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Chapter 25 Leisure Time

When Kurenai heard the counterattack of Ayame, She just turned a blank eye and said: “It’s okay. I will come to pick him up, and my house is very big. If it’s too late, it’s okay to stay at my house.”

“No!” As soon as Ayame heard that Kurenai was going to let Naruto live in her house tonight, She was immediately getting anxious, and quickly opposed, looking in Kurenai’s eyes more vigilantly.

“Cough, that…” Seeing that his daughter was being bullied by Kurenai, Teuchi on the side couldn’t stand it anymore and said: “I see, or I’ll give Naruto this evening. Let’s take a vacation, today was tiring enough.”

Naruto who is stuck between the two girls is feeling really hurt, but he doesn’t agree with Teuchi’s words. After all, the original matter is that the Ninja School is on holiday. At that time, he came to work in the noodle restaurant. Although in return, it is only a guarantee of Naruto’s daily food, but you know that the ninja school in this world is different from the Naruto high school in his previous life. For a weekend, all depends on the school’s arrangements.

As the famous village of this world, Konoha Village is more important, so even if Naruto is a first-year, the time for vacation is not too much. In general, working here is completely equivalent to providing food to Naruto for free.

Therefore, when Naruto heard Teuchi saying that he was going to give him a holiday at night, Naruto shakes his head and refused.

“Let me help uncle, forget the holiday.”

After hearing the words of Naruto, Kurenai on the side also nodded and said: “Yes, yes, there is no need to give this little devil a holiday, when the ramen noodle restaurant closes, I will pick him up again.”

“It’s the same!”

After eating Naruto’s food, Kurenai is the essence of the food, her appetite has been completely lost, for the original ordinary food. In the evening, she is taking Naruto to her house just to have dinner made by Naruto.

Giving him a holiday, it doesn’t mean that Naruto can go to her house now. Now it is only one o’clock in the afternoon, there is still 4 hours to go to the meal. Kurenai is not too good, finding excuses to bring Naruto at home!

Besides, the excuse of giving gifts is already far-fetched. As a special businessman in Konoha Village, it is already a shame to make such a thing. Now, if she does not achieve its purpose, she will cry off.

What kind of attention to Kurenai hit, Naruto is like a mirror, but it is not punctuated, but after turning a blind eye on her, Naruto said her words: “Uncle Teuchi, Kurenai sister is right. In fact, it doesn’t matter much. Anyway, it’s just a gift. Kurenai sister or you can help me take the gift out of the sealed scroll now.”

“No!” Hearing the request of Naruto, Teuchi didn’t want to refuse. But after seeing Ayame and Teuchi, both looking at him with a weird look, to realize that his own words, and quickly explained: “but the initial gift of a surprise, I do not want others to see!”

He said after squinting at Naruto who made himself lose his face, he found that Kurenai was actually laughing, and she couldn’t help but raise a wave of inexplicable anger. She couldn’t help but extended her right hand and touched the Naruto’s ear again. ……


Naruto’s screams echoed in the high sky of the Konoha, and the sound made people listen and trembled.

———————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————

Although Kurenai’s excuses are full of loopholes, it is always the woman’s mind is flickering. Although Teuchi is married, his heart naturally didn’t feel anything unusual at all.

In the end, after some entanglement, Teuchi succumbed to Kurenai’s proposal.

“Hey, your feelings for me are really cheap, a doll is sent…” Looking at Ayame, which is like a treasure, Naruto is full of spit but looks at the three people in the ramen noodle restaurant. There is no smile on the face, and Naruto is also very bright, and he thinks that “This kind of life… seems to be really good.”

Happy times are always passing fast. Since Naruto has completed today’s daily tasks, the nostalgic Naruto has been working in the Le Ramen noodle restaurant with Teuchi and Ayame.

In an afternoon, the relationship between Kurenai and Naruto is leaps and bounds. Kurenai’s affection for Naruto quickly broke through the 50 marks. Of course, the reason is mainly because of Kurenai’s encounter with Naruto to sympathy.

However, no matter what the reason, Kurenai at this time has completely regarded Naruto as his younger brother. Even watching Naruto’s eyes like a rare pet.

The good feelings of 70 or more is a demarcation point, and the rate of improvement is extremely slow. In the afternoon, the feeling of goodwill to Naruto is only stopped at 73, and there is no growth anymore.

However, because the degree of good feelings has reached 70 or more, she look at Naruto’s eyes and always feel a different color.

However, he did not stop it but looked at the sky in a complicated way and thought.

“Hey… I don’t know if it is good or bad, everything goes with it.”

At night, the Le Ramen restaurant is still the same as in the past. Lively and extraordinarily, Naruto’s participation did not appear in Naruto’s expected reduction in customers. On the contrary, his cooking with systemic attributes has won praises from many people. This incident has made Naruto relieved.

At the peak of the evening dinners, from 5 pm to 8 pm, for three hours, Naruto constantly made ramen, and the skill of cooking was soaring. In just one night, cooking was promoted. Intermediate and its proficiency reached 685, which has already exceeded half.

The intermediate level of culinary skill made Naruto’s ramen noodles much more addictive, and it is also more attractive. Many diners have ordered a bowl after eating the one. Finally, at the ramen noodle restaurant, it is quite round Big belly, leaving with disappointment.

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