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Chapter 50: The powerful bad luck

Ting!… complete the special mission “Discipline” and reward a skill level +1.

Indifference system prompts again in Naruto’s brain, but Naruto does not care, looking at Hinata who fainted on the ground, Naruto has a rare panic, as if talking to himself, “Ah… faint, dizzy? What should I do?”

Apparently, Naruto has completely forgotten the shyness of Hinata. After seeing the shyness of Hinata, Naruto is completely turned stupid.

Just when Naruto was helpless, suddenly a big middle-aged uncle with the same pair of eyes stood on the tree.

“Little devil, a little farther away from Miss!”

The sudden appearance of the middle-aged uncle is very rude to Naruto. He is arrogant. After a glance at Naruto, he bypassed him and prepared to pick Hinata up and take away.

Obviously, the arrogant attitude of such a middle-aged uncle, such a gorgeous disregard for himself, is very rude to Naruto, and just before Naruto shot, his strong mental strength has already felt the existence of this middle-aged uncle. Therefore, Naruto is very disdainful about the work of the middle-aged uncle at this time.

However, the difference in strength has also made Naruto not dare to have any rebuttal. He can only bear this with his head down.

“This abominable guy, although not as good as you, but I will not let you better!”

Thought of this, after Naruto’s eyes dribbled, he had a white rice paper in his hand.

Mold carrier: After being attached to someone, it can make someone continue to be bad luck after the next two hours!

This bad luck character is one of the ‘all-round squatting props’, but it is too vicious, and this so-called ‘mild level’ Naruto does not know how to grasp it, so it has not been used on people so far.

That is to say, this is the first time that Naruto has used a bad luck to smash the person, and the specific effect of the bad luck, Naruto is completely ignorant.

“Hey, I wish you good luck!”

Looking at the middle-aged uncle without any precautions, Naruto flashed a trace of cold in the eyes, then jumped forward, coming to the side of middle-aged uncle, Naruto quickly posted the bad luck on the middle-aged uncle.

Uh… I have to say that the speed of the transit of the paper has been effective. This is because Naruto‚Äôs movement is very sudden. The middle-aged uncle has no defense at all, so he was directly scared by Naruto’s jump, at the moment of landing, guessing a fist-sized stone near at the foot, it is a homeopathic twist of the ankle.


A scream rang out in the whole forest, and it was amazed that a bird was scattered. Fortunately, the pain is only temporary. For Hyuga clan, they can easily handle every part of the body. It is only the ankle sprain in the area. After the screaming, the middle-aged uncle bites his teeth, and recovered it.

However, this middle-aged uncle is obviously a type of ‘revenge’, and all the reasons for his ankle injury are attributed to Naruto. Looking at the direction of Naruto, he grinds his teeth and says, “Little devil, I remember you, next time, don’t meet me, otherwise I will give you a proper lesson!”

Of course, this is just a verbal threat. After the heart vents some, the middle-aged uncle took Hinata who is still in a coma, and leaps forwards, and the body falls steadily on a branch.

However, it is unfortunate that the middle-aged uncle fell on the branches…

oh… the voice is very slight, but this voice makes the middle-aged uncle all the bad, and has not had time to re-engage, middle-aged uncle only felt the foot empty, and the whole person fell straight on the ground again, and at this time he still hugged Hinata, so middle-aged uncle could only eat bitterly, and the ass squatted on the ground, which almost broke his hips bone.

Ok, if you think this is the end, you are wrong, this is just the beginning! From the forest to Hyuga clan, it is not far from it, he can walk in just a quarter of an hour.

But for such a short distance, the middle-aged uncle was walking for nearly an hour, and when the middle-aged uncle returned to the clan, he was ashamed, as if he had experienced a big war, and never had the arrogance like before.

Seeing such a miserable appearance of the middle-aged uncle, if the middle-aged uncle has a pair of obvious eyes, maybe Clan guards will not let him enter the clan area.

Not to mention the misery of the middle-aged uncle at this time, after Naruto left, he found an unmanned place to start the daily tasks of today.

As the level is raised to level 3, the difficulty level of daily tasks is also improved.

Daily Task 1: Load 40 kg, run 20 laps around Konoha Village. Mission Reward: Mission Point + 5

Daily Mission 2: 10000 push-ups. Mission Reward: Mission Point + 5

Daily Mission 3: Throwing kunai, 5000 times. Mission Reward: Experience +20

Daily Mission 4: Hit the stake 10000 times. Mission Reward: Experience +15

Daily Mission 5: Support for half an hour under the waterfall. Mission Reward: Experience +15

He still has 5 daily quests, but since the opening of the circulatory mission, the rewards of daily quests are not so important, and the daily tasks are only be done to strengthen his flesh.

And in order to enhance the strength of his body, Naruto has a weight of 40 kilograms at all times, 10 kilograms for both hands and feet, which has to be said to require great perseverance to support.

The five daily tasks, the amount of training seems very horrible, but for the current Naruto, at most it takes a little time and physical strength.

Four hours later, the sweaty Naruto returned home and started a warm lunch.

Just as Naruto prepared the lunch properly, Red also returned home at a very punctual time. The two of them ate together. After dinner, Red consciously packed up the dishes. It was all natural, very harmonious, and especially warm.

Such a scene, since Naruto lived in Red’s home, it will happen every day, and the feelings between the two people are constantly submerged. Although there is no showcase on the surface, Naruto checked the system for good feelings. The good feeling that has reached 83 points can be learned that the relationship between the two is no longer confined to the pure sister relationship of the original…

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