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Chapter 24: Smart Kurenai

Although the love of Naruto is constantly undulating, the degree of goodwill is always between 70-79.

“Ah, this gimmick will not have a good impression on me, I remember the girls in the world, it seems very precocious.”

Looking at the blushing Ayame, Naruto’s heart can’t help but think of evil. Although Naruto is just a 6-year-old kid, he is only five years younger than Ayame. However, in the system of good feelings, the sense of affection towards Naruto has reached 70 or more. It is already a genus of the heart, and this is not going to be fake.

However, Naruto has some doubts that he and Ayame hardly met 3 or 4 times. Only a short week, why does Ayame’s affection for him suddenly reach the level of 70 in her heart?

“It can’t be the legendary love at first sight, oh…”

Naruto just thought of it here, and his mouth smashed a very evil smile. But fortunately his head was buried in Kurenai’s arms and the development had not stopped. Among all present, no one has seen it.

“Ah…Sister Kurenai.”

“Ah…” Suddenly suffered an attack, Naruto immediately screamed, then stared at Kurenai with a pair of innocent eyes, and said in his heart: “It is obvious you buried me in yourself. How to get it seems to be my fault, sure enough, women are tigers, you can’t reason with them, they are always right, even if they are wrong, it is correct…”

Of course, Naruto can’t say it. Just shook his head and said: “That, uncomfortable, uncomfortable…”

“Ha? Uncomfortable?” Apparently, Naruto’s words immediately pushed Kurenai to the edge of the runaway. But Kurenai raised her left hand and twist Naruto’s ear slammed the strength and asked again in a gloomy tone. “Is it uncomfortable?”

“Oh! Comfortable… comfortable… Kurenai sister, please forgive…” The pain in the ear felt sharper, and Naruto screamed again, crying and sulking.

Seeing Naruto is so bullied by Kurenai, Ayame on the other side obviously cannot see, and shouted: “Hey, you ninja girl, let go of Naruto!”

“Well, it seems Ayame is feeling distressed.” When Kurenai heard Ayame, Kurenai glanced at her with a good intention and snorted again.

Obviously, after the first teasing, Ayame has already had some resistance in her heart. She said: “Who… who is distressed, let him go!”

After arguing with Kurenai, Ayame grabbed Naruto’s right arm and start pulling to set him free from Kurenai.


The left ear is in Kurenai’s hand, and the right arm is pulled by Ayame. Although both of them are rare beauty, the tearing effect from the ear makes him painful and ‘happy’.

Finally, Naruto took a lot of effort and finally released himself from the two… while coughing out, he rubbed his ear that was looking some red and looked at Kurenai with the eyes full of resentment.

“I said… Kurenai sister, what the hell are you doing…”

“Oh, I think about it, I am just getting ready to do it…” She heard the words of Naruto.

I have to say that women are born actors, looking at the face of Kurenai, if Naruto wouldn’t be aware of her character from his past life, he would have been fooled by this women.

So, Naruto carelessly looked at Kurenai, he shrugged and said: “Well, since Kurenai sister doesn’t remember, then we will talk about it later, I will go back to rest first.”

Saying this, Naruto turned to leave and heard: “Are you leaving, don’t say, you are leaving.”

Naruto’s strength significantly exceeds the smart Kurenai’s expectations, we must look at Naruto turned away, though he knew just for show, but still could not help but shouted out loud, “Hey, you little devil, wait!”

Kurenai screamed, and helplessly said: “Cut, it’s really a cute little devil, it’s really lost to you.”

“Hey…” When he heard Kurenai, Naruto shook his nose and said: “So, my dear Kurenai sister, what is the matter?”

“It is not an important thing, I just prepare a gift for you,” Kurenai said and took out a reel, and threw it to Naruto. “Since you call me ‘Kurenai Sister’ at the first meeting, this thing is your meeting gift.”

When it comes to this, Kurenai seems to suddenly think of something like it, patted the head and said: “Right, this is the sealed scroll, the gift is sealed inside, will you use it?”

“…” After picking up Kurenai’s scroll, Naruto heard her question, and his mouth twitched twice, a ‘being defeated by you’ Looked like “Kurenai sister, do you think the first-year students can use the sealed scroll?”

“This… ah haha, it seems to be.. oh.” Hearing Naruto’s question, Kurenai reaction came over, and she smiled and said: “Well, at night. Go to my sister’s house, my sister will help you take out the things in the seal reel.”

“…, go to Kurenai’s house? This is not good.” When he heard Kurenai’s words, Naruto said, but when Naruto looked Kurenai, he saw the reflection of inexplicable glory in her eyes.

“Hey, I think, this seal is absolutely deliberate! Let me go to your house at night, I want you to make dinner for me! I am absolutely right!”

Of course, Naruto silently spid in his heart because he don’t dare to say it out, so his heart can’t help but sigh. “Sure enough, this woman is too smart to be wise…”

And when Naruto heard the invitation from Kurenai, Ayame on the side immediately blew and sang. She pulled Naruto behind her and looks at Kurenai with vigilance. It looks like a hen guard.

“This can’t be done. Naruto has to help in the ramen noodle restaurant at night, and he can’t walk away!”

“No need to wait for Naruto to be busy and come over again!” Ayame said.

Kurenai’s eyes flashed a smile, and she scorned in her heart. “Hey, little Ayame, you want to fight with me, but you are still too tender.”

But Kurenai heart just finished, Ayame immediately replied. “He is not going! Naruto…he…he doesn’t know where you live, and it is too late!”

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