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Strongest Naruto System ch 20

Chapter 20: Pain of Iruka!

Naruto looked at the sound of Iruka’s heart breaking sound, and smiled slightly.

“Iruka sensei, you won’t want to go back on your words?”

Iruka barely squeezed a smile and shook his head.

Iruka: “How come, I am not so cheap.”

Naruto nodded a bit, and a beckoned out,

“Mam, add two more.”

Iruka was shocked, pulling the hand of Naruto with the bitter face said.

“Naruto, you let the teacher go today, I don’t have that much money on my body.”

Naruto smiled and said.

“That can be, but this time I will write it down for you, next time, we will manage.”

Iruka face changed.

Iruka: “Is there still next time?”

Naruto took it for granted.

Naruto: “Yeah, teacher, you can’t really reluctantly.”

Iruka’s mouth twitched, did not speak. His heart is bleeding.

Naruto sees Iruka is not talking, revealing a pitiful look and saying,

“Teacher, do you really want your so cute student to be hungry?”

Iruka changed his face and said.

“You can rest assured, as long as you have nothing to eat or you are hungry, just let me know.”

Naruto mouth curved with a very happy smile and said/

“Ok, I will go to other place in tommarow’s lunch time.”

Iruka feels that today is a pit, and there is a next meal. He can imagine that after some time he will be just like Naruto, a poor ghost.

Soon the barbecue came up.

Looking at the fragrant barbecue, Iruka’s heart was bleeding.

However, Naruto is very satisfied with it’s taste.

Because the meat entrance is instant, the delicious beef is chewed down, and there is a delicate and smooth feeling, which is very delicious.

It is worthy of the finest beef.

Sakura is eating without a bite, and her eyes have not left Naruto for a second, and the eyes are sprayed with fire. She only think that these barbecues are Naruto.

Forced biting.

Seeing the look of Sakura, Naruto couldn’t help but tease her.

“That piece is mine.”

Sakura disdainfully smile and say.

“What’s the matter?”

After finish saying she directly eat the piece, the mouthful of chewing and she is very proud, as if to want to rely on this to vent her anger.

Of course, Naruto could not be angry, and a faint smile looked at her and said.

“I just wanted to tell you that your piece was half eaten by me.”

Sakura’s expression changed, she try to vomit immediately. It’s a pity that piece of meat has been swallowed up. How could it be vomited? It’s just that her little face is red and retching.

Naruto looked at her and he smiled.

Naruto: “Do not worry, I just lied to you.”

Sakura was once again got angry and screamed at Naruto.

Sakura: “That’s enough, I will break your every bone today.”

Naruto smiled, picked up a meat stuffing import, and chewed and said

“Is it?”

Sakura’s fire is getting bigger and bigger, and the fists held in both hands are shaking, and the fists will be rushed to the Naruto.

Unfortunately fist half way was stopped by Iruka. Iruka coughed and with embarrassed expression said.

“Sakura, Naruto is just joking, you do not have to really fight him.”

Sakura in anger thought that Iruka sensei is also helping him, and sat down with a sigh of relief.

This time, she dare not eat meat, but use her eyes to kill Naruto.
(she thought she have Rinnegan)

Of course, this kind of game is just a kind of enjoyment for Naruto, and he also deliberately picking up a piece of meat. In the presence of Sakura’s lips a few times and then swallowed it.

Sakura looked at his expression, and almost vomited blood.

And still can not be shot, she can only vomit blood in the heart.

Iruka looked at the two people’s feelings, could not help but think that these two people are really like a family. Naruto is like a naughty monkey and Sakura is like a fierce tiger.

Isn’t he afraid that Sakura really beat him?

Of course, Iruka does not know that Naruto now has a strong ninjutsu. How can he be afraid of Sakura? He is just not willing to show it in front of others because the fire attack is too strong, and he is afraid that he injured a innocent bystander.

This meal ended in around half an hour.

Sakura is the first to return home, and Iruka is forced to pay by the boss who is full of fat face. With pair of painful expressions pull out the wallet from his arms and dump all the money, and give it to the fat hand of the fat boss.

The fat boss said.

“It’s still a little less.”

Iruka looked at his empty purse, revealing a smile on his face.

Turning his head and glanced at Naruto, Naruto did not have a sympathy with a toothpick to pick up the teeth and bypassed him and went out.

At this time, Iruka felt like crying.

There is no way, only with a bitter face to the boss to ask for help, indicating that he will also bring the money back. The boss have a suspicious face. Of course, he left a swearing message and told the Hokage sama if he didn’t pay the bill.

Iruka has lost his head. He is still going to find a friend to borrow money now.

At this time, Naruto had already gone home to sleep, and when he ate, he slept, and it was always his dream.

He is fighting with Sasuke in his dream.

Sasuke is more agile than him, in order to catch up with Sasuke, Naruto is going to speed up the use of Chakra.

When the sun came out from the window, Naruto climbed up and stretched up, and looked at the empty room. He was sleepy and stayed for a while, then he dressed, washed his face, and walked in the direction of the school.

Going halfway, he saw Iruka.

Iruka’s eyes were a little bloodshot, and he must have been feared by Naruto yesterday.

Naruto squeezed a smile and walked over.

Iruka: “Naruto, today is the day of the ninja test, and how is your preparation.”

Naruto turned his head and looked at Iruka, no words. How can he be afraid of this thing when he is skilled in Chakra now?

Iruka did not worry about anything. After all, he saw that Naruto used shadow clone jutsu yesterday, and he could definitely pass the exam.

Just looking at Naruto’s lazy look. His look is just like that Naruto didn’t want to be a ninja. He didn’t think that Naruto will be so lazy face on the event of ninja test.

Of course, Naruto doesn’t look down on the ninja job. He just ate too much yesterday and didn’t sleep enough.

And it is so early to come to school, this is enough for him to be tired. In the past, he has not been in school for a few years, and he is really a lazy guy to wake up early.

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