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Strongest Naruto System ch 46

Chapter 46: The door is shackled

When he came back to home, he wanted to take out the key and open the door. But he saw that his doorknob had fallen.

And the trace of house break seems to real.

The door is open.

Naruto is dumbfounded.

Has someone enter his home without permission?

Impossible, the original story does not have this thing.

And the way the handle is cut off is too clever.

With all sorts of doubts, Naruto walked in, and the door was open and there was no need to push it.

As soon as he entered the house, he found a little girl. It is really a little girl, she is less than 8 years old.

She is wearing a judo suit, her look is a bit serious, and the expression is not like the expression that a little girl should have.

Naruto looked at the girl and couldn’t help but ask,

“Little sister, Why are you here?”

Hearing the voice of Naruto, girl turned around and looked at Naruto. She glared at him, and walked over with impetuousness. She said,

“You are Naruto, right? Say, what did you do to my sister?”

Naruto got surprised. He involuntarily asked,

“Who is your sister?”

Little girl pointed her upwards like a proud peacock.

“I am a younger sister of Hinata.”

Naruto searched his memory for a moment and found that there was no sister of Hinata in the plot.

What happened, is the plot wrong?

He shake his head and abandoning this ridiculous thought. Naruto is very interested in her, he bend over and watching the little girl say

“Little sister, tell big brother, are you lost? or have you got confused?”

Hearing this, little girl’s expression turn ugly, she is in full of anger, and her both hands slammed onto the waist and yelled at Naruto.

“Don’t call me little sister, my name is Hanabi Hyuga, and I don’t get lost.”

Hearing this name, Naruto thought about it. The animation of the past life seems to have this familiar name girl. Where did you hear it? Maybe she really is the younger sister of Hinata?

Naruto looked at the girl named Hanabi, and he found out that her eyes are also white. There was no doubt about it.

Since it is Hinata’s younger sister, how can she come here, and I haven’t seen Hinata for a while.

He look around for a while, he found that there was no sound of Hinata. Naruto looked at Hanabi and asked,

“Little sister, your sister….”

Hanabi shouted with anger.

“My sister was locked up by my father.”

Naruto was shocked and couldn’t help but ask


Hanabi looked at Naruto, angrily said,

“It is because of you, my sister came home and said that she wants to marry you. Then, when my father got angry, he shut the sister in her room directly. Tell me, what kind of ecstasy soup did you put on my sister’s drink?”

Hanabi is very angry now, especially after seeing the original gentle face of his father is in anger, and hearing his sister say that she wants to get marry. She put all the blame on Naruto’s head.

So she decided to come to see where this Naruto is, how can he make her father so angry.

She didn’t think that when she met, she was treated like a child. This immediately made her anger more rushed up.

She decided to give a good lesson to this unsightly guy.

When Naruto listened to Hanabi explaination, he showed a smile on his face. He did not expect that Hinata to really told his father about it.

Looking at Hanabi, Naruto turned to think about it, and there was something wrong with it. Why wasn’t the father of the child come to beat, but send this little girl to complain.

The more he think the more Naruto got confused. He said: “Little sister, is the door of my house smashed by you.”

Hanabi said in arrogant tone.

“What, you just got scared by my powers? It’s just a door, now I will break your bones.”

Naruto’s mouth twitched and his door was smashed, which really made people angry.

Looking at Hanabi, Naruto looked cold, and said,

“Little sister, did your parents have not taught you that you have to compensate if you break someones door?”

Hanabi glanced at Naruto, her hands clasped his chest. And with arrogant expression, she said,

“If you can beat me, I will compensate you as much as you want.”

Naruto got stunned. He really want to get compensation but he can’t beat a little girl for that.

He shake his head, looking at Hanabi, he said with a serious expression,

“No, little sister, fighting is not a joke.”

Hanabi anger fire almost jumped up.

“Don’t call me a little sister.”

“I am not small.”

Naruto looked at her seriously, look at her from top to bottom, he shook his head, and said with a strong heart,

“No, you are really small.”

The two small fists were clenched, and Hanabi eyes flashed fiercely. And she attack on Naruto.

Obviously this palm carries a few traces of chakra.

Naruto looked condensate, he retreated 5 meters away.

The palm of Hanabi is in the air, and Chakra wiped the tip of Naruto’s nose.

The nose turned sour, Naruto couldn’t help but licked, and suddenly felt a sore feeling in the nose.

Looking at Naruto’s nose, Hanabi sneer and said,

“I can interrupt your nose just by applying a little more force.”

Naruto was shocked and looked at Hanabi eyes. He remembered Hyuga family unique fighting style.

That is indeed the work of hurting the inside body without hurting the outside body.

Thinking of this, Naruto suddenly got angry. His house was smashed, and his nose is also almost broke.

This is really annoying.

Naruto looked at Hanabi, his face condensed, and his voice turn cold,

“Little sister, it doesn’t matter if you smashed my door. Now just tell me, What are you doing here?”

Hanabi screamed coldly, she raising his hand against Naruto. It’s a slap in the face.

Naruto grind his teeth. This is just like the case where tiger does not show his teeth then everyone take him as a sick cat.

Of course, Naruto is unlikely to make a big move or else his own home would be destroyed.

In order to ensure the safety of his own, Naruto controlled chakra to the extreme, and flashed out to the door.

Looking at Naruto, Hanabi sneered and said coldly,

“Naruto, You are a coward.”

Naruto looked back at her and revealed a bad smile.

“Little sister, this kind of word should not be said, children should learn to be civilized, do you know?”

His words completely irritate Hanabi, and at the same time of anger, her little cheeks turned a little red, she raise her hands and condense Chakra, rushed directly to Naruto.

Naruto sneaked at her and jumped to the roof of the front floor.

Hanabi didn’t want to let Naruto go, but now she just wants to teach the bad guys who are full of “little sisters.”

So she also jumped over.

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