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Chapter 38: The Dispute

When Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi carefully looked at this dangerous building, his face could not help but reveal a hint of silence. There was no reason for him. At this time, the small building where Naruto lived was described by the words ‘broken’.

Not too much, but full of finely divided stones, and the windows of the corridors are even annihilated with glass. These momentums are clearly coming in through the windows.

As for the wall, let alone, there are countless big and small holes. From here, we can see how much the villagers living in the vicinity are disgusted with Naruto.

For such a status quo, third Hokage have had to rise up for a while, and his heart is indifferently say, “Minato, I am sorry for you…”

Of course, this kind of awkwardness is just a flash, for the idea of making up for it? Sorry, this old man can’t even think about it at all.

What does Naruto think about third Hokage, what Ino and others would think, Hiruzen was just thinking all this and Kids just opened the door of the dormitory and walked in. At the same time, Naruto passionatly invited them all, “Hokage grandpa, Ino, Sakura and also Shikamaru, Choji, you can come in quickly.”

But just as he finished talking, Naruto noticed the abnormality in his dormitory, which immediately alerted him, and he got stunned and said: “Ah, that’s strange, somebody have been to my home? I didn’t clean it yesterday, how…”

“Naruto, welcome home!” After waiting for Naruto, Kurenai wearing a fishnet with a pink apron around her chest, came out of his kitchen.

Looking at Kurenai at this time, Naruto obviously stunned, he didn’t get the situation, so just nodded and said: “Oh, Kurenai sister, I am back…”

Just finished, Naruto shook his head and screamed.

“No, Kurenai sister! How come you?”

“Hey, haven’t you received the notice yet?” Seeing Naruto’s surprised look, Kurenai looked at Hiruzen with some doubt.

After receiving Kurenai’s gaze, Hiruzen only slightly lowered the brim, and blocked his slightly stunned face, and said: “Hahaha, I forgot to inform you, Naruto. The councelers of Konoha and the Presbyterian Church took a decision for you. And they decide that from now on Kurenai will be your guardian, she will be responsible for your life, and you will have to live with her in the future.”




Just when third Hokage finish talking, people in the dormitory are all stunned, and Kurenai on the side is like a spring breeze.

“No…no!” It was almost conditional. After the silence, Sakura and Ino both came out together, and then both took two steps forward and make a protected gesture for Naruto. After covering Naruto’s thin body, they stared at Kurenai with vigilance and said: “… Naruto can’t live with this woman!”

“Uh huh!” Seeing the attitude of Ino and Sakura, Kurenai can’t help but raised her eyebrows and thought, “It seems that this little devil is very popular. The day before yesterday was the little girl called Ayame, and now there are these two…”

She thought of it here, and Kurenai’s face showed a trace of evil smile, and with a very ‘sweet’ voice she asked.

“Oh, why? Why is it that little devil can’t live with me?”

Little Devil?

They heard how Kurenai called Naruto ‘little devil, and the two little hoes were completely fried in jealousy. They used the eyes of the Uchiha group stared at Kurenai. “You…you…you are female, and Naruto is a man, you can’t live together!”

Almost the same reason as Ayame, once again was brought out by Ino, and Sakura is also a little helper on the side, reiterated again, but it doesn’t work on Kurenai anyway!

Looking at the little girl’s spoiled temper, third Hokage very wisely choose to watch, he go and sit next to others on the table.

However, Third Hokage want better for Naruto, but Naruto was not happy, and after the eyes turned two laps, he slightly pulled the clothes of the two little hoes Sakura and Ino, and snarled in the ears of both of them.

“It seems that Third Hokage take this decision, Kurenai sister could not change it.”

Well, I have to say that Naruto’s wise man trick blame is goes to Minato, and it directly let third Hokage who want to protect the people is also caught in such a chaotic battlefield.

However, Hokage grandpa of Naruto is not so old who have lived for so many years. It’s just that he is not comparable to Naruto, Kurenai, etc., not to mention Sakura and Ino, who are most ignorant. The attention of everyone moved from Naruto to Hiruzen. After third Hokage cough twice, and to transferred the topic, he said: “Cough…, Naruto, you see, we have followed you, and we haven’t had lunch yet.”

Okay. I have to say that the topic that third Hokage is looking for is very good. If it is placed in peacetime, if it is used on someone else’s body, it may not play any role at all. But now, Sakura, Ino, etc. are became curious about Naruto’s cooking skills will come over, and the hunger sent by the lower abdomen also makes them intolerable, so now they have forgotten the previous topic. They looked at Naruto with their fluttered mood.

Ok, actually, I don’t blame Naruto is a full-fledged loli control. It’s really that Ino and Sakura are two little loli. It’s so cute, so Naruto’s ‘fallen’, the force is directly Cleared, under the gaze of the two dead cure Loli’s, Naruto walked into the kitchen.

Duo duo duo duo …… Ding Ling clatter ……

Soon the time came when sound of utensils collision start coming from the kitchen, like singing siren general, the people old, small amd young all three generations completely fascinted, sitting in the living room.

Just as they listened to sound, suddenly, at some point, a scent of fragrance spread out of the kitchen and floated into the nose of everyone.

The people who smelled the scent were finally calm, and the mites in their stomachs screamed. For a time, one after another, the sound of demon song came from stomach in the living room, like the sea in the kitchen.

Finally, just as everyone couldn’t stand the hunger of the lower abdomen and prepare to rush into the kitchen for ‘burning and robbing’, Naruto came out with a square wooden plate, and there were still a few on the menu. The round wooden cover is covered with gourmet tableware.

“Well, I am ready to open the meal.” Looking at everyone’s face, they couldn’t wait to see each other. Naruto couldn’t help but feel a little funny, and announced that the plates were placed on the table one by one.

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