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Chapter 27: Pink and Ragdoll

Along the way, Kurenai and Naruto joked, and in a short time came to the door of a luxurious residence.

Of course, the luxury of this house is only for those who live in the hotel in Naruto. If you look at the Japanese family or Uchiha people, I am afraid you will sneer.

“Well, here is the home of sister Kurenai.” Seeing the shocking dead eyes of Naruto, Kurenai also showed a pair of ‘arrogant’ expressions, and said: “It’s not bad, this is my hard work over the years.”

“No wonder, the lady who is a singer will live in such a house.” Although he saw this slightly luxurious home at first. Naruto is a little shocked, but this does not mean that Naruto is ignorant. Although the status of the family in the village is not as good as that of Uchiha and Nisshin, but the strength of the family is not weak, how can she not live in this house?

However, after seeing the proud look on Kurenai’s face, Naruto responded, and couldn’t help but feel a little funny. “The cold-blooded ‘big sister’ who just faced flying Asuma’s face would show such an expression, I’m afraid it’s flying. Asuma will be shocked when he sees it.

Naruto thinks this in his mind, smiled like a small tail, and walks behind Kurenai into the house.

Naruto just wanted to laugh, but when he walks into the house, he completely shocked.

Pink! All walls in the house are lovely pink, which is just a porch. After entering the hall, watching the ragdoll on the floor, Naruto’s eyes couldn’t help but reveal a strange look.

After seeing the weird look in Naruto’s eyes, Kurenai immediately responded and screamed, She sighed with her small embarrassed face and said: “Ah, you little devil, turn around, you are not allowed to see!”

Being a guilty conscience, ignoring the ear, this is the real self of Kurenai, and at the same time secretly remorse and thought: “Real failure, even completely forgot to take care these little things, if I knew that I should come back one step ahead at first to get rid of all these things.”

She thought of it here, her face turned reddish again. Then, shadow were used, and the ones in the hall were quickly placed. The doll was quickly thrown into her room.


The sound of the slamming door was very loud, and then Kurenai sighed with relief. Then she said to the Naruto.

“Okay, come over.”

“…” After hearing Kurenai’s words, Naruto turned his body. Looking at Kurenai’s red face, He didn’t know what to say for a while, and the atmosphere reached the extreme.

At this time, Kurenai passed through the scene just now, and her heart was ashamed to the extreme, her eyes drifted around.

Finally, in this strange atmosphere, Naruto said: “Umm, Sister Kurenai, I didn’t expect you to like those…”

When it comes to this, Naruto know that if he said anything, Kurenai will kill him.

Sure enough, it seems to confirm the general thoughts of Naruto, Kurenai immediately smashed, staring at Naruto with a pair of red flaming eyes, she gave a fierce warning to “Just not to say to others, Otherwise…”

Speaking of this, Kurenai placed a small wooden cup on the coffee table held in her hand, and then…

‘Boom’, the small wooden cup shattered and turned into a different wood residue.


Looking at Kurenai’s hand, Naruto felt his legs trembled, and thought of “This grip… I will not be scrapped if I suddenly come to this place when I am giving it to myself.”

At this point, Naruto was like a chicken and glutinous rice. He nodded and then quickly transferred the topic. He took out the sealed scroll sent by the noon and handed it to Kurenai. “Yes, Sister Kurenai, this…”

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Seeing the sealed scroll that Naruto took out, Kurenai remembered the business, and then swept back and forth in Naruto’s tender face with the ‘unscrupulous’ look. “Oh, Little devil, you see, your sister is waiting for you, I haven’t eaten yet, my stomach is hungry, I can’t use Chakra.”


“What is the relationship between Chakra and hunger? Why I haven’t heard of it!”

Hearing the very simple excuse of Kurenai, Naruto’s heart is full of spit. However, as early as before, Naruto had already prepared for it, so when the real thing was revealed, it was only helplessly turning a blind eye, and consciously entered the kitchen.

Dang dang…

After entering the kitchen, in less than a moment, the kitchen remembered a crisp symphony… No, this is the sound of the collision of kitchen utensils, but the strange thing is that this sound is like a sea monster. Generally, it is fascinating.

Attracted by the charming symphony of the kitchen, Kurenai couldn’t help but get up and look at the kitchen. When she saw the busy Naruto through the door of the kitchen, Kurenai was completely attracted.

Because of the height, Naruto at this time can only barely reach to the table when standing on the stool, so the look is very funny at this time, but this kind of funny ‘the chef’ that is distributed in Naruto under the cover of the breath, it is not so eye-catching. On the contrary, every move of Naruto is so noble.

Although the two contradictory temperaments are reflected in Naruto, Kurenai does not feel any discomfort.

“This little devil, maybe a chef is really suitable for him, letting such a little devil go to the Ninja School, it really makes people feel uneasy.”

Thinking of this, Kurenai couldn’t help but sigh with great regret, and then did it silently before the table, waiting for it.

The culinary skill of Naruto has risen to the middle-level. Not only is the food more delicious, but the efficiency of cooking is also improved by more than one layer. In less than ten minutes, the three-in-one soup with fragrance is scented is placed in front of Kurenai.

“Wow, I am starting!” Looking at the bright color and the fragrant dishes, Kurenai’s hands can’t wait to pick up the chopsticks and her stomach make the hungry wolf, screaming.

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