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Chapter 29: The Return of Hidden Cloud Village

When he think of it, Naruto can’t help but feel excited. Naruto, who is familiar with the plot, is very clear that on the day of graduation from Ninja School, he would get the opportunity to steal the forbidden seal scroll from Hokage.

Naruto chose ‘Yes’ without hesitation. After Naruto had just chosen it, the golden light flashed, and the whole person fell into the mysterious state again.

But this time the state lasted for a short time, almost a few breaths of time, Naruto became completely awake.

Naruto who wakes up, the first time is to open his own attribute template.

Name: Naruto

Identity: Jinchuriki

Blood line: Uzumaki clan

Level: 2

Strength: 12 (Ordinary Adult: 10)

Physical Strength : 13 (Ordinary Adult: 10)

Agility: 9 (Ordinary Adult: 10)

Spirit: 36 (ordinary adults: 10)

chakras: 590/590

experience : 35/1000

weapons: no

combat skills: Chakra extraction (primary: 58/100), three-body technique(S-level: MAX), instantaneous Surgery (B grade: 1/10000), Demonic illusion – False surrounding technique(C grade: 0/1000), illusion – fox heart (C grade: 0/1000)

Life skills: cooking (intermediate: 710/ 1000)

Task point: 80

comprehensive evaluation: Weak as chicken, with fighting power around 5!

However, after watching his own attribute template, Naruto found out that the two illusion scrolls that were not issued in the system had disappeared. He thought that when he got the seal book and learned, then the seal will disappear…”

After thinking of it, Naruto had to give up his previous plans. After all, although there are still five years left before the beginning of the plot, but Naruto have no confidence that whether he can improve his strength to confront a village in coming five years.

Otaku did not have the problem of bed bugs, so in peacetime, Naruto just lay in bed, and quickly entered in sleep.

After entering sleep, Chakra extraction automatically start working in his body, but so far, Naruto’s Chakra has reached an astonishing 690, but the differentiation between ninjas is still unknown.

Naruto has questioned the system more than once that what extent his strength is, but his system’s answer has always been a simple four-word ‘self-exploration’, which makes Naruto’s heart abandon. But he believes that Chakra’s total amount of 690, which can already be exhausted a lot, and of course, this is only what Naruto thinks.

In the early morning, the sun has not yet risen. Naruto has opened his eyes because of the biological clock. After getting up and washing, he looks at Kurenai who is still sleeping. His face not only showed a bitter smile, but he shakes his head with disappointment. He silently spit in his heart “You tell me you will wake me up, but in the end, I woke up, and you are still sleeping, really lazy pig, big lazy pig…”

Thinking about Kurenai’s last night promise, Naruto walked into the kitchen and began to prepare breakfast for himself and Kurenai who was still asleep.

As the first Ninja village in the world, Konoha is very strict in the school system. Although there is no cruel teaching plan like the Ninja School in the Hidden Mist village, it is indeed much stricter than the general village.

At least, from the students’ rest time schedule, this is indeed the case. After a day of rest yesterday, the Ninja School started normal classes again today.

After a brief cook of some white rice porridge, after satisfying his appetite, Naruto left a note for Kurenai and left her house.

Although the Ninja School is still not so early, but Naruto has to complete his today’s daily tasks too.

The nightmare-like daily task, giving pain, but Naruto is enjoying this kind of torture from the muscles.

In the middle of trees, Naruto’s sweat is raining. In an hour, he completed two tasks that could obtain the mission point. Then he took the time to go back to his broken dormitory and simply cleaned his sweaty body. After wearing the ‘variety god coat’ that became the white royal robes, he rushed to the Ninja School.

“Hey, Naruto, you still as early as ever.”

Walking on the road, Naruto was a little absent-minded, thinking of the words that Kurenai had said to Asuma last night, and the promise she made to him, his heart had become a mess.

At this time, someone put his hand on Naruto’s shoulder. When he turned to look, he found Shikamaru with his still a lazy face, holding a bottle of milk in his hand. Then, Naruto touched the back of his head and said: “Oh, Shikamaru, I didn’t expect you to come so early today.”

“Don’t you know? Yesterday’s messenger of Cloud Village come to our village and say that it is to discuss matters concerning the peace treaty, so my father wake me up early this time, don’t let the guys see me as joke.” Speaking of here, Shikamaru was very troubled and grinned his teeths, and then he speak to Naruto.

“How come, you are looking so absent-minded, what have you been thinking?”

“Nothing.” Hearing Shikamaru’s inquiry, Naruto’s heart was still touched, but he did not intend to talk about his troubles. So he quickly transferred the topic and asked: “Right, you just said that the messenger of Cloud Village came to our village?”

Shikamaru is a very lazy person. When he saw Naruto seems to be interested in the group of messengers of Cloud Village, He couldn’t help but pick up his eyebrows, and said: “Yes, yesterday Ninja school holiday is also because of this reason, the teachers went to the ceremony to meet the group of guys.”

“So?” Naruto nod with understanding, and then he thought of the “Hidden Cloud Village, and why they come? He remember that the original book seems to mention that the people of Cloud Village come for the ‘Byakugan eyes’ in the Konoha village, and Hinata was almost caught by then. But she was rescued by the father of Neji Hyuga… ”

Thinking about this, Naruto instantly got alert, and his cold eyes disappeared, and the corner of his mouth evoked a very interesting smile.

“Hidden Cloud Village…sounds interesting, I don’t know when they will start.”

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