Source system Naruto ch 46

Chapter 46: Almighty Tricks

Special mission: a happy trickster!

Task Description: “Sure enough, I know that this special task is not so easy to be a childhood experience, you need a vent point, and Prank is a way to go to enjoy life!”

Quest reward: Depending on the level of mischief to decide the reward tasks points 10-100 points. (Note: after this task is completed, this task will be cases of cyclic tasks, while adding a fifth category task – the task cycling!)

Completion: 50% complete

Naruto looked at the task template and thought of it. At the same time, his face exposed with a touch of fine light. He whispered in a low voice. “It looks like this is the system that supports me to go through the whole mischief thing.”

Although Naruto has no experience of mischief before this, but don’t forget that he was a thoroughly otaku in his previous life. He usually studied a lot of things, especially when he watched many TV shows, so there are many methods in the brain.

However, there are so many mischievous methods. Naruto is also uncertain about the time, and… Naruto’s next goal is 3rd Hokage. This has to let Naruto think about it.

“Oh… 3rd Hokage old man, maybe I can still charge some interest on him, but this prank must grasp the ‘degree’, not too much and not too low. How to do it…”

For a time, Naruto was somewhat guilty. After all, 3rd Hokage is the current leaders of Konoha Village. The majesty should still exist. If Naruto’s mischief makes him lose his face, maybe later life is not so easy, and The days of the people who care about Naruto like Red, will be sad.

Of course, if it is appropriate, he can better eliminate 3rd Hokage of wariness of Naruto. All this depends on Naruto’s practice.

“Oh… I don’t know if there is anything like itch powder here.” The cold voice of the system suddenly appeared in Naruto’s ear.

“If the host needs similar props, system can temporarily let borrow to the host!”

“Can this be? But what are the conditions?”

Although system says it can be borrowed, but Naruto has a system for a while, naturally know the character of the system. If you want to get help from the system, I am afraid I have to pay accordingly.

Sure enough, it seems to confirm the general thoughts of Naruto, the mechanical cold voice of the system sounded again.

“Because the host authority is not enough, the redemption system cannot be opened. However, due to the task, system can temporarily redeem the host for an ‘all-round tactical item’, but the redemption cost needs to be doubled and an additional 60 points are required.

“Do you want to double it? And I have to pay another 60 points? You… you are just black! The black-hearted profiteer!” After listening to the system, Naruto couldn’t help but call it out, but it’s good here. There were no people around Naruto, otherwise, I don’t know what other people look at him.

Obviously, system can easily defended, but it is cold. “At present, host only has the opportunity to redeem the item in advance. Whether you want to redeem, depends on the host’s own decision. In addition, With the ‘Almighty Whole Props’, the circulatory task of mischief will also be much easier, and the rewards that can be obtained will be much higher.”

“If it is all by my own decision, why you are tempting me!” Naruto want to curse more, but after thinking of the special task ‘Happy Tricks’, the prank will become a circular task, and finally Naruto’s grind his teeth with hate and say “system, give me a redemption!”

Ting! … host exchange ‘all-type Props’ one, cost point: 50, for special reasons, spend task point X2, and pay an additional 60 points, a total of cost points: 160.

If the previous system prompts will make Naruto feel full of happiness, then the system prompts at this time is to let Naruto have a feeling of falling from heaven, especially when listening to the series of numbers, Naruto’s heart hurts.

“50…also X2…a total of 160…” Naruto is a bit embarrassed, and repeatedly repeats the value of the deducted task point, and finally can not help, but the eyes flow out a tear, “160 points of mission, this is for me to spend 8 days daily tasks to make up for it!”

But when Naruto was still distressed to spend the task points, suddenly something appeared in front of him. A little white halo, slowly, with more and more white halos, eventually gathered into a football-sized light group, then the light group was broken, and a black box with a white skull appeared in the air.

Looking at the black box that suddenly appeared, Naruto couldn’t help but feel a little worried, and stretched out his hands and caught the black box, but the weight of the box obviously exceeded the imagination of Naruto. When the floating force at the bottom of the box disappeared, Naruto’s hands slammed down, almost holding the box and planting it on the ground.

“Oh… it’s heavy, what’s in it!”

Feeling the weight of the box, Naruto’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and at this time, a line of introduction suddenly appeared in Naruto’s line of sight.

Almighty whole props: Whole artifact! Contains special itch powder (1), special pepper (1), sticky football (1), explosive chalk (1), imaginary mouse (1), real bread (1), fake banana (1)… (N is omitted here) A total of 10,000 kinds of Tricky props. After the props are used, the number of consumed items can be automatically restored the next day.

“One…one thousand kinds? Is this… can this box be loaded?” Looking at the box in his hand, Naruto couldn’t help but widen his eyes, and he was taken aback, especially when he saw ‘the next day, automatically restore the number of items that have been consumed.’

When these words are heard, Naruto suddenly does not feel that 160 points of the task that he spent were wasted. He only thought of “this… the tasks points that are spent on this whole artifact… This is worth it! And this box, estimate the connotation space!”

Thinking of this, Naruto inexplicably smirked, but looking at such a big box in his hand, Naruto could not help but frown his eyebrows and whispered. “But, let me hold this big box? But it is too much bigger…”

Just thinking of it, the black box in Naruto’s hand suddenly shrank, and eventually turned into a black light, which blended into Naruto’s eyebrow…

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