Source system Naruto ch 45

Chapter 45: Kakashi

“System, what is the meaning of the fourth type of task?” Naruto quickly asked when he heard the system prompt.

Today may be he is in good mood? System did not disappear as coldly as usual, and the ‘self-exploration’ disappeared. Instead, the system explained that the task type is not limited to daily, special, and main tasks. The cyclic task is the fourth type of task. There is no penalty for failure, you can give up the task at any time, or you can repeat it indefinitely.”

“So, are there other kinds of tasks in the system? How can those tasks be opened?”

Hearing the explanation of the system, Naruto’s eyebrows were deeply wrinkled, and asked again, but this time, system did not answer, but said coldly, “Host authority is insufficient, can’t answer.”


Hearing the answer from the system, Naruto was very disdainful and grinned. Then after looking at the special task that had just been appeared, he thought of “Prank, rewarding 10-100 mission points depending on the situation, but what to do.”


To tell the truth, Naruto has no experience of mischief, both now and in the past, he has always been like a ‘Model Student’, even In the previous primary schools, teachers were often praised.

For someone like Naruto, suddenly let him go to do pranks, and the worse is the better, this really makes Naruto unable to get any good ideas.

Looking down, unconsciously, Naruto walked out of the Ninja School, and when Naruto was distracted, someone suddenly put his hand on his shoulder.

“Hey, Naruto, we met again!”

The voice is still so listless, so old, such a voice, Naruto does not have to think about who it is, very impatient to shoot off the big hand on his shoulder and said ” It’s a coincidence, Uncle Kakashi!”

The words “Uncle” are very tightly bitten. For those who disturb their thinking, Naruto has no good feelings.

But obviously, Kakashi has been completely accustomed to the name of ‘Uncle’, just a little pick and raise his eyebrows and said, “Naruto, I remember that Ninja School does not have a holiday today, skipping classes is not a good behavior.”

“Cut…” Hearing Kakashi’s words as a teaching, Naruto was very disdainful and grinned, but thought of a special task in his mind, turned and looked at Kakashi, with blue pupil which flashed with a glimmer of light, and then said with a bad heart, “Oh, this… I know, but the first grade class is too boring, I am going to go back and get something to eat, Uncle Kakashi, do you want to come together?”

“Well?” Naruto’s words have great appeal to Kakashi. Whenever he thinks of Naruto’s cooking, his saliva will not help but flow out, but… don’t know why Kakashi watching Naruto vigilantly and ask, “Little devil, what do you want to do!”

“Oh, I just suddenly interested in trying my craft.” Looking at Kakashi’s vigilant look, Naruto snorted, then turned and left.

And seeing Naruto ready to leave, Kakashi thought in his heart, “Well, no matter, though I do not know what this kid want to do, but …… food to eat on the line!”

Thought of this, Kakashi helplessly swayed his head and smashed the thoughts in his head, and he simply followed Naruto.

Kakashi’s movement, Naruto is very clear, he feel that Kakashi has followed up, and the corner of his mouth can’t help but evoke a smirk. He thinks “Hey, Kakashi, you will be fortunate and become the first one to be tricked by me…”

Thinking of this, Naruto stepped up and walked to his home.

“Well, Uncle Kakashi, what do you want to eat? I will make it.”

After a short time, Naruto came to the house with Kakashi and looked at Kakashi, who looked alert. Naruto could not help but smile. Of course, there was no change in his face.

Kakashi looked very carefully to Naruto’s expression and said, “ah, I want saury!”

“Well, wait a minute!”

Listening the request of Kakashi, Naruto smiled in his heart and then turned and walked into the kitchen.

At the moment when Naruto entered the kitchen, Kakashi only felt cold all over the body. Then he was full of doubts and looked at the busy figure of Naruto in the kitchen. He thought “It’s weird. Today, Naruto, this little devil, what’s wrong with it, how I always feel that something bad is going to happen.”

With a little worry, Kakashi began to check inside the house, but after searching for a long time, he did not find any abnormalities.



Naruto took Kakashi into the house. After fifteen minutes, a scream came out suddenly. He saw Kakashi holding a pair of chopsticks in his right hand. The face that was exposed outside was red, and at the temple. The blue veins violently leaped, and the mouth continually spewed out the black smoke-like gas, the left hand licked the throat, and the eyes barely exposed outside looked at Naruto.

“Spicy… Spicy…… Naruto, give me water!” Kakashi at this time, the voice slightly hoarse, apparently suffering tremendous pain.

Looking at Kakashi’s appearance at this time, Naruto could not help but laughed. The fox-like smile that stole the chicken with his face said, “How about, Uncle Kakashi, is saury good? You know, I stuffed 30 pepper in the belly of the saury, and I used 10 pepper to grind it into juice, and then steamed it with the fish.”

When he heard Naruto, Kakashi’s face turned like eating crap. It was unsightly to see. Finally, he couldn’t help but spurt a fireball, and the whole person fell off the table.

Ok, I have to say that Naruto’s move is absolutely perfect. Looking at Kakashi fainted on the table, Naruto can’t help but say. “Strange, not enough, forget it. Now go find 3rd Hokage.”

After thinking that, Naruto didn’t continue to care about Kakashi, who fainted, and left home with a hop and walked toward Hokage Office.

Just when Naruto had just left, Kakashi opened his eyes and quickly rushed to the kitchen and then sipped a few mouthfuls of water, and gasped and said, “This little devil… really kills me.”

Kakashi heartfelt glance, the saury on the table, then thought, “this … prank, it seems that 3rd Hokage going to be unlucky…”

Thinking of this, Kakashi shook his head with helplessness, and at the same time thought of “I hope that 3rd Hokage will not turned angry… I hope…”

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