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Chapter 47: 3rd Hokage

The change of the black box is really too sudden, Naruto has no time to react, and the black light that the box has turned into has been integrated into Naruto’s eyebrows.

“This… this is amazing! But how should I get the box out…”

After the shock, Naruto thought, but this thought just rose, and Naruto’s eyebrows suddenly lingered with a black glow, in the final halo, the box slowly grew bigger and fell again in the hands of Naruto.

“This…is really interesting!”

Seeing the box that reappeared, Naruto showed a surprise in his eyes, and the box was retracted and released again. After repeated several times, Naruto opened the black box.

At the moment when the black box was opened, a strange black light emerged from the mouth of the box, making it impossible for the Naruto to see anything in front of him. After the black light dimmed, Naruto saw it clearly, and there was a chaos inside the box…

“This… can’t see anything? It won’t be anything, the system shouldn’t give me a pit… …”

Looking inside the chaotic box, Naruto was a bit dumbfounded for a while, and when the mind just raised the idea of ??’played by the system’, the sound of the system mechanics appeared very moments in Naruto’s ear side.

“Please don’t have any doubts about the system! This is indeed a ‘all-round tactical prop’ that contains thousands of sturdy items. Because this box has its own space, it looks natural from the outside. However, the host only needs to put his hand into the box, and at the same time, thinking about what props to take out, then the corresponding props will appear in the hands of the host!”

“Ah… oh oh, is that true? Ah hahaha… When he heard the prompt from the system, Naruto touched the back of the head very slyly, and then quickly put the right hand into the box according to the system.

As the system said, the inside of the box is a self-contained space. At least, Naruto’s entire arm has not been touched the bottom, but it is not the time to find out how deep the box is, so Naruto quickly regains his mind. And thought ‘I want to itch powder’.

Naruto’s thoughts just flashed in his heart, and a glass bottle suddenly appeared in the right hand inside the box.

“Ha… really! got it!” Grabbing the glass bottle, Naruto quickly pulled out his right hand, then carefully looked at the glass bottle in his hand.

The glass bottle is very beautiful, pink, with a lovely Donald Duck glass statue on the top, and under the statue, there is a small hole similar to the ‘jetting’. In the bottle, the white powder almost spread out of the bottle.

“This… is itchy powder?”

When Naruto’s heart was puzzled, the introduction line suddenly appeared in Naruto’s line of sight.

Special itch powder: After spraying on people, it will make people feel itchy, like numerous caterpillars crawling over, if not washed through the boiling water, the effect will last for 30 minutes!”

Looking at the introduction of this bottle of special itch powder in my hand, Naruto almost stunned his chin, and his heart was overcast and thought: “This effect is absolutely perfect!”

“3rd Hokage old man, let you enjoy it throughly…”

Thinking of this, Naruto put back the black box and pinch the glass bottle with the special itch powder and went to Hokage Office.

At this time, In Hokage office, Hiruzen is staring at the crystal ball in front of him, and couldn’t help but say. “Wow, this… this girl boobs are so big, ah, this is not a small, wwwwow! The skin is so good…”

Obviously, Hiruzen is doing something else, and the crystal ball in front of him is showing the scenery in a female bathhouse in Konoha Village.

But when Hiruzen is watching, suddenly blew a gust of wind behind him, letting Hiruzen have a cold back, and couldn’t help but have a bad premonition.

“Oh ah… it’s so cold! It’s weird, today sun is so big, why do I suddenly feel ‘cold’…” Hiruzen were full of doubts and glanced at the sunlight outside the window, wondering to the extreme.

However, waiting for Hiruzen to continue to think about it, Naruto suddenly pushed the door…


Naruto was just ready to say hello, and suddenly the line of sight was set on the picture displayed on the crystal ball in front of 3rd Hokage, that was white One piece, it is simply shaking the Naruto 24K titanium alloy dog Eye!

However, fortunately, as a lord in the past, he watched so many porn movies, Naruto has already honed a heart that is not stunned. At the moment, he was very ‘innocent’ pointing to the crystal ball in front of 3rd Hokage and asked, “Grandpa, are you inspecting again? Why are they not wearing clothes?”

“Cough… cough…” Hearing Naruto’s problem, Hiruzen can only use cough to cover up their own embarrassment, and replied with a serious face, “Well, yes, I was inspecting them…”

Although Hiruzen is very calm at this time, but in his heart he is not so calm, and his heart secretly screams, “How can this little guy come in at this time… No, you have to transfer the topic quickly!”

Thinking of this, Hiruzen eyes turned and quickly asked “Yes. Naruto, the Ninja School should be still going on, today. How come you suddenly came to me?”

“I went to class, and I run out.” When he heard 3rd Hokage’s inquiries, Naruto also changed the real answer, then did not give any opportunity for 3rd Hokage to speak, and pointed to the crystal ball and exclaimed: “Yes! Grandpa, the scene inside this transparent ball, seems to be the bathing place of the 13th Street!”

“Hey… ” When he heard Naruto, Hiruzen who had just drank their saliva and had not had time to swallow it immediately sprayed the water out. At the same time, he secretly smiled and said, “This little guy, how can the observation force be so amazing? No, I have to quickly transfer the topic!”

Thinking of this, Hiruzen immediately raised his faces, and a parent-like reprimand: “Run out, Naruto, this is not ok, want to be a good ninja, even if the school’s courses are boring, you can’t skip classes!”

“Grandpa, you let me go this time…” When he saw Hiruzen serious face, he was very disdainful, but in order to successfully rectify 3rd Hokage, Naruto still behave like a good-looking guy.

However, while Naruto was acted spoiled, the right hand unwittingly took out a glass bottle containing special itch powder, spewed a little on the neckline of 3rd Hokage, and finally, when the sputum had not caused any attention from him, the glass bottle Re-collected back…

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