Chapter 19:

After listening to Saudi, Raavan also nodded. This is the planet Vegeta. There are many places that are different from the earth. If there are powerful beasts or something, Raavan still believes it.

“Well, really don’t go deep in the forest. Recently, there seems to be something abnormal in the deep forest.”

It was Moxi who spoke this time, and when she said this, her face was also a little solemn.

As a Saiyan, although claiming to be a fighting nation, not every Saiyan is invincible in the world, so they will still be afraid of existences that are stronger than themselves.

And in the “North Forest”, there are some powerful beasts. Although these beasts are not as good as the Saiyans, they are often encountered in groups and meet alone. Even the Saiyans can only temporarily avoid the limelight.

“what’s the situation?”

During this period of time, Saudi has been obsessed with the gravity platform and cannot extricate itself, so he is not quite clear about what happened in the Northern Forest.

“We heard before that there were hordes of powerful beasts leaving the forest.”

Rego also took the conversation and said, as they practiced in this northern forest all year round, naturally they knew the news here more clearly.

In this way, danger can be prevented in advance. If something is serious, you can only leave the North Forest first.

Although a few of them are mid-level fighters, they are only in the mid-stream position, so they can’t participate in many things.

“Yes, and the four of them died.”

This time it was Huck, the dwarf Saiyan who was speaking, and he should have been wrong with the few Saiyans.

Saiyans who practice in this northern forest usually consist of a combination of four or five people. This also has mutual support. Whether it is encountering powerful beasts or other Saiyans, they can also help each other.


Raavan didn’t know, but Saudi knew that Nagna’s combination was more powerful than Rego, because the leader of the Nagna was already close to a senior fighter.

I didn’t expect it to be dead. Could there be any powerful beasts in this northern forest?

“Well, it’s dead, but I don’t know what he encountered inside, so we have been outside the forest recently and didn’t dare to go in.

Rego said that the pressure on them was not small, and they were worried about any trouble.

Although the Saiyans are militant, they are all similar in strength. Now that there is an existence that can seconds them, they naturally hide as far as possible.

It’s not too late to challenge after your own strength has improved.

Saiyans are just warlike, but they are not fools. Naturally they know danger and know what tolerance is.

“Raavan, why don’t you stay with Rego and the others? It will be safer to be with them. They didn’t make any shots before because they didn’t know you before. Now that they know you, they can be combined.”

Saudi is also worried about Raavan… well, he is worried that if something happens to Raavan, he will not have the priority to use the gravity platform in the future.

“Rego, what do you think? Although this kid is a low-level fighter, his strength is very strong. Even the middle-level fighters have been defeated, and you also saw him blow the Wangtooth behemoth with a punch. This is what you told Mine, let him team up with you, it should not be a loss, you won’t refuse, will you?”

Saudi believes that no matter how powerful Raavan is, he is also a low-level fighter. If a person encounters a more powerful beast, he will be unable to resist it, so he will definitely choose to team up with Rego.

So after talking to Raavan, he looked at Rego and wanted them to take care of Raavan.

“No, I still like to be alone, and I don’t have enough combat experience, and I may be dragged down.”

Just when Rego was about to agree, Raavan spoke up.

Originally, he wanted to come to the North Forest to practice, and if he was with others, he would definitely get in some way.

And he now has a secret in him, which he couldn’t tell at a moment, but as the days are longer, he will definitely be exposed.

If his strength suddenly skyrocketed, or if he suddenly increased at a relatively slow rate, it would be fine once or twice, but if the number of times increases, it will inevitably be suspected.

Now Raavan’s strength is not enough, he still understands the truth of guilt, so now he needs a person to mix in this northern forest.

“Since Raavan wants to be alone, then we won’t force it.”

Originally wanted to agree, but when Raavan said that, Rego also said in annoyance. Originally, Saiyans were very arrogant, and Rego was an intermediate fighter, and Raavan was just a low-level fighter.

Even if the strength is comparable to the mid-level fighters, or even stronger than himself, but they have four mid-level fighters here, so if they really want to fight, they are worthwhile.

So now let a low-level fighter refuse to face him, he is also very upset, because there is no good breath.

And Huck on the side was also full of anger. If he couldn’t beat others, he would just do it directly. When did the low-level fighters become so arrogant and look down on the intermediate fighters and don’t want to team up with the intermediate fighters.

Only Keith and Moxi didn’t say much, just watched quietly from the side, although they also felt that this low-level warrior was a bit arrogant.

“This… well, since you want to practice alone, go by yourself.”

Saudi also didn’t expect Raavan to say that, but thinking about what happened to Rego, he was also relieved, replaced by himself, if the other party bet on how he would die when he was in danger.

There will also be a knot in my heart, let alone cooperation in the future, it is not bad to not directly do it.

“Hmph, I would like to remind you one last sentence. It’s not just fierce beasts, but also many intermediate fighters. Some of them are not as kind as we are.”

Huck knew that he couldn’t beat Raavan, so he could only make a verbal threat.

Of course, this threat was of no use to Raavan.

“Okay, Huck, don’t say more, let’s go, you should also practice hard, otherwise your strength will really drag the team.”

Rego held the angry dwarf, turned and left.

“What are you talking about? What happened to my strength?”

Hearing Rego’s words, Huck became even more angry, and went all the way to question, but for his words, no one else paid any attention.

Seeing the four who had already left, Saudi also shook his head, and after a few words with Raavan, he also left the northern forest.

“25x times gravity…”

Seeing everyone leaving, Raavan’s mouth curled up, and then a thought flashed through his mind, and his body was also heavier a lot!

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