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Chapter 26: Kurenai’s decision

“Let’s go.”

Sitting in the ramen noodle restaurant, a pair of beautiful eyes of Kurenai are still staring at, while Naruto’s face showed some helplessness.

Seeing the helplessness on Naruto’s face, Kurenai’s face flashed a smile, and at this time she became more and more fond of making a little boy more helpless who is 10 years younger than her.

Kurenai just grabbed Naruto’s right hand and walked in the direction of her home.

“Hey, Kurenai, you are here too!”

Kurenai has not walked a few steps yet, suddenly a smoky, unremarkable uncle appeared in front of her and said ‘hello’, but Kurenai very gorgeously ignored it.

Kurenai saw this uncle was not happy at all, but his eyebrows were sharply curled up. Obviously, the image of this decadent uncle was very bad.

However, even if she hates Asuma, but as a village ninja, Kurenai still nodded at him and said: “Hello!”

For Asuma, Kurenai is his love at first sight. Some time ago, He withdrew from the ‘Guardian 12’ around the King. After returning to the Konoha village, he saw Kurenai at the meeting and suddenly found that he deeply fell in love with this woman at a single glance.

However, although Asuma Sarutobi seems to be a casual, bold and rough type of uncle, in terms of love, he is very timid, he doesn’t have the courage to confess, but always approach Kurenai ‘accidentally’.

Precisely because of this Kurenai has completely regarded Asuma as a tracking madman, and she is very unhappy with him.

Asuma seems to have seen the impatient eyebrows of Kurenai, so he quickly transferred the topic, and moved his eyes to Naruto.

“Hey! Kurenai, is this guy your brother? It’s really cute.”

As the saying goes, ‘Looking confusedly at Naruto,’ Asuma himself found the answer to his question. In fact, he saw the identity of Naruto at first glance.

The nine-tailed Jinchuriki of Konoha Village, and son of Minato Namikaze. How can he not know him? What’s more, when he was still in Konoha Village, his relationship with the four Hokage was brotherly. As for his death, Asuma had lost some time.

Moreover, after Minato’s death, he once proposed the idea of adopting Naruto, but this idea was taken by the elder counsellors of Konoha Village…

As the ‘Kage’ of the Konoha village, although Danzo is hidden in the village of Konoha, it is rarely known, but his rights/ Power is not weaker than that of the third Hokage. Under Danzo’s pressure, Third Hokage and Danzo made a concession to only guaranteed a normal life to Naruto.

Because of this that Asuma Sarutobi was angry at the beginning, and left the familiar Konoha Village, came to the king of the Fire Kingdom and became one of the guardian twelve guards.

After a long time, when he once again saw Naruto, there was still a faint shackle in his eyes, so his eyes did not stay in Naruto for a long time and he withdrew.

Asuma’s brief pause annoyed Kurenai, she just disdained and grinned her teeth, and replied in a little cold tone.

“Yes, this little devil is my brother, Naruto. I am here to pick him up and now going back home!”

Her tone was very firm, after hearing Kurenai’s words, Asuma was completely shocked. Then he seriously looked at Kurenai and Asked: “You, are you serious?”

Even the proposal that Asuma proposed to adopt Naruto was dismissed, so not to mention Kurenai. Although the time has passed, the difficulty of adopting Naruto is Still not low.

But still, Kurenai nodded and said: “Of course, well, now I have to go home with my brother, so see you later.”

Kurenai Said this, hold the hand of Naruto, and head out to go back to her home.

From the beginning to the end, Naruto remained silent on the side, but his heart was deeply touched by Kurenai.

What is his identity? Although there is a coat of ‘fourth Hokage Orphan’, but it is important to note that he is not only an orphan and his most important identity is the ‘nine-tailed Jinchuriki’.

As people know that the fourth Hokage is dead. As the ‘nine-tailed Jinchuriki’, Naruto is not being treated as the ordinary villagers under the oppression of Danzo and elder counsellors of Konoha Village.

Although the Third Hokage of Konoha Village has great authority, for the decision of the elder counsellors, he can only make concessions.

Therefore, Kurenai wants to adopt Naruto, even if he agrees with Hiruzen, it is of no use unless he is willing to help Kurenai and fight against the elder Counsellors.

However, this is as difficult as to touch the stars into the sky.

If Kurenai just makes such a big sacrifice for the amazing cooking that Naruto shows, Naruto can’t believe it.

Although he doesn’t understand why Kurenai would do this, at this time, Naruto’s heart has silently made an oath.

“If the higher officials of Konoha Village dare to hurt a single hair of Kurenai, he will definitely let them down the abyss of endless hell!”

It seems that Kurenai feels Naruto’s annoyance, and loses the right hand of Naruto, and placed her slender palms on the golden hair of Naruto, she squatted her palm back and forth. At the same time, She asked: “What’s wrong, little devil, what are you thinking about?”

“Oh… don’t mess with my hairstyle.” Naruto quickly removes Kurenai’s hand from his head and set his hairs again. And after turning a blank eye, he said: “I was thinking, What did Kurenai sister just mean, are we going to live together in the future?”

“Well…” she saw Naruto removed her palm, Kurenai was a little lost. She took back her hand and pulled Naruto’s right hand again. After a moment of indulgence, she suddenly smiled.

“You can say that, how? Is it a surprise?”

She smiled brightly to describe, no exaggeration. Looking at Kurenai’s smile, Naruto gets crazy about it for a while, but when he felt a warmth in his ear, he felt awakened instantly. He looked like a baby, and nodded and said: “Yes, yes, really… I’m shocked…no I’m happy.”

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