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Strongest Naruto System ch 38

Chapter 38: We are still small

Naruto did not hesitate to aim at the trees in front, and a fireball sprayed out.

A large fireball with a diameter of 1.5 meters flies out from his mouth. There is also a red chakra on the fireball.

The big fireball was spinning fast, and it slammed into the big tree in front.

“Boom”, this big tree was actually broken by the fireball, and the momentum of the fireball did not decrease, and continued to hit the front.

After breaking three trees in a row, it stopped and turned a little spark.

Naruto is completely stunned for a while. He just didn’t use the full strength, but he didn’t think it was just like a real ninja power.

Just because of the move just now, even if real ninja is standing in front of him, I believe he also has to use lot of efforts to stop this attack.

The chakra is recovered, and the three tails of Naruto disappeared.

The red chakra in the body turned blue again in a flash.

There is a feeling of exhaustion in the whole body, although it is not very strong, but Naruto can guarantee that if he persists for 10 minutes, he will definitely be squandered.

Naruto raised his hand in exhaustion and clicked on the vip1 lottery gift box.

Various prizes flashed, and eventually there was a chakra refining Dan.

After a few seconds of squatting, he looked at the medicinal drug carefully and found that it was indeed one, not ten.

This is what he understands, this thing is just a gambling luck, and the first two times to get so many good things may be the reason for luck.

In desperation, Naruto had to shut down the system.

Turning his head and jumping up against the tree, he didn’t look at the trees behind him, and ran straight in the direction of his home.

Now he is very tired, especially the heart, being too tired by this system.

Just want to sleep well.

Stepping on the roof, the body jumped several times.

Naruto found that his jumping distance and height were much higher than before.

Presumably this is also the reason for becoming a Genin, but this should not reach the limit, because he is not familiar with the application of this thick chakra.

The familiar method is of course, the system.

As for himself, he went home to sleep and opened the hook, and now there is still half an hour from double times. The practice of chakra can achieve twice the result with half of the effort.

Going back to the hut, Naruto opened the door.

He didn’t look around, just take the jacket down, open the hang-up practice, and click on the option to practice Chakra.

Going to bed directly and sleeping.

“Knock, Knock.”

when Naruto slept for less than two hours, a knock on the door sounded.

He impatiently turned over, regardless of the knock on the door, continue to sleep.

“Knock, Knock.”

the knocking on the door continued to ring.

The people outside the door didn’t seem to have left a little. The Naruto was really impatient. He had to put on his shoes and walked over.

Open the door, touch his head, and with a pair of sleepy eyes said.

“Who is it?”

“Naruto, you are fine?”

The small voice of Hinata sounded.

When he saw Hinata, Naruto smiled and said.

“I am fine, I have not seen you recently.”

Hinata looked and Naruto with her white eyes, especially when she looked at the body where Naruto only wore a piece of underwear. For a moment, Hinata face has blush, and she lowered his head and did not speak.

Naruto looked at the small red face of Hinata, and couldn’t help but ask: “Sister Hinata, what’s wrong, have you got fever?”

Naruto stretched out a hand and stroked the forehead of Hinata.

When the hand touched the forehead of Hinata, the face of Hinata is like a cooked, and she fainted.

Naruto was shocked and hurriedly hugged her.

Looking at the condition of Hinata, Naruto has a headache.

He didn’t think that just a slight touch would make Hinata faint.

Since it is outside the house, in order to avoid being detected by others and have a misunderstanding.

Naruto directly extended his hands and hugged Hinata.

While holding the side and walking inside the house, he still didn’t close the door.

Naruto holding the Hinata and looked around, he found that there was no place to put her. In desperation, he had to think about the bed and walked over.

Put the Hinata gently down.

Did not think of this one toss, Hinata actually woke up slightly.

The white eyes looked at Naruto with a glimpse.

Naruto smiled and said,

“Hinata, Are you fine now??”

Hinata nodded in conditional reflection, and reached out and found that she is lying in bed, and it was in the bed of Naruto.

That little face, once again turn rosy again.

Red just about to bleed.

Naruto looked at the cute red face of Hinata and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t worry, I won’t treat you like that.”

Hinata shook her face blushingly, holding his sheets with his hands, and she didn’t dare to look Naruto and start speaking in a whisper: “I believe in you.”

Naruto didn’t think that Hinata will say this. Naruto couldn’t help but tease her, and put on a look of fascination.

“In fact, just now, I just want to distract your attention, you are so cute, how can I let you go?”

Hinata stayed, and looked up at Naruto with a dull expression on his face, her body shrinking and shrinking. The white eyes squinted and looked at Naruto and said:

“Naruto Kun, don’t make a joke.”

Naruto said with a serious expression,

“I didn’t make a joke, I mean.”

Naruto said and he climbed into the bed and he look at the eyes of Hinata.

Hinata seemed a little flustered, and the two pairs of white and tender hands all showed a slight sweat, and they were a little overwhelmed.

After a while, look at the left side and look at the right side. She didn’t dare to look at Naruto’s eyes.

Naruto’s heart is full of joy, did not think that Hinata is so funny.

He couldn’t help but grabbed the hands of Hinata and looking at her with tender eyes.

Hinata’s hand was caught in a panic, and the little face was full of misunderstandings. She hurriedly try to broke free, but unfortunately she could not.

Naruto looked at Hinata with his eyes, was very emotional and said

“Hinata, you should know, I’ve been in love with you, and rest assured, as long as you marry me, I’ll treat you right.”

Hinata small mouth slightly have an unbelievable expression and looked at Naruto with surprise to say

“Marry, Naruto Kun wants to marry me?”

Naruto nodded seriously.

“Reassure, I will never let anyone bully you.”

Hearing this, Hinata’s heart was filled with sweetness. The feeling is sweet like honey.

But when she thought about getting married, it seemed a bit flustered. She got overwhelmed and said,

“But, we are still so small, I don’t know if my father will promise.”

Naruto grinned, obviously this sentence explained, Hinata did not refuse, and did not expect that Hinata’s feelings for him were so deep, though not him.

He is just a person who possesses Naruto’s body.

But what about it?

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