Source system Naruto ch 28

Chapter 28: The Surprise Brought by the System

Naruto has to say that in front of the food, Kurenai’s lady charm, her ninja skills, She all put it down. All three dishes and one soup, she finished in less than a moment, very clear that you can see your reflection in the plate.

After eating Naruto’s food, Kurenai looked at Naruto with some hesitation and said: “This is finished, it’s a pity…”

“Kurenai sister, you said that you will help me out the ‘surprise’ in the sealed scroll.” Looking at the hesitant look on Kurenai’s face, Naruto turned very speechless and quickly returned to the topic.

When Kurenai heard Naruto re-raising the gift, She thought of it again, and couldn’t help but burst into a pretty red. Then Kurenai took the sealed scroll placed on the side and made a ‘tiger’ print on her hand.


Chakra flowed to Kurenai’s hand, and then the seal reel made a strange noise. With the rise of the smoke, 20 small darts, five bitter and three Ninjutsu reels showed their physique from the smoke.

“The sealed scroll is usually a ninja out, used to seal up items or props of the target level. It is not difficult to use. It is usually sealed with ‘Horse’ and ‘Tiger’ printed out, very simple.” After the ‘gift’ in the scroll taken out, Kurenai became a teacher, and it was very introductory.

After introducing the use and usage of the seal reel, Kurenai took the two Ninjutsu scrolls and said: “The two Ninjutsu scrolls are one of the gifts for you but since you don’t know what your Chakra property is. This ninjutsu, I sent to you is about the illusion of the spiritual system. You must know that this two ninjutsu are C-level illusions.

Here, Kurenai throws a playful wink to Naruto, followed by a look of ‘Come on now’, slightly compared to the eyes, as if waiting for Naruto’s exclamation.

However, obviously, Naruto is afraid that she will be disappointed. Looking at Kurenai’s smug look, Naruto has not come to pout, and had some thoughts in his heart like, “Illusion? Or C-class ninjutsu… Ah, it’s totally useless.”

Of course, Naruto didn’t say it out loud, or he couldn’t guarantee that Kurenai would run away after hearing it, but he just kept Kurenai and without paying any attention, he took the very clean plate and walked towards the kitchen.

Kurenai waited for a long time in the same place and did not hear the screams of Naruto. When she felt strange in her heart, she suddenly heard the footsteps of Naruto’s drifting away, and secretly opened her left eye and saw Naruto in the Kitchen. Naruto’s attention was not at her at all, but instead, after the plates were packed and ready to eat, he was angry.

Well, Kurenai admits, this is a wave of anger. She was staring at Naruto’s back and suddenly said in a sullen voice.

“Hey, kid, have you heard me?”

“Oh, listen, listen… …”

Apparently, Kurenai anomaly was neglected by Naruto. It was just a careless gesture, and during the period, Naruto was too lazy to turn around, so he was miserable.

Ignore women, with very rude behavior, ignoring women is very dangerous!

Therefore, after being completely ignored by Naruto, Kurenai was very dissatisfied with his behavior, took a catwalk, and she walked silently to Naruto’s body. Kurenai’s beautiful black hair had no wind, and it looked like if it was on the head. Paired with two devil horns, with the bat wings on the back, take off a female demon who came out of hell.


The screams that broke through the sky came out from Kurenai’s villa. Naruto proved it with reality. The woman still cares about her own existence. If anyone dares to ignore it, the price… is very serious!

Finally, there was blue smoke with a hot bag on the head, and the messy Naruto looked like ‘I am a baby’, he was sitting on the sofa in the hall, watching Kurenai’s eyes. If it’s not his eyes that show a horror from time to time, I’m afraid people will think that he is completely attracted by the charm of Kurenai.

Okay, at this time, Naruto’s heart is sorrowing, and his heart thinks.

“This…this woman, is Kurenai had a violent character in the original? Is there? No! But Why she is so violent. ……”

And then Kurenai saw Naruto’s very honest cow look like a very satisfied nod. Looking at Naruto Kurenai said: “Good, these are the gifts I gave you, how are you feeling, surprised?”

“Wow, really? Are these for me? Kurenai sister, I am so surprised!” With the lessons of the past, Although Naruto looked down on the so-called ‘gift’, his face still showed a ‘flattered’ look, but this acting… looks very awkward, and it is simply exaggerated.

But even so, she still revealed a sweet smile, and then said: “Ah.., well, I think now the time is too late, so you stay here for tonight.”

“Well, However, tomorrow is your school…”

“Don’t worry, tomorrow, your sister will call you, take a rest, your room is… the first room on the left side of the second floor.”

Kurenai stood up, look some lazy and sleepy, she went upstairs while yawning.

If you are Kurenai, the current Naruto will not dare to disobey. Otherwise, this violent woman may make you a big meal to enjoy, so watching Kurenai’s back, Naruto just shook his head and sighed. It looks like a grandfather who is over half a year old, then climbs up from the sofa and shakes the whole body to climb to the second floor.

[“Ding… You found the C-level illusion scroll – Demonic illusion: False surroundings technique, whether to learn. Yes / No”]

[“Ding … You found C-level illusion scroll – the fox heart, whether to learn. Yes / No”]

Into Kurenai’s Room, Naruto just opened the template of the upgrade system, and his ear suddenly sounded two tips.

When he heard the prompt, Naruto shot a bright light from both eyes and looked at the two Ninjutsu scrolls that Kurenai gave him. He was surprised by the thought that, “this…not the system rewards the Ninjutsu scroll can also be learned systematically? If I later got the seal book of Konoha Village, then it is not…”

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