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Chapter 48: One month

Naruto’s little movements, Hiruzen were completely unaware. After some preaching, Naruto finally left Hokage office with a ‘lost’ face.

In the same time, Naruto left Hokage office, Hiruzen suddenly felt intolerable itching all over, when there is little at first, but slowly, the skin is getting itchy, red spots surfaced on the skin ……

Well, I have to say that this time, Naruto’s rectification was very successful. From the beginning to the end, Hiruzen did not doubt Naruto. He only thought it was a general skin allergy, but this kind of ‘skin allergy’ could not endure. The medical ninja in the village was also helpless, but fortunately, it was only 30 minutes after itching, it was cured.

Ting!… Host completes a special mission: a happy trickster, getting a reward: mission point 90.

Ting!… Host completes a special task: a happy trickster, starting a fourth type of task – a cyclical task.

Ting! …… cycle tasks: Festive Rascal

Task List: childhood experience, you need a vent point, and Prank is a way to vent your frustration!

Mission reward: depending on the level of mischief.

Walking in the street of Konoha Village, there were three prompts of the system suddenly appearing in Naruto’s brain. After hearing the prompt, Naruto snorted and whispered in the heart. “No, it only rewards 90 mission points. This mission I spent 160!”

A slight sigh in his heart, then opened the task template, watching the new cycle of tasks, and secretly pondering.

“The reward depends on the degree of mischief? But what is the reward for this mission? Experience or mission point?”

“Lets try it.”

Thinking of this, Naruto’s eyes turned and look at Hokage faces on mountain. Above, suddenly his face showed a hazy smile, and said, “I have already wanted to do this!”

After that, Naruto accelerated his pace and ran towards Hokage Mountain.

———————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————

Well, I have to say that since Naruto activated the cycle task ‘Happy Tricks’, the people in the whole Konoha Village have suffered, basically every day. Everyone is being squashed, but the degree is different. Therefore, Naruto is also called a ‘Konoha Little Devil’ by a group of residents.

For the reward of the recurring task, this can not help but let Naruto unable to vomit, every time a person is smashed, up to 3 points or 10 points of experience.

“Oh, in fact, the whole person really doesn’t blame me. It’s too pit to blame the system’s recurring task rewards.”

Naruto’s mind has always been like this, so the more crazy smashing props are once again invested in the next goal among them.

It can be said that because of the power of the ‘all-round tactical props’, in the village of Konoha, as long as someone sees the figure of Naruto, he will instantly run away.

If you don’t run, who knows if he will smear you with tickle powder, let you itch for half an hour, or spray you with pepper, let you cough for a long time… Whatever it is? It is too Horrible!”

A white-haired uncle thought in tears, and it has been a month since Naruto got the title of ‘Konoha Little Devil’. In Konoha Village, its power is so strong that even 3rd Hokage will retreat after hearing it.

However, in this month’s time, Naruto’s harvest with the whole lottery is still very rich, the task point has been as high as 1987, the level has also increased by one level, and it has almost up to level 4.

Name: Naruto

Identity: Jinchuriki

Bloodline: Uzumaki Body

Level: 3

Strength: 17 (Ordinary Adult: 10)

Physical Strength : 21 (Ordinary Adult: 10)

Agility: 15 (ordinary adults: 10)

Spirit: 41 (ordinary adults: 10)

Chakra: 2050/2050

Experience: 1534/2000

bloodstains: One Tomoe Sharingan eye (41/100)

Weapons: no

combat skills: Chakra extraction (primary: 52/1000), three-body (S-level: MAX), blink (B-level: 1/10000), illusion-Binding (C-level: 0/1000), illusion-fox heart (C grade: 0/1000)

Life skills: cooking (Advanced: 85325/100000)

Mission points: 1987

lottery: ordinary draw (1) / special draw (1) / lucky draw (none)

comprehensive evaluation : You have stood up, come on, cheer up!

“Well, although this cycle task is relatively pit, but 20 people are tidy every day, at least 900-1800 mission points can be obtained in one month, and the experience can get about 2000…”

Looking at his own attribute template, Naruto is very satisfied, and thought in his heart, “If you keep this up, even if you don’t do daily tasks, I can raise the authority to level 2 in two months. Just thinking about this will make me excited.”

Naruto thought of it here, and his eyes flashed. After a glimmer of light, but Naruto will definitely not give up on daily tasks, but in the last month, Naruto feels that his attributes are getting harder to improve. Of course, this may be because he don’t know proper training. For the sake of it, one month, the four attributes of Naruto have no improvement except for the two points added by the level increase.

After closing the personal attribute template, Naruto walked in the forest with a sigh of relief, thinking in his heart, “Well, if Ino and Sakura is here at this time, it will feel good, it’s a pity that they don’t dare to skip school.”

“Ah… Yes, I am sorry…”

Just as Naruto was distracted, a sly voice was suddenly introduced into Naruto’s ear. This voice, Naruto is very familiar. After hearing this voice, Naruto couldn’t help but wrinkled his eyebrows, and he thought of “Hinata? She was not at school at this time, what did she do here?”

Thinking of this, Naruto’s soles slammed hard and turned into a shadow to the place where the sound was made.

At this time, in the grove, three teenagers dressed in white martial arts uniforms with a pair of strange white pupils were arrogantly looking at the front. The three teenagers were about 13 or 14 years old. There is a piece of ninja guard attached to the head, obviously they have already been graduated from the Ninja School.

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