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Chapter 33: The Same Ramen restaurant

“Yes, but…” Hearing the question from Ino, Naruto took the handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his forehead. He rushed to the field and raised her handkerchief. His face showed a happy smile and said: “Thank you for your handkerchief.”

“No, nothing.” Looking at the face of Naruto, his sun-like smile was all the time, and Ino was obsessed with it for a while, waiting for her senses to return. After that, her face turned red, and she slammed a sentence.

“No, I don’t mean that, I am going to class, let’s go to the classroom soon.”

Then she turned into a ‘flying man’ and drags a bit on the ground. After the usual exhaust, she disappeared from Naruto’s sight.

“Hey, Ino should be fine, how can I feel that she is not normal.”

When Naruto was looking at the back of fleeing Ino, at the same time, Shikamaru opened his eyes and asked lazily.

Being disturbed by Shikamaru, Naruto was very impatient and grinned. He looked at Shikamaru with a sullen look and said: “I don’t know if this guy is a enchanting IQ above 200. But it come out, almost an idiot than an idiot!”

“This… can this blame me? What is the use of IQ? I don’t know what other people think.” Hearing the sarcasm of Naruto, Shikamaru’s face turned awkward and he forced himself to defend.

However, it is obvious that Shikamaru’s defense did not play any role. Naruto looked at his eyes still, which made Shikamaru feel pressure, and after a small drop of cold sweat on his forehead, he quickly made an excuse. It’s gone.

Although Shikamaru is only 5 or 6 years old at this time, but it can make him feel so embarrassed, I am afraid that only Naruto is alone.

“Friends…what is not bad, at least it feels very comfortable.”

Looking at the back of Shikamaru’s departure, Naruto’s mouth evoked a smile and didn’t want to be so sunny, but revealed a strange look. A trace of evil spirits.

———————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————

Afternoon course, um, how to say it… It should be regarded as a mental torture to Naruto, although it is only one hour, but Naruto When he heard the ringing of the class, the tears that were almost excited were left.

“Well… In the evening, Naruto went to help his uncle Teuchi, after completing the last two daily tasks.”

Thinking of this, Naruto ran out of school without regard to the teacher who had serious tugging.

Ino looked at Naruto’s ‘Monkey rush’ back, and his mouth was slightly opened. She wanted to shout, but she couldn’t help and think of Naruto’s hand touch on her forehead, and she couldn’t help but blush at the moment. When she was about to call, she swallowed it back, and looked at the back of Naruto, revealing a bit of resentment.

“Naruto is really a mixed egg. If you go so fast, don’t you know what people are waiting for?”

Although Ino complained in her heart, her face is not revealing except for some abnormal red then the rest of the look.

Some of hesitant teacher who watched that Naruto had left, he had to shut up and coughed twice and announced. “Okay, students, today’s class is here. I hope everyone after going home, review the knowledge you have learned today. When you come to the class tomorrow, the teacher will conduct a small assessment!”

“Oh! After school! We finally going home!” Although most of the people who are doing belong to the future ninja, but the Silky childish hearts are inevitable at this time, so after hearing the teacher’s announcement of the ‘class’ instruction, they all exclaimed, and then, like the previous Naruto, could not wait to run out of the classroom and rush to the home.

As for what teacher said just now, what to assess tomorrow, except for a small number of students who love to study, no one listen to this sentence.

Everyday tasks are treading water and running. This is already a light-hearted journey for Naruto. In just one hour, Naruto has completely ended the last two daily tasks of today.

After completing the daily tasks, Naruto came to the Le Ramen Pavilion again according to the plan.

“Uncle, I have come to help you tonight.”

“Oh, it really good, if you do not come, I am afraid that this old noodle shopswould have been torn down.”

When Naruto arrived, there was a hint of surprise on his face, and then he said with a smile, and his eyes were still on the front desk full of the crowd.

Today, the ramen noodle restaurant is very hot. At this time, the meal time has not arrived yet, and the ramen noodle restaurant is full. Although the space inside the Le Ramen noodle restaurant is not large, but it is not too small. It has ordinary space, around 50 or 60 people can sit.

However, after being surrounded by this group of people, the location of the ramen noodle restaurant was somewhat useless and very crowded.

Seeing the vision in the Le Ramen noodle restaurant, Naruto’s face showed a trace of doubts. He incomprehensibly asked: “Uncle Teuchi…what is going on here?”

“Hey, I still don’t blame you, this little devil.” Hearing the address of Naruto, Teuchi did not come and snorted, but his tone was not cold, on the contrary, there was a trace of pride.

With the performance of Teuchi, Naruto is more confused, his heart is like a paw in the general, and repeatedly urged the “Fighting, you don’t sell off, hurry.”

“These guys are yesterday’s diners, who eat the ramen that you made yesterday. They are waited until you come, but they have not left in one step. I am afraid that they would leave without eating ramen made by you. No matter what I say them, it doesn’t work.”

Here, his face is exposed. A thick slap, even his tone of the speech became weird, and he continued.

“Today, they have been hungry for a whole day, I think, if you never come, they will wait.”

“…. is that the case,… then I am going to do ramen now!” Naruto felt the abnormality of Teuchi, and Naruto who had not come from the cool chrysanthemum, quickly transferred the topic, and then waited for Teuchi to make any reflection, and they rushed into the kitchen.

And next to Naruto entering the kitchen, a very rhythmic sound of ‘bounce… bounce…. bounce… bounce… bounce…’ sound came from the kitchen.

At arrival of Naruto, the diners who have been in the Le Ramen noodle restaurant for a whole day are naturally clear, but they do not have any urgency, and wait patiently.

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