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Chapter 37: Third Hokage Visiting

As usual, the morning classes are still so boring and drowsy, especially for Naruto and those who have undergone strenuous exercise and are physically exhausted.

In the classroom, Naruto is only awake before the teacher shouts, but after that, the teacher has not been able to give lectures to Naruto…

Well, Naruto is really not intentional. However, there is no way. This is almost the habit of Naruto. I remember that before crossing here, after more than ten years of studying, it is almost the instinct of Naruto.

In this ninja world, Naruto thought that this so-called ninja school would be at least more interesting than the schools of his past life, but he did not expect that there was no most boring, only more boring. A week of classes at Ninja School, except for the first One day, explaining the method of chakra extraction, the teachers have been talking about the history of Konoha Village, and the guidelines of the ninja…

The large text, which makes Naruto feel dizzy when he looks at it a little, he suffering in his heart.

One morning course, once again spent in Naruto’s dream, when the ringing sounds, Naruto opened his eyes on time, without any confusion on his face, he stood up and walked to the door of the classroom.

This action is very coherent, it is like a practice of thousands of times in general, and the teacher who has not left the class yet on the side sees the movement of Naruto. As if he did not see it, he continues to talk about the unfinished class, obviously he has long been used to this by Naruto.

However, today is different. He haven’t waited for Naruto to go to the door of the classroom. Ino can’t sit still and immediately stood up and chased Naruto.

The so-called ‘leaving one hair and moving the whole body’, after the operation of Ino, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Choji also stand up, and followed by Ino, rushed over to Naruto who had already walked to the door. At the same time, their teacher called them.

“Hello, Naruto, Ino, and you two are waiting for us.”


Well, the teacher who is still in the classroom, his face expression at this moment can be described as wonderful, his forehead is blue and violent, and his face is also turned red.

“Oh, Naruto, class…?”

Just as the teacher was preparing to roar, the door of the classroom was suddenly pushed open, and the old voice of Third Hokage of Konoha was introduced into the classroom from outside the door.

“Well? Third Hokage of Konoha? How could he come to me? It wouldn’t be the news that came to his ear…”

Thinking of it, Naruto flashed a faint panic in his eyes, and then revealed a very simple innocent smile, and said: “Hey, grandpa Hokage, how come you?”

“Today I heard people say that you are a chef in a Le Ramen noodle restaurant, and the craftsmanship is great, so I specially come to taste.”

The Third Hokage looked at the unmistakable innocent smile on Naruto’s face, and his face flashed a meaning, but he did not forget the main purpose of coming, and come straight to the point.

When he heard the Third Hokage’s words, Naruto felt his heart was tighted, and said: “Sure, come.”

Although his heart was extremely nervous, but Naruto did not show it out. Instead, he said with a look of awkwardness.

“Hokage grandpa! My friends are also coming, would you like to come with them?”

Hearing the Naruto’s inquiry, Third Hokage smiled kindly, and then turned his attention to Ino and others behind Naruto and said: “Yeah, if it won’t bother you.”

“No, of course not…” Looking at the good looks of third Hokage, everyone was a shame.

“Will not bother? Just kidding! Of course, we are disturbed, but you are Hokage, so how can we dare to say it in front of you!”

This is the thought in everyone’s mind. Although the ages of Ino and others is not big, but most of them are not fools. On the contrary, they understand a lot of things when they are mature. Therefore, for the arrival of the third Hoage, everyone’s complaints only buried in the bottom of their hearts.

After all, in any case, the third Hokage of Konoha is always a ninja. Don’t be deceived by his kind behaviour. He is a very good talker. As a third Hokage of Konoha, he once a killer ninja in the world. Today, Dr. Ninjutsu is not as good as the surface, but he is still too much of Naruto.

However, sitting in the position of third Hokage of Konoha for so long, his sharp water chestnut has been politicized by the sand of time. However, even if this is the case, he should not be underestimated. It is because of his existence that Konoha Village has become such a sturdy look that he can still hold the remaining four villages.

It’s a bit far away, no matter how many people complain in their heart, but the third Hokage is in a state of turmoil and can’t avoid it.

The people followed Naruto and walked toward his dormitory. As there was third Hokage along the way, everyone seemed very silent.

Naturally, this kind of atmosphere is also noticed by the third Hokage. However, Naruto is the ‘Jinchuriki’ of Konoha Village. Such an identity, the third Hokage have to attach great importance to Naruto. If there is any wind and grass, they must be vigilant.

Besides, the current Konoha is a very special period. The messenger of Sand Village is on the surface of signing an alliance contract. However, the contract is only a thin piece of paper. There is no effect at all. When it is time to play, it can still be played. Such as the same war, World War II, World War III.

The purpose of Sand Village, the third Hokage is completely unpredictable, can only change their minds, but now Naruto has made him have to pay attention to it. It can be said that the current third Hokage of old people is simply separated. Lack of surgery.

After a short time, Naruto stood with the third Hokage of Konoha village, Ino and other people at the door of his own dormitory.

Looking at such a ruined building and rusty iron gates, a few small strong eyebrows can not help but wrinkled, and some unexpectedly asked: “Naruto, you … you live here?”

“Yes! Although the space is not very large, it is enough to live alone.” The expressions of the people, Naruto have a panoramic view, and they know very well about their actions. They shrugged their shoulders to help explain.

They got Naruto’s answer. Everyone looked at Naruto’s eyes more horrified. Finally, the talented child with more than 200 IQs, Shikamaru’s classmates couldn’t help but swear. “Naruto, how you sleep at night? Don’t you afraid that the house can collapse any time?

And the third Hokage of Konoha on the side of the top of Shikamaru, his face can not help but emerged an abnormal blush, his heart snarled “collapse? How can it… ”

Well, after third Hokage carefully looked at this dangerous building, his face was not only revealed a little silent…

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