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Chapter 44: The fifth type of mission! ! !

Once again satisfied with the various values in the attribute template, Naruto closed the template, but at the moment when Naruto closed the template, Naruto instantly alerted.

“Well? No! There is killing intent!”

In the heart of a shocking moment, a very powerful roar suddenly rang in the classroom…

“Naruto! Go out around the playground and run 10 laps! ”

Well, after hearing this roar, Naruto thinks about it. This class is the class of Iruka. In his class, he is not focused on listening.

Looking at the forehead, the blue veins violently leaped, and there was an unusually anger on Iruka’s face. Sitting on the left and right sides of Naruto, Sakura and Ino had a hint of concern.

Naruto’s eyes are of concern, Naruto naturally noticed, but although the time of the goods in the Ninja School is not long, but the punishment for such a thing, obviously a pair of ‘old fritters’ style. He stood up indifferently, and said, “Big brother, Iruka, it seems that your teaching ability must have been honed, I am not concentrating, you discovered it, um… It seems that the next time I have to continue to test you…”

The last ‘you’ word dragged on, but at the moment when Naruto’s voice fell, Naruto was like turning on a motor. He didn’t even look at Iruka, and rushed out of the classroom. The speed, even Iruka was a bit stunned.

However, it wasn’t long before Naruto left the classroom, and Iruka could understand the meaning of Naruto’s words. The original horrified face turned red again and again, and once again screamed at the sky, “Naruto, What did the little ghost say? After running ten laps, continue to run 50 laps!”

Iruka is like a representative of the ‘2nd Hokage sound attack’, and his roaring voice makes the Ninja School’s school shake.

At the end of the battle, the sulking gas that was sent to the Naruto by the savvy was also revealed. Looking at Naruto’s seat, there was a bitter smile on his face. He secretly said, “This little devil, it seems that he really does not want to sit in this kind of class…”

In fact, Naruto is doing this, how can Iruka be unclear, the first-grade course is too boring, and ran out by making him angry, such a little clever trick Iruka saw it for the first time, but he didn’t point out. He was very cooperative. After all… even if he was a teacher of the Ninja School, he thought that such a course was very boring!

Sasuke, who was sitting in the window of the classroom, looked at Naruto who was ‘wolf fleeing’. His eyes showed a trace of disdain, and he whispered coldly. “Hey, how can such a guy compare with me who is a Uchiha family… …”

“Hey, Sasuke, you said that when you go to Naruto’s house for dinner next time, he will not give you the fish rice balls and fried tomatoes that you like to eat!”

Well, this is a threat! However, after hearing this threat, Sasuke’s face turns black, and he staring at the sound, the eyes showed an incomparable resentment. He said, “Choji, you just didn’t hear anything, right? Yes, right?”

“Right …” Well, after hearing the threat of Choji, Sasuke is blackened. Although Sasuke is not willing to admit it, in fact, since the last time he have eaten Naruto’s ramen, he was completely “conquered” by Naruto’s cooking, and could no longer eat other foods.

Therefore, since the last time, in this more than a week, Sasuke, Choji, Sakura, Ino and others have spent a lot of time in Naruto’s house, and when he were eating, they can always seeing the figure of 3rd Hokage old man…

Coughing, pulling away, okay, watching the two have been blackened to such a level, Choji is also scared, especially the word “You don’t right?” in the ear, Choji’s cute little meatball-like face became pale white, and quickly nodded, “Yes! I… I promise that I have not heard it!”

“Fuuuu… that’s good, then let’s go to the rice dinner this evening. I really hope that guy can still make such delicious fish rice balls and fried tomatoes…”

Well, I have to say that Sasuke face changing skill is really good. After hearing the guarantee of Choji, his face has a smile like a spring, and his face is ‘naively’.

But it turns out that Naruto’s cooking is still very good. Especially after upgrading to the advanced level, not only a lot of loyal diners in the ramen noodle restaurant, but also waiting for the arrival of Naruto every night, giving them food, even the ones that have always been inconsistent with Naruto will often swear, and then… all have a ‘greedy’ attribute.

As for Sasuke’s decision, he didn’t know. After Naruto escaped from the classroom, he quickly left the school. He didn’t have to go to complete the 60-lap mission.

Naruto joyously rushing on the street, at the same time can not help but think of the “Hmm… daily tasks have been completed, these days of high-intensity training has also achieved results, do I relax today, practice must also included with relaxation … …”

When thoughts started, he thought about the recent difficult growth of the property, and his heart was more determined to rest for a few days.

“Okay, let’s rest! The next two days, in addition to the daily tasks, I will no longer train myself, then what should I do next…”

He thought of it here, Naruto’s mind Suddenly had a thought of ‘going to be naughty,’ and at this time, the system’s prompt suddenly sounded in his ear.

Ting… trigger a special mission: a happy trickster!

Mission Description: The experience of childhood, need a vent point, and mischievous is a way to go to enjoy the prank!

Mission Reward: Determine the reward mission point 10-100 points depending on the level of the prank. (Note: After this task is completed, this task will open the cyclic tasks, while adding a fifth category task – Cyclic Task!)”

“Fifth kind of task …… how is this going??”

Hearing the system prompts suddenly appear in the ear, Naruto is completely dumbfounded, and became petrochemical in the place…

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