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Chapter 49: Discipline!

“Hey, what happened to the princess of Hyuga Clan? Did you apologize when you hit someone?”

“Yes, that is!”

“Hey, Miss Hinata Hyuga, this name is really big! Just on the street, can’t appolosize in front of others. How about it, but now there are no other people here, what have we done to you, others will not know…”

“Hey, Tianhe, you are so bad.”

“Do not worry, I just scare her, she is only…”

Three teenagers said a sentence, and they did not put Hinata in their eyes, and after seeing the dialogue between several of them, Hinata’s face turned white and the body could not help but tremble. Obviously she was scared by these three teenagers.

“Haha, look, Miss Hinata got scared like this.”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s just a coward…”

There is a kind of person, if you don’t give him some color, it is obvious that the teenagers of these three Hyuga side branch member are such similar people. When they see the appearance of Hinata, they laugh more happy.


Just when they thought they could be arbitrarily enjoy, and before the three teenagers come to their senses, the three kunai was nailed to their feet.

“Hey, a few big guys bullying a little girl, is it really good? Really not like a man!”

During the speech, Naruto jumped from the tree. In fact, after Naruto heard the voice of Hinata, he quickly arrived here. After listening to the conversations of them, Naruto understood what’s going on, and at the same time, he felt the power of the plot.

“Really, I remember the original Naruto encountered this when he was a child, but… because I crossed it, I was not there at that time, but now this happens again!”

When he think of it, Naruto can’t help but feel helpless, but since I met it, Naruto couldn’t ignore it, so he threw three kunai to warn them.

However, just in the moment when Naruto throw kunai, the system’s prompt sound also appeared in Naruto’s brain.

Ting!… trigger special missions: disciplinary!

Mission Description: Hyuga Side clan members has been dissatisfied with the main family for a long time. Because of the ‘curse’ on the head, they have to suppress the dissatisfaction in their hearts. However, the younger generation’s dissatisfaction in the heart is all vented to Hinata. These three guys are bullying Hinata, so teach them a good lesson!

Mission Reward: A skill level +1

Failure penalty: Randomly deduct a skill

“Well, this can’t blame me, this is what the system asks for me…” Thinking, the smile on Naruto’s face is getting stronger and stronger. At the same time, the eyes flashed with a strange light.

When they saw Naruto coming out, the three Hyuga teenagers frowned at the same time. One of the teenagers who looked like the leader looked at Naruto and could not help but ridiculed, “Hey, is this is not Fox…”

“Hey, Huahui, don’t say anything!” After hearing the boy’s words, Tianhe quickly interrupted him and warned.

Huahui also immediately wake up, after some embarrassment touched the back of his head and said, “Well, I forgot, but he is only a waste.”

Then, he disdainfully grin, and made a provocative gesture to Naruto. “Why, we are bullying her, are we going to teach us?”

“… Naruto…”

Seeing Naruto appear, Hinata seems to have found the pillars. She quickly hid behind Naruto. A pair of fleshy little hands clutched Naruto’s arm tightly. Obviously, she was scared before.

Hearing the shouting of Hinata behind him, Naruto couldn’t help but lick her forehead and whispered, “Ah, I will teach these guys a lesson, don’t worry…”

Naruto gently removed Hinata’s hands, and then his body made a residual image to attack Huahui.

Apparently, Naruto unexpectedly attacked, and the other two teenagers, did not react.


The dull crash, when they reacted, Huahui Hyuga has been bombarded by Naruto.

Seeing that Naruto first shot, other two teenagers eyes flashed with a hint of disbelief, pointing to Naruto with hesitation, and said, “You …… you, you dare ……”

“Why not?”

In the middle of the conversation, Naruto’s body twisted, and the right leg was lifted up, turning into a whip and brushing the head of Tianhe.”

Apparently, Naruto’s so awkward attack, Tianhe did not expect it at all, just like a conditional reflection, raised his arm and protected his forehead.

However, after the recent high-intensity training and level improvement, Naruto’s own strength has reached 17 points, almost twice that of ordinary adults. Under one leg, Tianhe only feels that his hands almost break.

“Damn this guy, I fight with you!”

To see that Huayue and Tianhe was beaten, last teenager finally attack, taking advantage of Naruto’s not landing, severely attack Naruto.


There is no fancy one, but the strength is big. After being photographed, Naruto’s body can’t help but squat toward the big tree behind him. However, on the way of flying, Naruto’s body is suddenly turned into a cloud of smoke, and when the smoke once cleared, Naruto becomes a stake, and he hits the top of the tree.

“This is… shadow clone! How is it possible!”

Seeing the change of Naruto, the last boy’s eyes were wide, and when he was just about to leave the place, he had a flower in front of him, and then a fist continued to zoom in, eventually…


“Fuuuu… finish the work!”

In just 15 seconds, Naruto beat 3 ninja who already passed ninja school. He looked at the three teenagers who could not climb on the ground. Naruto is very disdainful towards them, and said, “Hey, With this kind of strength, you are still running over to bully people. I really don’t know how you three guys passed the ninja exam.”

Naruto did not continue to pay attention to three teenagers. He step to the side of Hinata, looking at the slightly blue-skinned arm of Hinata, and asked, “Is it painful?”

“Hey……Naruto, Kun.” Previously because of too much fear, Hinata still didn’t feel anything, but now when Naruto solved the three teenagers, and was so close to herself, Hinata face instantly turned red, and at the same time, the blue smoke appeared on her head. Her two eyes turned into mosquito-repellent eyes and fainted on the ground…

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