Chapter 18: is not very powerful

Raavan also knew what Saudi meant, and he nodded to the Saiyan who was headed. Although he didn’t mean to make friends, after all, this group of guys just stood by and made a bet, and watching.

He is very vengeful.

He doesn’t want anyone to save himself, but they bet in front of him how many pieces he will be torn into pieces by the behemoth, which makes Raavan very unhappy.

“This is Huck, Keith, and Moxi.”

These three were the little Saiyan, the silent young man, and the woman’s name.

“This is Raavan.”

After Saudi introduced the other four people, it also introduced Raavan to them.

When they heard this name, they were also stunned. The name didn’t resemble the name of a Saiyan, but they only looked at their strength. As for the name, there was nothing wrong with calling Raavan.

In this way, a few people are considered to know each other.

“Um… I want to ask, are you really a low-level fighter?”

After hesitating for a while, Rego still asked. The shock of killing the Wangfang behemoth with just one punch was still great.


After hesitating, Raavan nodded.

In fact, he didn’t know exactly what happened just now. He just felt that his whole body was exhausted, and he rushed towards the right arm in an instant, and punched out the two ends directly. The beast solved it with a punch.

Hearing Raavan’s admission, not only the four, but also Saudi next to him was shocked. Did Raavan really blow out the Behemoth with a punch just now?

But when he think about it, I’m relieved that when Raavan was on the gravity platform before, he could easily defeat the intermediate fighter. Now thinking about it, his strength should be stronger, even better than any intermediate fighter here.

Saudi believes that it can easily kill the Wangfang behemoth, but he directly blasted the Wangfang into slag and beat the behemoth into four pieces. He couldn’t do it. There are only advanced fighters or those close to advanced warrior guy can do it.

In other words, Raavan’s current punch is already comparable to advanced fighters?

Although he saw it with his own eyes, Rego and others still didn’t quite believe that the power of a low-level fighter unexpectedly surpassed them and reached the level of a high-level fighter. How could this make them stand it.

In their eyes, the low-level fighters are nothing more than ants. No matter how strong they are, they are just stronger ants. The high-level fighters are like elephants. How can an ant beat an elephant?

But now it is telling them that there is an ant that can cultivate to be comparable to an elephant. How do they accept this?

“The punch you just… should be comparable to an advanced fighter.”

Rego didn’t say anything, but Moxi said it. Originally, she felt that a low-level fighter came here, absolutely killing himself, but she did not expect that this low-level fighter was so strong.

“Compared to high-level fighters? Isn’t that the normal power of low-level fighters?”

Hearing what Moxi said, Raavan also looked at it. He was not interested in what he said before, but he was interested in these words.

That punch just now is actually comparable to an advanced fighter? In Raavan’s impression, high-level fighters are very powerful. He originally thought that his punches just now could be used by normal low-level fighters. After all, he didn’t do anything, at best he was better than ordinary low-level fighters. Just one point.

Hearing Raavan’s words, the five mid-level fighters around were very depressed, did you deliberately? If all the low-level fighters are like this, what status is there for the middle-level fighters?

But they really wronged Raavan. He was not from this world. How could he know the strength of low-level fighters, the strength of intermediate fighters, and the strength of high-level fighters.

In his eyes, he is strong, very strong, very strong. As for the super Saiyan behind, of course he is super strong.

“The power of your punch, at least none of us here can reach.”

Although I don’t know if Raavan really didn’t know or pretended it, in view of Raavan’s performance before, Saudi still believed that this guy had been beaten to his head, so he didn’t know anything.

“It turned out to be so.”

After listening to Saudi’s explanation, Raavan understood it. He didn’t expect that his punch was so powerful, would he become a one-punch Saiyan?

No, now a punch can only be comparable to advanced fighters, and even some stronger intermediate fighters can reach this level.

“That’s not very powerful.”

Raavan felt that he was not so powerful, but how could he be so ironic in the ears of the intermediate fighters in front of him?

When you talk about being comparable to high-level fighters, you have a look of excitement. If none of us can reach it, it’s not very powerful. This is because we dislike our lack of strength, right?

“Ahem, Raavan, do you still want to practice here? Your strength should be more suitable for the gravity platform.”

In order to alleviate the embarrassing atmosphere, Saudi asked again.

I thought Raavan was a low-level warrior, and he was already very suitable for practicing here, but now seeing his current strength, Saudi suddenly felt that he was still more suitable for the gravity platform.

“No, I want to stay here for a while longer.”

Raavan felt that something like a gravity platform was dispensable. On the contrary, this kind of battle that could be honed on the edge of survival was more suitable for him.

What he lacks now is combat experience.

He also felt this deeply when he was fighting the Behemoth Wangfang just now. If it wasn’t for his lack of combat experience, how could he be delayed by the Behemoth Wangfang for so long.

In the end, the gravitational restraint had to be lifted before the behemoth could be defeated, so for Raavan, this strength was not enough, he still needed to find more behemoths to try.

“Well, you can practice here if you want.”

Saudi also nodded. Since Raavan said he wanted to stay here, he wouldn’t say much.

“Well, you can go to the gravity platform to practice, I can be here alone.”

Raavan knew that Saudi likes to practice on the gravity platform. After all, not all Saiyans have their own adjustable gravity field.

“Okay, then you be careful, don’t go too deep into the forest, there are not only promising beasts, but also some stronger beasts.

Before Saudi left, he also reminded that there are a lot of fierce beasts in this northern forest. Wangtooth beast is just the most common kind, and it is also the most suitable for cultivation!

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