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Chapter 34: Provocative Sasuke

For this group of diners, what they were waiting for was just a small meeting?

It was the thought of all of them, but after hearing the rhythmic beats in the kitchen, everyone couldn’t help but be fascinated.

And as Teuchi said, this group of diners is indeed waited whole day in this Le Ramen pavilion, to eat the delicious ramen…

“Ah… finally we will get to eat, really great!”

“It’s the taste, with no way out!”

Yes, yes, since yesterday haven’t eaten, no matter what flavor get to eat back at home…… not feel.”

Just like a hungry wolf, all the diners are full of happiness eating ramen, stuttering and unclear. At the same time, when they look at Naruto, they are no longer indifferent, or even disgusted. On the contrary, there is a hint of fanaticism in their eyes.

What is a civilian? They live and work in peace and contentment, so they are jealous of rumors, but they can give up their dignity for their own interests, and even let go of their hatred towards Naruto.

At this time, the ramen made by Naruto is their main interests, and they don’t remember what fox? and Who almost destroy the village?

The power of food is far beyond people’s imagination!

When Naruto saw a group of diners gathered in the ramen noodle restaurant, Naruto’s face was full of headaches, and his face could not help but reveal a smug smile.

“Big Brother, it’s really lively!” Just as Naruto was complacent, a tender voice suddenly came from the door of the ramen noodle restaurant.

Hearing the immature voice, Naruto is very familiar with it. It’s his classmates voice.

Sasuke at this time was not as cold as the original, and the reason may be because the Uchiha family has not been annihilated, and he has not defected.

However, although he is not so cold, but in school, he is still very cold, and there is always some arrogance on his face of being a ‘big family children’.

It is also because of this arrogance, so these days, Naruto and Sasuke are not so friendly in school.

After the voice of Sasuke had just fallen, a slightly mature voice came in again.

“Well, it’s weird. I remember that it wouldn’t be so lively before.” The sound is cold, but Naruto who perceives clearly can feel the kind of love contained in the voice, and his heart can’t help but vent to “Sure enough, Sasuke and Itachi really love each other…”

He thought of it here, in the mind of Naruto, a brother figure appeared, and he give a disgusting look.

After a cold fight, Naruto wiped the sweat from his head and forced his attention. He looked at the diners in the noodle restaurant and tried to play his cooking skills.

“Look, you will be busy in the future.”

“You, this little devil, spare me.”

When he heard Naruto, his face turned a bit awkward, and some annoyedly said: “I don’t think they will give me this small noodle restaurant. It’s good to take it apart.”

“Hey… What should I do?” Apparently, when Naruto’s voice came out, it caused a meditation on Teuchi. After frowning and thinking for a long while, he sighed and said: “Hey, people are old, I don’t have the ability of your little guy, but your Ninja school is very early school. After school, come over and help me. As for the diners, I will inform you.”

“Well, No problem, then you can’t bother to fight Uncle.”

“Boss, give me two bowls of seafood ramen, please.” When Naruto and his hands exchanged, the sound of snoring sounded again.

When he heard the shouting, his hand responded with a reflexive response.

“Okay, please wait!” Then he moved his eyes to Naruto. The meaning is self-evident.

“Well, hard work.”

It’s hard to wait for the group of greedy diners. Naruto’s sneak peek finally has a rest time, but now he got a fart and a ramen. When he think of it, Naruto’s face is bitter, then he pulled his head back. And made the Ramen in front of the chopping board.

Although after a busy time, Naruto’s cooking has been upgraded to a higher level, and the speed of making food has increased. Now the food he produced is not only the addition of delicious attributes, but also the rest of the attributes. Adding layers, except that the effect of these layers is very weak, if you don’t pay attention to it, I am afraid I can’t feel it at all.

[Ting… Successfully made a gourmet seafood ramen, with a skill of +5, the best seafood ramen: delicious +25 and after use, the agility attribute +1, lasts 30 minutes.]

With advanced cooking, in less than 5 minutes, Naruto prepaired two bowls of freshly baked noodles with a layer property plus the effect of Naruto.

Thanks to yesterday’s events, the diners at the ramen noodle restaurant could hardly feel the weakening of Naruto’s heart, so the thing that sent ramen was always Naruto.

Of course, this is also the intention of Teuchi, but it is because of the desire to let Naruto contact them more or because they want to be lazy, this is open to question.

Therefore, he know that his hand is in a ‘resting’ state. After Naruto only sigh, He bring two bowls of freshly baked ramen to Sasuke. He very polite said: “Oh, Sasuke, How come you are eating at this ‘small place’ today?”

“…sound like…Naruto?” Seeing Naruto’s figure, Sasuke was shocked, but then immediately reflected, and screamingly said to Naruto.

“You can’t control my affairs, but why do you appear here… hmm?”

Sasuke’s words just finished, and a touch of incense suddenly swooped into his nose, not just Sasuke, even the cold belly of the cold face rang a roar.


“Hey, Sasuke, it seems that you are not hungry, how about, do you want to taste this delicious ramen?”

Seeing Sasuke’s embarrassment, Naruto’s face showed a hint of play, and then raised his hand inside. Two bowls of ramen.

At this time, Sasuke, who was stunned by anger, did not have any reflection. The two eyes were staring at the ramen in the hand of Naruto, and the line of sight moved along with the movement of the ramen.

However, just for a moment, Sasuke regained control of his own sight. He couldn’t bear to endure his eyes from the pull surface and twisted his head to the side. Great, this is not what you do, we are the diners here, the customer is God for us!”

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