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Chapter 32: Cultivating Ino

Next Day.

In the class, Ino waited for the blond kid in white casual clothes. If she can kill with her eyes, today Naruto must has been killed by her many times.

Naruto just ‘attentively’ listening to the teacher with a look of baby.

“Crap, can you not concentrate on class? This is the class of brother Iruka. If you give him a sigh of relief, then he still has to spare himself…”

Well, in short, Iruka is singing. The hearts of the people are still very majestic, not only that, but also in the rest of the classmates in the class, except for the wells who have always hated this early morning, they are not distracted or sleeping.

Iruka attends classes, his requirements for students are very strict, anyone will be unlucky, so…

“Ino, you repeat what I just said!”

“Ah…oh, that…” Ino heard her own name, and obviously get shocked. When her senses returned to class, she found that all the classmates’ attention was on her, so she couldn’t help but look at Iruka and said: “That, Teacher Iluka, just now, I…”

“Ninjutsu is to refine Chakra…” When she was in trouble at repeating, a very low voice floated into her ears from the front, waiting for Ino to look at it. At that time, she found that Naruto was squinting at her and pointing to her own book.

When she saw Naruto’s action, Ino was instantly aware. As a child of Konoha family, some basic common sense of the ninja has long been memorized. So when she got the reminder of Naruto, Ino quickly said: “Ninjutsu, It is a kind of technique released by refining Chakra, and it is also the most widely used type and versatile. It is the basics of becoming a ninja. According to the type and control method of Chakra, it can also be divided into combining the nature of Chakra’s ‘nature changes’ and changing the ‘morphological changes’ of Chakra’s form.”

“Well, it’s very good. It seems that your foundation is still sound, but it’s not a good behavior to go to class.”

When Iruka heard that Ino was so smooth, he repeated the words he just said, and Iruka’s eyes were exposed a little gratified, but then, his eyes turned to Naruto’s body, and said: “Naruto, just because of your reminder, so go to the playground for 5 laps!”

“Ah… no, Big brother Iruka.” Hearing Iruka’s words, Naruto stared at Iruka with bitter expression.

However, it is obvious that Naruto did not play any role at all. Iruka’s decision was very firm: “Hurry up! Obeying the order is basics of being a ninja!”

“Oh, okay…” Hearing Iruka directly moved the rules of the ninja, Naruto had to stand up and walk outside the classroom.

I have to say that even if the infield character is more mature, but in general Ino, who is watching Naruto’s back leave the classroom, her face reveals her own blame, her head is low, she bites her lip, and her eyes instantly turned rosy.

She stand up, Naruto naturally paid attention to it, so he made a face in the field, he opened his mouth, and spit out a few silent words, cause of which Ino suddenly burst into laughter.

[Ting…… Ino is good to the host +2, please host the great Crystal Palace to make persistent efforts!]

At the same time as Naruto smiled, once again the indifference sound of the system heard in Naruto’s ear. As a result, Naruto was naturally happy, and suddenly forgot Iruka’s punishment for himself and left the classroom with a cheerful pace.

———————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————

At noon, after lunch, Naruto came to the rooftop alone and continued to carry out the daily tasks that had not yet been completed.

Daily Task 4: 1W times weight-bearing punches, requirements: 5 kg for each left and right hand. Complete the reward: experience +10.

Compared with yesterday, this daily task is less painful on the fist face of hitting the wooden stake, but 1W times of heavy weight throwing punches, it will definitely sucked Naruto half life!

After arriving at the rooftop station, Naruto no longer spoke and immediately began to act.


At the beginning, Naruto gave a quick punch with strong strength, but as time went by, Naruto’s speed of punching slowly slowed down and the strength slowly weakened.


Unexpectedly, Naruto still waved more than a thousand punches. In every punch, Naruto used his greatest strength, so now, Naruto can be said to have become a sweaty man. There is more than sweat, but his eyes are still firm, and he continues to punch one after another.

In the boxing of Naruto’s self-forgetting, Ino did not know when she appeared quietly in the shade of the side, kneeling on the ground, her hands lined her head, and a pair of pure bi-colored eyes showed a touch of fascination.

“Sure enough, I knew little ruler would be here!”

“Ino, Naruto come here to train every day, but how come you will appear here every day peek?”

Although Shikamaru has a high IQ which is more than 200 enchanting, but, in terms of emotional problems, Shikamaru is not as enchanting as IQ, um… How to say it? In terms of feelings, Shikamaru can be said to be a gluten. Not too much, but a puzzled characted in matter of feelings.

When she heard the inquiry from Shikamaru, Ino cycled her eyebrows, with her unhappy gimmick she said: “I don’t care about you, let me take a quiet look!”

“Woman… It’s really trouble, forget it, you slowly look, I slept for a while.”

Hearing the accusation of Ino, Shikamaru was lazy and turned a blank eye, then lay down on the side and faked it.


“Snoring…snoring…” Unconsciously, the three hours passed, and Naruto finally struggled to complete the 10,000-swinging mission. After the punch, Naruto took a deep breath and took a few breaths. With his tired pace walked toward Ino.

Seeing that Naruto is caming, Ino was very shrewd and greeted him. She took out a handkerchief from her blade and handed it to Naruto. “It’s looks like you have increased your workout a lot today.”

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