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Chapter 35: The Concern of Naruto

Hearing Sasuke’s exhausted words, Naruto couldn’t help but pick up his eyebrows, and then his face again piled up a bad smile and said: “These two bowls of ramen are made by my own hands. I am really sorry, but I believe that our Sasuke will definitely not want to taste the craftsmanship, or will I change two bowls?”

“What! Is this what you do?” Naruto’s words are tantamount to clear skies. Sasuke don’t believe, but after seeing the smirk on Naruto’s face, his face suddenly changed, and he said with a contemptuous voice.

“Don’t be kidding, how can you make such a ramen, If you want to brag at least look for a decent topic.”

However, perhaps the luck of Sasuke today is really good, or maybe someone else made him lucky deliberately. Sasuke’s words has just come out, and a diner sitting in the corner of the ramen noodle restaurant suddenly screamed in surprise.

“Auntie! Why, I feel that after eating ramen noodles this night, my body is full of strength? Hey, little boy, what is going on here? Is there any problem with the ramen you made?”

In a whole sentence, Sasuke only listened. Cleared the ‘small Naruto’, ‘fool’ six keyword eyes, as for the other, Sasuke has automatically chosen to ignore in the brain.

“Is this guy really doing it here? But, How is it possible?!”

At this time, Sasuke thought of this sentence, but he did not pay attention, and did not mean that others were not noticed by him, so he was listening. After the words of the diners, his face could not help but reveal a surprise.

“Is it increased? Is it an illusion or…”

On the other side, after listening the diner’s words, Naruto was also thought, and said in his heart. “If I say that the food I make can temporarily improve your own property news. If this is known, I am afraid I will be controlled immediately…”

Thinking about this, Naruto instantly awakened, and after a chill, he thought that “it seems that the improvement of cooking is still flawed. Before I can control the food properties I have made, I can’t cook in a Le Ramen restaurant!”

Thinking all this, Naruto also completely lost the interest of teasing and so on. He laughed and said: “How can that be possible? Hahaha, it should be an illusion.”

Saying this, Naruto quickly laid down the two bowls of ramen in his hand, and returned to the kitchen again. However, in a hurry he obviously forgotten that the two bowls of ramen that he just made also have a bonus of attributes!

The ramen noodles are delicious, everyone even wants to swallow the tongue together too, but after eating the bowl of ramen, the diners clearly feel that their body is lighter, that feeling is like a person who weighs tens of kilograms and suddenly takes off the weight. Every bone in the body is comfortable to the extreme.

“This… What is going on here? Although it is the same as the one just said, I can clearly feel that my body’s ability to reflect has become stronger, and…” He thought of it, and wrinkles in his brow further deeper.

However, since Sasuke have not been tested, he don’t dare to make a decision. He thought that “I will wait for the younger brother to go home, later, I will look for a place to try.”

I thought of it, I’m full of meaning. After glanced at the celebrities behind the curtains, they took away Sasuke, who had been sluggish after eating ramen, and thought about the house of Uchiha.

However, obviously, I don’t know what happened today. Naruto’s classmates went to such a ramen noodle restaurant one after another.

Sasuke and the two left the forefoot, and Haruno Sakura suddenly came in from outside the ramen noodle restaurant.

“Boss, I want… I want a ramen noodles for a night.”

Sakura’s voice is stunned, and she doesn’t want to be in the original. It’s always hot, and even the character is the same as the original “Violence Sakura”.

Her first impression of Naruto was inferiority and extreme inferiority. Among her friends, only Ino, who is usually in school, always follows the buttocks of Ino in a small tail.

Because of the various performances of Haruno Sakura, Naruto almost did not recognize the ‘violent cherry’ in the original.

Fortunately, the previous Naruto’s fascination with Naruto, the information about the various characters in Naruto has long been memorized, knowing that Haruno Sakura was ridiculed as ‘wide forehead’ when he was a child, so he always used his own bangs to make his own The brain is covered, and people are also very inferior.

If there is an infield, she will probably continue to be inferior.

After hearing the voice of Sakura, Naruto picked up an eyebrow and thought of “Auntie, how did this hoe come? And, it seems like a person ran over.”

Thinking of it, Naruto After the curtain, he found his head and looked at him alone. After standing at the counter in front of Sakura, he quickly shouted,

“Hey, Sakura, how come you?” “Ah, sing… sing… people “When Naruto saw the head from the curtain, Chunno Sakura was obviously scared. After returning to God, there was a trace of horror on his face. The body did not consciously retreat two sentences before explaining.” That, my parents went out to work, didn’t come back tonight, so…so…”

Speaking of it, Haruno Sakura turned a corner, and the face of doubts rushed to Naruto and asked, “Yes, Ming… Naruto Jun “You…you are this…”

“This, just like what you saw, now I am caught by the boss here.” Here, Naruto’s face is bitter, but in Naruto’s voice. When I first fell, a big casserole fist suddenly fell on his head, then only Hand voice suddenly pass out from behind the curtain.

“Stinky boy, don’t say bad things behind others. Who said that this is a matter of hard work. This is what we agreed to.”

“Yes, yes, uncle.”

Behind the people, they are caught in the current situation. Naruto couldn’t help but smile, and quickly transferred the topic and said,

“Right, Sakura, you want to fish and face it.” “Well, yes.”

“That’s good, wait a moment, please try it later .” Taste my craft.” Saying, Naruto smiled and retracted his head back to the curtain.

When I heard Naruto’s ‘self-proclaimed’, I asked Haruno Sakura to eat ramen, and I didn’t blame it when I hit the hand. I just said happily to Chunno Sakura, “You should be a student of Xiao Ming’s, tell you, you can have a good mouth today. Suddenly…” When I

talked, I didn’t care about the answer from Haruno Sakura. I brainstormed all the words I wanted to say, just like an old man who was very old and very talkative.

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