Source system Naruto ch 31

Chapter 31: Ino

Haruno Sakura’s affection for Naruto is only 30, which is still growing. At this point, Naruto did not feel too much excited.

But the good feelings of Ino have reached an astonishing 77 points. This is a big surprise to Naruto. Naruto and Ino are not too much in contact these days, only occasionally in leisure time, they talk about two sentences.

“It’s weird, it won’t be a system error, but the feeling of goodness has reached 77…”

Naruto felt it unreal and his heart was groaning, but just after Naruto finished, system’s cold voice suddenly heard in his ear.

[“Don’t question the system, Yamanaka and Ino has a good feelings towards the host.”]

“… No, why?” Hearing the voice of the system, Naruto couldn’t help but asked his query. But his system apparently did not intend to give any response, and did not say anything for a long time.

Although it took a long time to get the system, but for the system’s so cold character, Naruto knows it a little, so there is no disappointment. Instead, he has some self-satisfied thoughts.

“Sure enough, I’m full of mighty domineering. Inadvertently, attracted a small loli.”

In fact, Naruto does not know that although the children of this world are generally precocious, but precocious puberty is limited. Even in the case of Ino, usually When she communicate with Naruto, Ino always felt a feeling of ‘brother’ from Naruto. From this time, Ino had a good feeling for Naruto.

However, because Naruto has not obtained a good sensitivity system at this time, it is naturally unclear.

As for why the degree of Ino’s goodwill suddenly reaches at the amazing level of 77, it is necessary to talk about the essence of this world. In this world, strength is respected, and life is the most worthless thing. If Ino did not find out about Naruto’s hard ‘exercise’ routine, or if Naruto would be generally lazy like before getting the system, then this good feelings of Ino on Naruto will always end below 50, which belongs to the level of brothers and sisters.

Moreover, the goodwill of this class will continue to weaken with the passage of time, and finally end at becoming strangers.

All of this is what Naruto doesn’t know. However, what he thinking in his mind at this time is actually…

Think of it here, Naruto feels that he is evil, but it seems to be in line with the evil thoughts of Naruto, the system’s indifferent voice appears again in Naruto Ears.

“Hey… trigger special missions – Loli’s development 1: Please host in half a month, let the goodness of Yamanaka Ino breakthrough 85. Mission reward: special draw +1, task point +100 / failure penalty: task point -100, special title – I am Yangshuo (Before 30 years old, Ding Ding can not grow, and can’t do mating).”

“Hey… trigger special characters – Loli’s development 2: Please host within half a month, let Sakura Haruno break the 80’s good feelings to the host. Mission reward: mission point +100, ordinary draw +1/Failure penalty: Task point -100, randomly lowers a skill level.”

“Hey, I just think about it, is it necessary to post such a horrible task? And what is the title of Yangshuo? This is a threat! It’s definitely a threat!” After hearing the system’s prompts, Naruto only felt a cold breeze under his arm.

Although Naruto is now reborn in a world full of Japanese men, little Ding Ding is very normal for him to know. But after the mission failed, Naruto’s Ding Ding at the age of 30, he can’t grow up for 25 years!

You must know that the current Naruto is six years old, even if his talent is strong, but how old is his 6 years old Ding Ding? Therefore, after hearing the system’s prompts, Naruto couldn’t help but scream at system’s unscrupulousness, and at the same time, he was determined in his heart. “Absolutely, the second Loli does not matter, but the development in the field of Loli. It… absolutely must be completed!”

Thinking of this, Naruto’s mind was once again alive, and the pace of progress could not help but slow down until he said: “Getting up so early, I get used to it?

“Uh… still, okay.” When she heard Naruto’s similar concern, the pink face of Ino, who was in the darkness of the heart, quickly became red, and looked down at her own baby fat.

Looking at Ino’s shy face, Naruto’s face flashed a hint of surprise, his trimmed brows quipped. “Hey! How come your face turned so red, do you have a fever.”

Naruto said this and also extended his right hand to cover the head of Ino, and he start measuring Ino’s teprature concentratively.

She felt the palm of Naruto on her forehead, and she couldn’t help but feel a dizzy stun in front of Naruto. Although Ino was very shy at this time, but she didn’t want to think of herself faint in shame, so she quickly swayed her head. After getting released from Naruto’s touch, her body quickly moved to the side for two steps, and she said with a smaller voice than the mosquito.

“That, Nar… Naruto, I am fine… you quickly go to the classroom, or you will be get late.”

In panic, Ino was completely flustered. After she finished speaking, she pulled the small hand of Haruno Sakura behind her and flew toward the school. She no longer gave any reciting opportunities to Naruto.

And looking at Ino flee back in panic, Naruto giggled in his heart silently and at the same time, he shouted in place.

“Ino, slow down, now is still early, do not run so fast!”

However, hearing the shouts of Naruto, she felt ashamed and angry in her heart, and also shouted in her heart.

“Naruto, you big fool! Bastard!”

Afterwards, not only did her footsteps slow down, but it getted faster, and the dust was dragged behind her. In a blink of an eye she completely disappeared from the sight of Naruto. Her speed was fast, and even the people felt the taste of dust on their tongue.

[Ting …… Ino Yamanaka host favorability +2.]

An Ino’s figure disappeared in the line of sight of Naruto, the prompt sound of system again heard in Naruto’s ears. Hearing the system prompt, Naruto’s mouth hook up with a nice smile, he thought of “… It seems pretty good!”

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