Chapter 20: Outbreak or Strength?

After bidding farewell to a few people, Raavan directly increased the gravity of his clothes 25 times.

“The Saiyan’s body is good, so many times the gravity, you can adapt if you practice.”

Although the body feels heavier and the speed of movement is much slower, overall, 25 times the gravity feels just right for Raavan.

Of course, Raavan also knows that this is the blessing of the Saiyan’s body. Saiyans are originally a nation that is strong when it comes to strength.

If it were Raavan’s body, let alone 25 times the gravity, even if it was 2.5 times the gravity, it would be impossible for Raavan to adapt to it in his lifetime. After all, how bad his body is, only he is the most clear.

And this Saiyan’s body, when faced with twenty times the gravity, just after a battle, it can successfully adapt, and it can directly increase the gravity 25 times.

Of course, this is mainly because Raavan used 30 times the gravity on the gravity platform before. Although the gravity caused a lot of damage to his body, after being cured by regeneration ability, it was also affected by the 30 times the gravity. With such an understanding, there is a concept.

Therefore, it will adapt to 20 times the gravity so quickly. If it is 30 times the gravity, it will not be able to adapt to a battle. Because of the 30 times the gravity, Raavan still has no way to withstand it, let alone fight. Even moving is difficult.

And for the current Raavan, 25x times the gravity is just right, not too high or too low.

Feeling the gravity on his body, Raavan adjusted for a while and walked in the opposite direction to Rego and the others.

If Rego and the others or Saudi are here at this time, you should be able to see that Raavan’s footsteps at this time are a bit heavy, and they are really step by step printed on the ground.

Because he hasn’t adapted to the sudden increase in gravity, Raavan hasn’t been able to control his strength well, which will cause the footprints to be pressed out on the ground because of the weight.

“Moxi, are you still thinking about that kid just now?”

Along the way, Huck kept bragging about how well he could play, but no one in this team knew his abilities, so no one listened to him. If he talked too much, he shut up boringly.

Seeing what Moxi was still thinking about at this time, he walked over.

“Hey, what do you think is good about that kid, it’s just a low-level warrior, if it wasn’t for Saudi just now, I would have killed that kid.”

Huck still felt a little upset now, that kid turned out to look down on their team. He turned out to be rejected by a low-level fighter, which was unbearable.

“Kill him? Who kills who is not necessarily?”

Moxi did not speak, but the one next to him spoke to Rego first.

Although he was also very upset, but carefully weighed it, if he really started fighting, he really was not sure to take down the low-level fighter.

“What’s wrong, my Huck is also an intermediate fighter, how could I be killed by a low-level fighter?”

I don’t know the strength, but Huck is not convinced. The opponent is not here anyway, there is no way to make the two fight, he can say whatever he likes.

“Can you smash a behemoth into four pieces with one punch? Can you smash Gazetooth with one punch?”

This time he changed his speech to Keith. Although he didn’t speak much, he pointed to the center every time he spoke.


Although Huck likes to blow, there is really no way to blow, because he really can’t do it. What if he blows up and blows himself up?

“That guy’s speed and strength seemed to explode in an instant. Didn’t you see? His previous battles were very difficult. It didn’t seem to be pretending at all, but suddenly he was relieved and he suddenly gained confidence.”

Finally, Moxi also spoke. She didn’t argue with others, but said her own point of view.

Although she was very dismissive of Raavan’s low-level fighters who actually came to the North Forest before, she still saw Raavan’s battle, after all, he persisted for so long.

So when she finally broke out, she also clearly saw the change in Raavan’s expression.

“That should be a fight back to the death. After all, we Saiyans are a nation race that is strong when it comes to strength. That kid’s combat effectiveness is almost the same as that of the Wangtooth behemoth, so it is understandable that a powerful force burst out suddenly at a dangerous moment.

Rego thought about it for a while, and it was indeed what Moxi said. At that time, he was betting with Huck, and he saw it more clearly than Moxi.

Raavan at that time, indeed, as Moxi said, suddenly broke out, and instantly became very confident.

“Yes, yes, it must be like this, otherwise, how could a low-level warrior burst out with more power than a mid-level warrior? Next time he encounters the behemoth behemoth, he won’t be so lucky.”

These words are in Huck’s heart, otherwise I feel that I have been overwhelmed by a low-level fighter, and I always feel that it is not a good thing.

“No, he broke out suddenly after showing a confident expression.”

Moxi interrupted Huck directly, and then continued.

“If it breaks out suddenly, you may smile confidently, but he have already seen the results, but that guy suddenly became very confident, as if he knew he was about to explode, and he rushed directly without hesitation.”

After listening to Moxi’s analysis, everyone thought about it carefully, and it was really like this.

In this way, Raavan should know that his strength will explode… Maybe it is not an explosion, but his true strength. He took out his true strength, and easily killed the Wangtooth behemoth.

But this couldn’t explain his blank expression afterwards.

With a blank face, watching his hands stay in place, these are what they saw. Why? Don’t you want to be responsible? The problem is that no one wants him to be responsible for this matter.

Regarding this question, Moxi also shook her head, this is what she most puzzled.

“What a funny guy.”

Moxi smiled and stopped arguing on this issue. After all, no matter how much discussion he discussed, there would be no result.

Now suddenly there was a low-level fighter who was stronger than herself. As a high-level fighter, she was also under pressure. It seemed that she had to increase her cultivation intensity.


Of course, Huck is the most angry. He was just looked down on by a low-level fighter, and now he is looked down on by his little friend.

The more I thought about it, the more angry, and when I saw a stone on the ground, I kicked it out fiercely.


There was a roar in the distance, and the eyes of his companion that would eat him!

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