.

[Ting! It looks like our final hope is still alive. Project-1810001, you finally about to land on the planet. We will provide you some information about your mission.]

[We are the resistance force of Krypton, we know that planet is gonna die. We created you with the best genes of Krypton. We don’t know that the planet on which you land, will have yellow sun or not. So, we adjusted your DNA to such a condition that you can survive in any condition possible. But we can’t gurantee it, so Hope that you can survive.]

[When you land on the planet, maybe at that time Our Home Krypton will be fully destroyed, or captured by Saiyans.]

[So, after you land, try to increase your power as much as possible. And your only mission is to have as much as babies you can. I know you will not understand this message now, but you will atleast remember it.]

[You are the last hope of Krypton]


“Fuck! What the hell?”

“Am I crossed into DC world? Now you are kidding me? Only watching a movie can let you cross the world.”

“Atleast I have good genes. But from the words of that guy, I am definitely not Superman. And I am definitely going to some fucking planet, where they don’t even know.”

“Wait…Wait, he said Saiyans destroyed their planet, fuck!”

“Which messed-up world I entered. Here are Saiyans, Kryptonians. Is it the mixer of Dragon Ball and DC world?”

Sam really wants to kill someone right now.

DC world is already very dangerous, which has Doomsday, Zod, almost all villains who can almost destroy the planet, but now it mixed with Dragon Ball, where a normal earthling can destroy moon when he has only 80 strength. What will happen when they have the strength of Frieza, Buu or destruction God Beerus.


Suddenly Space ship starts to enter into the plant area.

Sam tried to look at the planet and found that the whole planet is almost covered with water.

Sam take a breath.

He thought that at least this planet has water.

“Wait, if it has so much water, where the hell Am I gonna land?”

Speed of the space ship is so fast that within 15 second, ship is about to land.

Sam looked around to find nearby Island, so atleast he can go there.

From the height of 10000 feet, it is easy to find the nearby Island. Sam also looked and calculated that going to nearby Island is very tough.

Most nearby Island is at least 100km from the landing point.

Sam almost starts to lose hope.



Ship finally landed in the sea.

Speed is so fast that it almost create the effect when Meteroite falls, but the quality of ship is just too good.

After entering into the sea, around 30 minutes later, it starts to float.

Because Krypton scientist know the behavior of ordinary people of other planets, they created a hand band, which directly retracts the spaceship into the band.


Space ship retracts into his hand band, and Sam body touched water.

It’s like a hungry body found the food, his body starts to convert water into energy and then it enters into his body as supplement.

Sam feels like he has not eaten for years.

Even air, heat, sunlight, water, everything around him, was absorbed by his body.

After around 1 hour, this process slows down.

Sam also got freaked out by that process, he can’t even move when his body madly absorbing everything.

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